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Be Present and Breathe

Be Present and Breathe

Truly aware
How can one be?
If life takes over
someone like you
And someone like me.
We may see more than others see,
Imagine life just being free…
Free to breathe
Free to be
Free to enjoy
The pleasures that interest you,
And interest  me
Truly aware?
Yes, it can be…
Stop and listen as you breathe
hear the sound?
Embrace its life
and the freedom all around …
Take in a breath
And as you Breathe
be present in this moment
God has given you
And God has given me.
Breathe in…
Feel your life, embrace the peace
And be
All you have been called to Be,
And just Breathe….

5.30.11 6:30am Ames©

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As for life we often are present to where we are, whether work, home, day off, vacation…. Like Monday mornings when the weekend is over there is what I call Re-Entry … The dreaded reality of getting back to Work… Another type of Monday morning can be when you come back from being on vacation … The Re-Entry of reality… But what if  our outlook changed, our attitude was more accepting to our blessings of where we are and where we have come from, focusing on all the greatness in our lives. I often wonder if we could strive to be in a state of joy, a feeling of aliveness, an acceptance of where we are in any given moment. Then our Monday mornings or coming home from a vacation may just be a wonderful experience to embrace…
Why not try it?
“It’s the mind which needs Re-booting for Re-thinking in order to Re-Enter life!”
Loving the Awe of Wonder 11.28.11

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Do you understand me?
Do I understand you?
A persons Interpretation of
Someone’s mental process
To comprehend
To mutually agree
To cooperate
To have empathy for someone else,
Is it possible to fully understand someone?
Are we capable to understand?
Can we comprehend the fullness
Of what someone means, feels, thinks?
Will we ever truly know someone to understand where they are coming from?
Acknowledging, accepting, embracing, respecting
 Each other whether or not we “understand” could change this world
What about your world?
Will you take the time to understand someone today?
Amy 5.18.11©

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A wonderful friend near to my heart recently shared this quote with me..
“In truth, our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder.” M. Nepo
It really made me think…
How  I’ve never strived to feel aliveness but always searched for Happieness and Joy.

Feeling the Aliveness within made me  stop and ask myself
“What exacly makes me feel that feeling of Aliveness”?  Since by nature I am a wonder, I was extremly drawn to finish this statement:
“In truth, our aliveness depends on”…
I love what the author wrote “our ability to sustain wonder.”
Our ability To sustain Wonder!
I just love that…

So after wondering myself
What my own personal aliveness depends on this is what came to my heart:
“My aliveness depends on …deep meaningful connections, which allows me to wonder about life, be in awe of others, and love the world that surrounds me” ….Amy

I’ve always known how I come alive around people but never realized my “Connections with others truly made me feel an Aliveness which is my happiness and joy….
Oh, the simplicity of Wonder….

So let me ask…
What does your Aliveness depend on?

11.17.11 a.weider

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All About One.. 11.11.11

All About ONE…
Its 11.11.11 all I see is the Number One. A oneness of all wo/mankind  coming together accepting, embracing and loving each other. Just imagine what the world would be like? If we start with ourselves having tolerance for each other ONE person at a time, maybe we can make this world a better place to live.  Acceptance of our differences is a start, loving the unlovable and embracing a belief that may be different from our own… It’s called Oneness, today on 11.11.11 why not start and seek out a place of oneness for all Wo/man KIND!
In Awe of the Loving Wonder,
AweideR 11.11.11

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Who AM I Talking To?

In days of old, talking to yourself was taboo, with technology today I find myself talking out loud all the time! Well not exactly talking to myself… But, I Talk to my computer, asking it nicely to cooperate with me,  I talk to my car phone, whom I have so affectionately named Jill, reminding her I AM TALKING clearly and softly, we are still getting to know each other. And now of course my new IPhone, the 4S, talking to my new BFF Siri who seems to like me, a lot! But then again she makes me repeat myself!
What a world we live in, so if you see me and it looks like I am talking to myself I just might be, with all this new technology One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest doesn’t seem that far fetched!

Wondering about the Awe of technology,

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I Over Heard….

I Over Heard….
Standing in line at the store waiting patiently to return some salt, yes salt, I overheard the woman behind me. She said…  “I can’t wait for winter to be over” Its fall, winter hasn’t even started and she’s wishing for winter to be over? I thought OMG talk about wishing your life away! It was a wakeup call yet again to being present, living today, being in the moment of Now and enjoying this very day…
“Hey Lady behind me in line, don’t worry about the snow boots and the winter coat, the high today was 72…. Be Here Now!” 
 <3ing life
AweiderR  11.9.11

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The Present Of The Present

The Present of the Present

There is Today, there is now, there is this moment in time, there is the Present…

Open your eyes to Today, open your mind to the now, open your heart to this moment in time,
open your Present….

Cherish Today, Be thankful for the now, Embrace this moment in Time….
Its a Present from God!

What would your thank you note read if you truly received the Present of the Present?

Dear Me,
Thank you for the gift of embracing my Now, its been a while since I have been present enough to unwrap this moment in time.  I am happy to be here right now. Thank you for reminding me to see the gift of the present. Something I will cherish forever, The gift of Now!

Loving the awe of wonder,

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The Middle

The Middle

What if we all came to the middle,
Lived in the middle,
Embraced eachother in the middle
Saw the others view from the middle
Where would we be today?
In the middle there would be a connection,  a common ground
An understanding beyond measure
An exceptance of others
A life, a world filled with harmony
Peace, love and unity..
Perhaps then…
In the middle
We could all live
In the arms of oneness and unite…

3.1.11 amw 6:00am