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When Is Enough Enough? When You Know That You Know?

When is enough, enough? When you know that you know!
I think that it is fair to say some of us know that we know… With No doubt, no fear, no second guessing we just know!
So when is enough, enough?
Knowing when enough is enough is in my opinion more difficult to admit, connect with, and embrace.
When enough is enough why is it so hard to stop?
Why do we let something continue longer then it should?
What stops us from saying enough is enough?
Especially when we know that we know!
Did you ever know that you know when enough was enough?

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But It Is I….

But It Is I…

You help me see the Joy in life
But it is I…
              that has opened my eyes to see it
You teach me where to search for answers
But it is I…
              who is the student and has the desire to learn
You show me how to reach my potential
But it is I…
              that must grab it with all my heart
You have taught me to grow and spread my wings
But it is I…
               Who has chosen to fly…..

AmY WeideR 3.23.11©

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Up and Down

Up  and
What goes up must come down, so “they” say….
Can we stay in a state of being up, feeling positive, sharing joy all the time?
 Or would that be too much, too over the top?
Why, when you feel up and feel you can conquer the world does life have to kick you in the behind? One comment, one personal trigger can set anyone off…
That’s called being human
The Goal …
Is to get back UP again!
I remind myself to count my blessing, to appreciate my life, be grateful  for my abundance, and to see life more than half full ….overflowing!!!    Start drinking from the saucer!
Try it today…
“Got Problems? Look around you!
You’ve got nothing but blessings…”
Loving the awe of wonder,
Amy 11.4.11

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?
Did you know we all have problems?
Did you know we ALL make mistakes?
Did you know we all have options?
Did you know we all have choices?
Did you know life is as green as it gets right in front if you?
Did you know your glass is half full?
Did you know the sun is always shining above?
Did you know how truly blessed you are?
Did you know if you are reading this blog you should be smiling,
because you have the freedom to do what you want?
Did you know there’s a world around you, that you may embrace and love?
Did you know today is a gift? and that’s why it’s called the Present…
Unwrap today, see all you have been overlooking and enjoy your Present!
Did you know it’s your day?
Live, Laugh,, Love Choose…
11.3.11 ❤ Amy

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Get Out Of Your Head

Get Out Of Your Head
(For those who struggle with stinken thinken on occasions)
Just get out! If what you are thinking sounds ridiculous and you wouldn’t want anyone else to hear it then why in the world would you listen to yourself? Get out of your own head and don’t listen to anything you might be thinking that doesn’t make sense…
There is a huge world out there…Find someone and talk to them!
AWeider 11–1-11

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Just another day … A day we will never see again, well almost never, after all in 10 days we will see 11-11-11… Those Numbers for some see them all the time and I am no exception.
 I have always noticed 11:11 on the clock; the time on the Clock speaks to me in a profound way… I believe its Gods way of showing me direction… When I see 11:11 it means balance for me and my life…. When I see numbers in a row like 1:23 or 2:34 for me it means Order… Reminding me life needs some sense of Balance and Order…  I wonder why I see Balance and Order in those types of numbers daily on clocks… Is it because I am more aware of them? I know I am not the only person out there in touch with their surroundings such as numbers… If this all sounds strange to you, maybe it’s Time to be present in the moment and be more aware of the life around you. Today, take a moment and be present to all the wonderful signs that surround you. Embrace your world and be total aware of the life that is present before you….
Go ahead enjoy this day 11-1-11 minute by minute, can you hear how the universe speaks to you! God is waiting for you to listen!
11-1-11 AWeider