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Amy in Wonderland

Amy In Wonderland

Pain is a horrible place to live. I’ve experienced it first hand for nearly a month now.  Not sure the point,  not sure the lesson quite yet, but I know at the end of all this pain I will have the empathy I may never have understand of others who are in physical pain.
I’ve come to realize my past has also allowed me into a place of  deep emotional pain that I never know existed, a place I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, emotional pain caused
By a loved one, and pain that went on years longer than necessary all because of a belief system which I thought was the answer to every aspect of life. For some it is, for others perhaps not. Which comes to another growth in my life during all this pain whether emotional, physical or even spiritual  pain an awakening must happen in order to move through each stage of pain and arrive at a place of understanding .
I continue to strive at a new level and as I kick and scream though this physical pain I am reminded of a place of peace I experienced while coming out of anastasia.  I place I have never experienced before, a place as close to heaven as my mind would take me.
It was a field of beauty, tranquilly, serenity, and peace. A feeling I didn’t want to leave. A feeling that no words can truly describe, And as the nurse called my name in post op I said no I’m not ready to come back… I wanted to stay there,  I want go back there, I want to find that place here again ….
It was my Wonderland,  I’ll never forget the feeling… But without this pain and surgery I would have never experienced that glorious feeling of peace and serenity, and for that one reason only I am thankful for this pain and the place I experienced for a short moment in time, a place I call, my place  of “Amy in Wonderland”

Love Awe and Wonder


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Another “Christmas is over”
So let’s evaluate…
Did You?
Over spend
Over eat
Over look the true meaning Of Christmas
Under give
Under help
Under share life’s blessings?
Or Did You?
Do exactly what
felt good and right
for the spirit of this Christmas Season?
Just wondering…

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve

 Twas was the night before Christmas eve and all through the stores people were Shopping and still buying so much more..

They gathered their gifts, their bows and their cards, not taking the time

To be present to the stars

A calm and peaceful night it was,

Waiting for the moment to celebrate all the buzz

The buzz heard from here and the excitement heard from there, people still not

sure about the good news that was shared

Many years ago a story was told, not of Saint Nicholas being so old.
There was a baby snuggled in a manger we’re told, when 3 wise men brought gifts

of incense, myrrh and  gold.

All for a baby we celebrate this time of year, some remember, some don’t

Care, Whatever your belief, spread Joy, Love and Peace, if you dear…  

The love of a child, the love of a king,

The love of a savior is what we get ready to sing

Christmas is here; spread the good cheer and the Love we hold near, not only on Christmas but each new day of the year…
So as you hear Santa say” Merry Christmas to all” remember the celebration is
so much more than shopping at the Mall…©
Merry Christmas 12.23.11©
In Love Awe and Wonder


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Blessings Through Pain

Blessings through Pain
I am reminded daily of my blessings through the pain I continue to experience.  One of my favorite things to do is write …. And yet during the pain I experience daily I can’t freely write like I could 2 weeks ago.   A herniated disc in my neck has prevented me from writing freely…pain is the culprit..I struggle now writing with my left hand using my index  finger feeling pain shooting down my right side but as much pain that I am in and the tears that I share with myself is nothing compared to so many in this world who have so little.   I am reminded of my blessings through this pain of how truly blessed and fortunate I am.  I may be inconvenienced, I may not understand this why now, and if I am to be honest I may even be pissed off and very frustrated because of the timing and length of my pain …. But with no doubt in my mind I am in the middle of yet another life lesson of coping, sharing, and dealing with life and it’s ups and downs and being aware of the  blessings of all my ups I have been given…

 They say ….”God doesn’t give you more then you can handle …. He will never leave you or forsake you… Ask and it will be given”…

I say all that and so much more..

Count your blessing in spite of the pain and know this too shall pass..

As we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas…. The birth of a baby, a baby considered to be the son of God, a God who is said to take away the sins of the world, a world that is temporary … A gift of knowing where you can spend eternity … All because of LOVE … A love given through the birth of Gods son Jesus …

As sons and daughters of God, we are love, we have God and his Love in us, through Gods Holy Sprit…

Give Love freely to your fellow wo/man , do not judge others, embrace your blessings through those who cross your path … Do this not only during the Christmas  season but all year through …

Imagine a world filled with Love?

Let it start with You …

“And remember if you can’t think of anything kind to say to someone in 2012 than just smile and say nothing” : )

In Love with Christmas, in Awe of all my blessings,  Wondering what this pain will teach me…

Merry Christmas!!

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People We Meet

People We Meet Unexpectedly

It’s been quite a week I met some great people, special People who serve others.

It’s  a very special person who care that much about other people.

It started on Tuesday when I met two young men who took me by ambulance to the hospital … Young men, new dads, lovely souls. They referred to themselves as Fit and Fat…. After my morphine drip, I was relaxed enough to comment about the physical state of many EMTs. Mike the first one I saw was very thin and so I said ” you’re very fit for a EMT” he laughed and behind my head came a voice that said ” ya but I’m fat, its baby weight my wife just had a baby ” as I tried to look behind me there he was my chauffeur I considered him a fit fat!! Well needless to say my two new friends and I had quite an enjoyable ride to the hospital … For a short while my pain was replaced by laughter of two young men who love to serve others, To those two wonderful young men from Monroe Ambulance I would like to personally say “Thank you Fit and Fat and Merry Christmas to you and your families”!

And to end what could have been a very stressful week, I ran into an Angel volunteer named Shelly singing her heart out, ringing bells endlessly in front of a red kettle outside of Sams Club in Greece. She shared a little about herself and her story touched my soul she was a true survivor.  She was a vision of Christmas Spirit as she stood In front of a sign that read “Be an Angel” I couldn’t help but think I had just seen an Angel… She blessed me with her spirit, her smile, and her love for life…

My meeting three strangers this week, three lives touched each other in a way I will never forget..

My lesson learned…

How important it is to be aware of those around you, stop, talk to, listen to, be aware of others and bless someone you may be fortunate enough to cross paths with on this journey called life….

Stop and listen to someone today…

Bless someone this Christmas Season…. It’s easy and priceless

Loving the awe of Wonder


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Taking Things For Granted

Taking Things For Granted
As I was flying home from AZ  on the Red eye last month I was thinking about all the Miracles I have witnessed in my life,  then I thought,  look at all of our  life’s moments we all take for granted …
Some may wonder why I would choice to fly across country at 11:30 at night only to arrive home at 10:00 in the morning.  I love to wonder and what a better time than in the middle of the night 30,000 ft in the air.  Of course as I was wondering I thought “I’m experiencing a Miracle flying” and yet so many times I have taken so many miracles for granted. Think about everything you experience in a day, I’m sure you will find many things to be thankful for and realize just how many miracles you are blessed with…
What is one miracle you have taken for granted lately?
Loving the Awe of Wonder while breathing with my Heart!

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Did You Know?

Did you know You can make beauty from ashes?
I saw a painting that used ashes as the paint medium last week, it was beautiful.

Did you know  how the song Silent Night was written?  It was Christmas Eve 1818 in the Austrian Alps. At the newly built Church of St. Nicholas in Oberndorf, Father Joseph Mohr prepared for the midnight service when he realized his organ had down broken … It came into Father Joseph’s mind to write a new song, one that could be sung organless  he wrote the words, “Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright . . . .” Taking his words to his organist, Franz Gruber, he explained the situation and a simple tune was written.

How many times do we over look a blessing when we are discouraged. Songs of life that could have been written, beautiful pictures that could have been painted (even if only in our minds)

So next time life may seem frustrating look beyond what you see and look at what could be!

There is no better time to be creative than during
“A Silent Night”

Amy 12.7.11

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I recently asked someone  ” what is it that they need?” knowing they are always doing for others… His answer was “Time” …

I couldn’t help but wonder

“Is it the lack of Time we have available to us or is it OUR Lack of Availability we have for Time?”

A Creator of Love Awe and Wonder

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Put Your Best Foot Forward…

 I was thinking about “Putting your best foot forward”… And thought, would that be my left foot or my right foot? Then I realized it really doesn’t matter which foot I start with, either way, just stepping out and making an effort to move forward in all areas of my life will make a huge difference. We all carry baggage, we all have a history, but do we all make an effort to grow and move forward in life?  Well ,we all certainly have that choice… So choose to “put your best foot forward”  or either foot will do,  and be present as you walk into your future one foot at a time being the best you can be!