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More Power To "IT"!

“Don’t Allow Anyone
To Take ” IT” Away”

Let’s define “IT”
“IT” is what drives me,
That IT that comes once in a blue moon.
So what is IT?
Why driven by IT?
Where did IT come from?
Some refer to its “IT factor”
Others say “they just have IT”
IT is a powerful force…
Being driven by IT
Motivated by IT
Knowing my passion is all because of IT!
Do most understand the power of IT?
“IT” just may be the answer to life’s question!

So don’t allow anyone to take “IT” from you, be strong, be courageous,
Live life, embrace Love and don’t ever let go of “IT”…

In awe of IT’s wonder…

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Tv or Reality?

A View I couldn’t experience watching TV 
How Big Is Your TV?(Confessions from a TV Junkie)

“What you are watching, may be what your life is missing”

I turned my Television off several years ago for the summer, I realized I was a TV junkie my choice of “TV Programing drug” was Reality TV…
I was a junkie… I couldn’t get enough!
I knew I needed to do something, so I went cold turkey and turned off the TV from May to September 2008.

I didn’t turn it back on till November of that year, I was afraid I would become addicted once again, but I didn’t, I was free from living through the lives on TV and I took my life back!!!

I highly recommend the patch!
Except this one goes over your EYES, unlike the one on TV which smokers wear on their arms… Just kidding of course!

Once I starting watching TV again I limited myself to an hour a day.
I want years paying thousands of dollars for cable and rarely used it.
I would call the cable company to cancel but inevitably they would make me a deal and I just couldn’t bring myself to canceling it,  Another sign of a controlled TV junkie…

FINALLY I did it, I CANCELED cable!!! It was a HUGE moment for me to free myself from the ability to have hundreds of channels at my finger tips…
I was now a reformed TV  Reality junkie with only 7 lame stations to choose from…

It was the best decision I could have made… I was finally Free, Free to live life, Free to See life, Free to embrace life… To this day I may watch 3-4 hours a week, YES a week….
t’s freeing, it’s allowing me to be present with me, it’s given me a new sense of MY OWN REALITY!

I won’t judge you for the amount of time you watch TV,
I may even join you for an hour or two…

But this I know for sure

“What I Stopped watching, was what my life was missing,

As Part of my reality I am taking a Road Trip to SC which has been on my Bucket list… I’ll Be Blogging my adventure, stay tuned!

In Awe of My Own Reality

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Sun Son

The Sun  
The Son

Sun and Son
“The Light of the World”

Ever think about words and their meaning?

Today, for me, it’s the words
Sun and Son.

My son once told me
“Mom I’m so bright, you can call me sun” A play on words, and I thought how cute for a little boy!

I find the similarity very interesting between those two words.
Sun and Son, for some reason they have a connection to the Christian faith for me.
In the bible John 9:5 NIV
Jesus said:
“While I am in the world,
I am the light of the world.”

The Son is referred to as Gods son Jesus who is the“light of the world” and then there is the Sun in the sky which is also “the light of the world”.

Why do you suppose that is?

Two different spellings,  same meaning. 
Both the “Light  of the world”.

That’s the kind of stuff that keeps me wondering!!!

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What I Said…

What I Said “…”

“What I said and what you heard isn’t what I meant”

Sometimes, somewhere between what is said and what is heard isn’t what is meant….
How could that be ?
I’m not you and you are not me…

What is someone intension?
Their intent?

According to the website Definitions the meaning of Intent is:
“determined or resolved; having the mind or will fixed on some goal”

“Mind or will Fixed on some goal” makes me wonder just how often

“what Is said and what you heard isn’t what was meant”
happens so innocently.

I have to believe the good in Wo/Mankind that most of us don’t have the INTENT to say something that would offend another…
It happens, it may even happen often,
“what they said and what you heard isn’t what they meant”

So for all those times, what you heard wasn’t someones intent!

Wondering why?

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I posted this quote the other day about silence…

“In the silence, is where the conversation begins”
which got me wondering about silence even more….

And then I thought

“In the silence is where the truth is spoken”

I have experienced this first hand…

“Where there is silence, there is the truth about what is being said, that has not been heard!”

Now that’s something to Wonder about…

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In The Silence..

I heard this quote …

“In the silence, is where the conversation begins”
(believed to be from the Native Americans)

I love this quote, and it reminded me of a connection I once made…

It was in the silence were we connected for the first time… It was that silence were our conversation began… It was in that silence were our yearnings were answered… it was in that silence were I fell in Love….

Then there was life…filled with noise…

Still In awe of Love!

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What do you think of when you hear the word Love?

A yearning, a memory, a desire, a person?

Love is the most complete emotion.
With love comes the most incredible Joy, and with love comes the deepest heartache.

Love allows you to feel emotions you never knew you had.

Why would the feeling of Love be so wonderful yet so painful?

A desire and a feeling we long to have, knowing it’s ability to wound when love is lost…

So does the feeling of Love over shadow the pain of lost love?

To love or not to love, that is the question…

To Love is to Live

To loose love is to find love again …

In awe of Love

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Love What You Do?

There is so much life to live, so many wonderful teachers to learn from… Here’s one:

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do” rumi

Imagine doing what you love daily…
What would that look like?

Imagine the beautiful feeling of what you love…
What would that feel like?

Do you know what you love to do?
Do you do it daily?

Imagine feeling Joy, Peace and Contentment daily…
What puts that joy in your heart and that peace in your soul ?

Maybe it’s time to…

“Let the beauty of what you Love be what you do!”

The wonder of Love…

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Ever feel invisible? Sometimes I wonder about people and how they feel, And sometimes I wonder about myself and how others see me.

It seems like who we are on the outside is seen differently than who we feel we are from within. That’s not a bad thing, sometimes others see us more authentically than we can see our selves.

So are we invisible to ourselves or to others?

Have you ever felt invisible to others? Been in a situation and wasn’t introduced, or knowledge before people that you felt you should have been ?

Certainly, caring about someone and feeling invisible isn’t a healthy way to connect….

You are ultimately in control of your own visibility…. Like the windshield wipers on a car, “turn on”, clear your view and make sure not only can you see others, but others can see you!

In awe of wondering…

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Lost Purpose…

I saw a wonderful movie called Hugo…

So many messages, but what I want to share was this

“If you lose your purpose it’s like you’re broken” Wow!

How many people struggle to find their purpose in life?

Most people I know at some point in their life at the very least, question their purpose…

So losing or not having a purpose and feeling “Broken” makes perfect sense.

I love wondering…. I often question my purpose and wonder how often I have felt broken not knowing what it was been on occasion.

Our purpose in life changes, like the seasons in our life!

Awareness of purpose helps complete the desire to feel fulfilled within our soul …

Do you know your purpose?
Do you strive to fulfill your purpose?

Just wondering ….