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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Connecting  To….

I am  amazed at the number of people one can connect with on any given day.

Which makes me wonder, just how many connection do we miss because of being to busy with ourselves?

As we go through life in our own little worlds, how much time do we take to touch someone’s life?

A smile, an acknowledgment of a name, holding a door open, a compliment, even just blessings someones day, all are ways to connect.

You will never know the difference it may  make in someone’s life…

A connection, a chance to touch a life of another person, a purpose…

As you go through your day, take a moment to connect to someone, not only will you touch someones life, but watch and see,  just how much your life will be touched also!

A wonder of love and awe.. 

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17 inches .. 

There is about 17 inches between your head and your heart.
The difference between understanding love and truly feeling and experiencing love. 

Why do some people embrace the emotion of love with every inch of their being and others are only capable of thinking about the emotion of love ? 

Why the disconnect? 

Allowing your heart to run free, and embracing love is a beautiful experience, possibly like non other! 

When love feels right, there is no denying its truth….

 Honoring love is very empowering, accepting all that  it encompasses is extremely invigorating…. Its a feeling of being alive, aware and available to a sense of pure beauty. 

With love comes an awareness of a number of other emotions, and if you allow love to carry you through,  stand strong on knowing, love conquers all….

In awe of loving …no matter the wonder!

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Honor Your Truth

Honoring  Your Truth …

Speaking your truth, and how you feel,  brings a healing presence to your heart and spirit. 

Some might say that puts you in a vulnerable position. 

 I am beginning to realize vulnerability is a gift which gives you strength and control of your own life. Not fearing being exposed is extremely empowering!

Can you imagine being true to your feelings, having strength no matter the outcome and knowing and trusting in Gods perfect plan… 
Some may trust in the energy of the universe or the natural flow of life, whatever you name it, it’s all part of a divine plan!

“Honoring  your truth brings an inner peace… Honoring your emotions restores  wholeness”

Love Awe and Wondering…

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Are We There Yet?

I started wondering this morning about life … And at what point do we realize we have truly arrived?

Arrived to the place of purpose and stop driving ourselves crazy searching for life’s answers. 

Then I thought “are we there yet”
Which just made me smile , because as children we are always wondering “are we there yet?”

I’ve come to the realization “I’m not there yet” and if I am fortunate enough to keep searching and seeking life’s wonders and mysteries I’ll  never arrive, I’ll just keep living , loving and embracing life’s journey…

Maybe it’s not the destination after all that matters, but experiencing and embracing people, places and things along the path of our life’s  journey.

Makes me wonder,  how much have I missed waiting to arrive!!!

Never stop wondering…

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Desire To Connect?

Desires of Connection…

Life’s funny , well not so funny when you  miss a connection…

As human beings with human desires, connection to others is something most yearn for. That human connection, that feeling of love, touch and acceptance to a real connection.

Connecting your desire with someone with similar desires for some, can be a life long journey, for others, their connection may last a lifetime…

Why the difference?

What separates those who stay happily connected to a loved one and those who continually search?  

Those who settle,  to those who will not? 

Those who desire a connection to those who are content alone? ( or are they?)

We have all heard how an infant will perish if not touched, held and given love …

Maybe as we grow older our spirits begin to perish in that same way.
As single adults, we too need to be touched, held and loved….

Even the elderly need touch and it’s been noted, that their increase for going to see doctors, in many cases are because of their desire to be connected and touched.

No matter the age, a desire for a love connection is inevitable.. 

If you are one of the blessed ones with a life long partner don’t take them for granted… Remember to love them and touch them daily…

Did you know the average women needs 10 touches a day ? It’s true!

If you are still searching, like many, don’t give up, your love connection is out there, after all  there are over  300 million people in this country to choose from!

And when you do find that connection, love them with all your heart, touch them,  hold them and don’t let them go!

In Awe of a Love and still wondering!

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Connect the Disconnect

“Connect” the Disconnect 

Working on ourselves as we walk through life is a place to 
“strive to arrive!”

I believe most of us have what I like to refer to as a  ” disconnect.”  Being a wonderer of people, a person who loves connection, I’ve seen a lot of this ” disconnect” in my life time. 

We are all made up of two sides, our strengths and our weaknesses . The very strength within us can be the very same thing that makes us weak..  The dreaded Disconnect.   

I’ve come to realize this, working hard on myself, being the best I can be, starting with loving myself from the inside out… 

Even with the emotion of Love, we can  be disconnected … This can happen by Loving someone more than we love ourselves.  In order to connect with the world around us we must be aware of what and how we connect in all areas of our life! 

Strive to find the connect of any disconnect that may be causing havoc with your ability to be all that you desire to be … And to connect the missing pieces  you must drop the “dis” and just connect!

And by the way, The root prefix “Dis” means take way or deprive…

Why would you want to deprive yourself of connection?

Especially connection with your authentic self, so the connection with others will be that much more authentic!

The Wonderer wondering again!

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Choose A Whole Heart

Whole Hearted or Broken Hearted ?

Another choice? 
We have the ability to choose…
We have the gift of choice!

Whole hearted or broken hearted?

We all have experienced the feeling of broken hearted … Which honestly sucks! ( I said honestly hence using the word sucks) but it is all part of life’s experiences and growth process…

As I wondered about how the heart heals I realized the choice we have between living with a Whole heart or a Broken heart.  Then realizing the energy of a broken heart can’t be hidden, no matter how hard we try others will sense a broken heart, it just is!

Perseverance, self love, acceptance and forgiveness  for oneself will lead you on the path to Whole Heartedness….

The easy part is to give your joy away and live with a broken heart..
Everyone can do that !

But not everyone will choose Joy and contentment and choose a wholehearted existence…

We have the choice, we have the god given ability to live in love, live with forgiveness and  embrace joy naturally.  

Spread that energy and see how  life will come alive !!!

In awe of self love, self forgiveness and living in Joy..

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Pissed and Empowered

Can being pissed make you empowered? I think so !!!

Only if you move through a negative emotion can we feel the empowerment … If we stay stuck to long in a feeling of negative emotion it will take over our thoughts and take over you ..

We have choices, to feel, embrace what we feel, honor those feelings, and when it’s time move them out of your thoughts and choose to feel empowered …

I am honoring being pissed, although angry is a nicer word : ) but I am choosing the word pissed, for me personally it has away of helping me to release and move into the state of empowerment more easily.

Choose your thoughts and your feelings will follow.. Release your negative emotions (when ready) and embrace your empowered self!

Already feeling so much more empowered : )

In wonder of the Awe of strength!

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Candy Really?

Candy… Really?

Many Women struggle with body image issues.
And so, I got wondering this morning, of all the possible gifts to say “I love you” on Valentines day, why in the world would anyone want 3,000 extra calories which are guaranteed to go straight their hips, thighs and butts shoved in a red velvet heart shaped box?
jewelry and flowers now there’s a great thought : ) 

Just wondering … 
Still in awe of LOVE < 3

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To Love or Not To Love….

To Love or Not To Love?

It’s easier not to love than to love in many cases after a break up…

Personal Growths biggest lessons come from heartache …

To love or not to love ?

I choose Love, there’s nothing like it, 
and personal growth, well, if your willing to grow there’s nothing more empowering than to embrace and honor your true inner self … 
Try meeting, discovering and loving that ! 

In awe of True Love 
(no matter the temporary heartache)