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The Life Of A Hermit Crab…

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The Life of a Hermit Crab…

As I was walking on the beach yesterday I noticed all these holes in the sand …
Good size holes, not small ones like the sand pipers make on the shore.

As I approached the holes I realized hundreds of hermit crabs were scattering back into their homes, their very own dark hole.

It had me wondering about the life of a hermit crab…
Living in its own little world, and when someone gets to close they head for their dark hole.

Not a very exciting life. How many people do you know that may live like a hermit crab?

Maybe not physically but many Emotionally….

They are in the world living around others and as soon as someone gets to close they scatter and bury their emotions and feelings in a dark hole inside themselves….

Well there is a life to be lived and shared with others… Being Vulnerable is a wonderful quality, it means you are living life, experiencing life, embracing life and loving life outside of the dark hole!

There is a very bright, wonderful world to experience, if you choose not to bury yourself in a dark hole….

Just writing as I wonder! Aw

Author: amyweider

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder allows me to see the Love and Joy all around... I live by this quote: "My past is not my Future it has taught me to live in the Present"©aweider I Love People, am in Awe of Life daily and Wonder about everything always…. I love to inspire others to recognize the Love that is within them, the Awe of the beautiful life that surrounds them and the Wonder of life’s gifts that can amaze them!

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