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We all have them,
But Do we all admit to having them?
We may see each other as strong women And a lot of the times we are. 
But I have come to learn
Our strength can be our weakness!

What do you fear?

I don’t fear much, 
but what I do fear is my own human weakness.. 

The frailty of not being good enough, letting someone down, hurting someone unintentionally.. 

The fear of being judged, not meeting my full potential, and not being loved, truly loved and accepted for who I am.

Funny how the human strength and determination becomes the  biggest weakness for some …

I was reminded this past weekend watching a recent story of a beautiful actress who looked to the world as a strong independent women that had it all,  yet her  fears almost took her life… 

Life is too precious not to love, embrace, accept, and be real with who we are,  fears and all….

So What do you fear the most?

For me
It’s fear itself!! 

“Love cast out all fear”

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Hello, How Are You Doing?


I read this quote this morning:

“Meeting the  days with our hearts prevents collapse “
mark nepo

And of course it got me thinking and wondering…

How many hello’s, hi’s, how are you doing? truly come from our heart?

What if we took the time to truly mean what we say with all of our heart…
 really care about how the other person is doing…
Taking a moment to listen to someone… not just hear them but truly listen with our whole heart…

Imagine the smile we could put on someone’s face and on someone’s heart, that will certainly “prevent collapse”…

and if you’re wondering what 
“prevents collapse” means
To me…it means disappointment

What does it mean to you?

The wonder : ) 

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Growing In Self Love…

We have two choices in life, the first one is to stand still and do nothing the second is to grow and continue to grow to be the healthiest you could possibly be.

Growing isn’t always easy, but it’s priceless as you continue to be more than you ever thought you could be.

One of the most important things in growing is loving yourself truly learning how to and accepting the love for yourself.

I’m not talking about the kind of love that is arrogant or self-righteous.

The love I’m talking about is knowing that you are worthy of loving yourself of being loved by others.  Knowing you are worthy of acceptance, of tolerance, of whatever it is that you yearn for and is in your hearts desire.

We all have yearnings, we all have desires, and we all are worthy of achieving our dreams and desires.

Think about truly loving yourself and think about the areas that need a little more attention than you realized. Take the time and focus on those areas and speak love,  life and affirmations into yourself knowing that you are worthy of your desires.

Take time to love yourself and then take a lifetime to be in love with someone else.

In love with learning to love myself in a very healthy way.

Awe… Wonder of Self Love !

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Within Reach?

 Within Reach

Have you ever just wanted something so much,  desires something so much, yearn for something so much and it was just out of reach? 

You know it’s something so right  and it’s within reach but you just can’t  quite figure out how to grab a hold of it?

 So does that make it within reach or just out of reach?

I always believed that you must let go, and let fate take over,  and  trust whatever shell be shell be! 

Sometimes  believing getting on your knees and praying for strength knowing whatever happens is exactly what is meant to be…

I still believe in both of those actions… but I also have come to realize… 

What if  picturing, believing, changing your thoughts, and praying, to  manifest what you see within reach can come to pass?

And Instead of speaking, it’s just out of reach,  believing it is within reach!

Believing  you can have anything that you can dream, imagine,  picture, hoped-for and desire…

Hey, it’s certainly worth a try!

I imagined that I would write a blog and people would read it and what are you doing right now?

Thanks for making my dreams come true!

Having this passion that I love to  write  and to have others read my writings was “just within reach”! 

Now… To write a book and have it on the best-sellers list,  it’s time to dream and dream big…
I must believe that “it is within reach”

In Awe and Wonder of my  dreams!

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Honoring Your/My Truth

Honoring Your Truth…

Sometimes honoring our truth  is a journey. It’s a journey that takes time and takes patience. It’s a journey that takes love and understanding. It’s a journey worth taking. There are all kinds of emotions you will experience, there are hills to climb, scenery to see, people to experience. During this journey honoring your truth, lessons  are learned, emotions are experienced, and love is embraced. Honoring your truth on your journey is as simple as being on the right road, going in the right direction, finding the right destination, and when you arrive you will know that you are finally home. 
For me Home is a place of peace, serenity, love, acceptance, contentment, joy, and if you’re blessed a connection to someone who’s independent enough to be dependent on love….

In Wonder of Love!

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Have  you been promised something and not received it?

“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight…”
(Isaiah 45:2, NKJ)

The Bible says that God makes a promise to us that he will make our crooked places straight… 

It seems like I’ve had a lot of crooked places lately and I look forward to God making them straight again…

In awe of God!

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Thinking of Disney … Thinking of Favorite Places!

Thinking of Disney .. 

Just writing the word Disney puts a smile on my face.
It’s that time year again, the memories of the past fill my mind of all the wonderful times spent  in Florida at Disney World. 
Why then is Disney such a magical place for me?
Its a place to be a kid again, a place far away from everyday life,  a place to dream about dreams.  A place that takes me  within my heart, fills it with Joy and  makes me speechless…
There are few people, places and situations that have ever made me speechless Disney is one of them, the birth of my daughter, and falling in love with someone as unique and charming as Mickey Mouse himself ! 
I love Disney, I love the feeling I have entering the parks, I love the joy I feel  when  I am on the Disney property, the people,  the characters, the atmosphere and most importantly the energy and how it makes me feel…
I love Disney and it is certainly one of my favorite things and places to be!

Where is  your favorite place to be?

The Love of being in Awe of Disney!

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A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline …

A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline

I was watching a Spiritual Cinema movie about young magicians.  A young man by the name of Bill Koch said
“A goal is a dream with a deadline, my dream with a deadline is excellence” 
The wonderer  that I am, got me thinking …
All the  goals I have ever set for myself I’m not sure that I ever had a deadline, or knew what the drive was. Could the deadline and the drive be the answer for something I’ve been missing to achieving any of my life goals? 
It’s certainly something worth thinking about, the deadline, and the drive. An exact date set on the calendar, and a specific purpose, the drive of why the goal was set in the first place. 
But  not only did this young man state that he set a goal with the deadline, he went one step further  to be very specific about exactly what the  drive for his dream meant to him, and for him it was always excellence.

What do your dreams and your goals mean to you? 
What is your drive for your dreams?

I must ask myself  the same question,
What is my goal, when is my deadline, and what exactly does it all mean to me?

It is certainly something to ponder, something to wonder about, something to ask and keep asking until the goals, the purpose and the drives are achieved  by the deadlines that were set…

Always wondering.!

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We All Have Baggage!

 We All Have Baggage!
Have you ever tried carrying something around with you that you really didn’t want?
Today’s society calls at baggage… We all have baggage from our past our present and worrying about our future. I realized this morning out of frustration the baggage I recently have had to carry is  baggage called pain.
Most people carry emotional baggage around with them, my baggage,  I don’t seem to be able to unload, is in the form of pain. 
I am very frustrated from this pain, because it’s with me and  I am reminded of it every moment of the day…
So what if I can mentally remove this physical baggage.
I’m reminded by friend to think about positive things, things that make me feel good,  happy times, my “favorite things”… could it really be that easy? Could I make my pain go away at least for that moment if I think of my favorite things? Can My mind even stay focused on my favorite things for longer than a few moments?
I’ve tried, I’ll continue try and honestly sometimes it works…
But my minds reality is my arm is in pain even after surgery which is what really frustrates me.
I’m not the kind of person to stay frustrated for a long time. This pain has kept me in a place that I’m not used to being. I have things to do, I have places to go and people to see. But for some reason,  someone up there wants my attention, or at the very least  wants me to be in place of stillness so I can be present to my baggage, mental , emotional, physical, which can only make me stronger and all those areas . They say… “This too shall pass” I look forward to the passing of this pain and the lesson that I will have learned during this season in my life. I consider all this frustration and all this pain “Just another life lesson”so here are a few of my favorite things…
Spending time with , touching,  holding,connecting to those I love,  being creative and  writing, connecting with new people… and of course   “girl’s in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay and my nose and eyelashes”….

What are a few of your favorite things?
Next time you are in physical or emotional pain perhaps think about a few of your favorite things, 
Instead of focusing on any of your baggage…
In Awe of wondering why?

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Those Who Can,  Do  or At The Very Least Try!

Those Who Can,  Do 
or at the very least try….

I was reminded by my 10-year-old daughter years ago that there are doers and talkers in this world.
She said “mommy you are a doer”
I’ll never forget that day in the car. I remember thinking who told you about talkers and doers so I asked her and of course she said “I don’t know , I was just thinking some people are talkers and you’re a doer, you say we are  going to go on a vacation and we go” so that day I was reminded that I am a doer and although sometimes things take time more time than we anticipate, or obstacles get in our way, there’s still that determination, to, at the very least try. And as I continue to try to get back to being a doer, I know it’s just a matter of time before I will become my old self and be that doer  my 10-year-old daughter saw in me once again.
And by the way I guess she learned something from me after all,  at 25 years old she
received her first doctorate In audiology, now that’s truly a Doer!!! 
So, what are you ? 
a Talker or a Doer?

Love the wonder and am in awe of my daughter!