Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A Poem Called "Emotions"

Happy, Sad , Mad or Glad…

Emotions come and
Emotions go
People say “they don’t know”.
Feel your way to being present,
Knowing life, is but a fleeting second!
Emotions come and
Emotions go
Life is yours to embrace and know.
One day the sun is shining,
The next it rains.
Like the weather
It may be time for a change!
See the sun, now the clouds,
Sometimes it rains and then it snows,
Embrace your life no matter where you may go…
It’s yours to live, Yours to know..
Live today, as the wind may blow…
Live free, and see, a life made to be,
Filled with Peace and Joy…
And set yourself free!

AmY WeideR 3.23.12

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What Would God Say?

What Would God Say?

Ever think about God?
Your life and it’s purpose?
Are you doing and being enough ?
(How much is enough anyway?)

What would God say about your life?

All the conflicts in this world are so fleeting… Life itself is fleeting !

We worry, we fear, we strive, we become anxious, we get angry, we “wee, wee, wee,” all the way home ….

I can’t help but wonder, what if we all made an effort to focus on the blessings and were grateful for everything in our lives.

We focused on all our gifts, including the people that cross our path by embracing and accepting each other, what a beautiful world we would live in …

Today look at someone or a situation through the eyes of God.
Loving, accepting, unconditional eyes…

God is LOVE
LOVE Today

Embrace your day with God and your day will be filled with Love…

Then you will know for sure,
What God would say !

In awe of Love…
In awe of God…

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Stepping Stones…

Who Are Your Stepping Stones ?

I am so grateful God has placed the people he has in my path as my “stepping stones” in my stream called life….

Those stones, in a stream of water are there to help us cross to the other side.
Freely allowing the water to flow through and around us for personal growth…

As I grow I am grateful for my life, my love, my lessons…

Who has God placed in your “stream of life” to help you cross to the other side?

Grateful, grateful, grateful ….I Am!

In Awe…

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I’m speechless with life right now…

Writers block ?

Processing life and its situations?
In awe of life’s circumstances?
Too busy counting my blessings?
Thinking about life and it’s infinite lessons?

So much to learn, so many gifts to open, so many lives to touch…

“Life is precious, Love is magical,
Laughter is the souls voice…”

Be present today and see life, love and laughter in all their vivid colors!

In Awe!

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Sunday, A Day of Rest?

Sunday, A Day Of Rest?

Ever notice how busy Wegmans is on a Sunday ?

What ever happened to Sunday being a ” day of rest”?

A day to reflect, a day to be thankful, a day to include God, a day to spend with those you love, a day of rest…

Back in the day, stores were closed or at the least opened later, people went to church and then families gathered for an afternoon meal, with 4 Channels and one household TV available people sat together and watched the same program, bonded, talked and connected …

Today … well, you know the routine!
Go, Go, Go… And if you stop for a day of rest that usually means a Nap!

What does your “day of rest” look like?

Just wondering….

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Letting Go to Grow…

Letting Go…

Letting go of something you love for the benefit of personal growth isn’t always easy….

It takes the compete picture were all parties involved are involved !
If one isn’t on the same playing field it’s time to walk off the field and move on…

Moving on takes time, patience and strength

Time to heal
Patience with your own personal growth
Strength to know you can preserver

Personal Growth is a gift you give yourself, sometimes at the expense of heartache and pain. But in order to move forward in life and grow, experiences In life are not always easy and many times challenging…

Easy isn’t challenging.. .
Difficult is fulfilling

So next time you find yourself in a difficult situation that seems to be challenging remember how fulfilled you will be when you preserve through the situation…

The challenge is only in your mind
So think about what you are thinking about… Get yourself out of your own mind and watch as you personally grow…

In Awe of Loving yourself …

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Quick, Slow, Slow!

Quick, Slow,Slow!!

One of my favorite quotes comes from the book of James in Scripture…

” Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”
(James 1:19 NIV)

This wisdom from one of Jesus disciples James is so amazing…

If only…
We ALL used that advice!

Marriages might be saved,
Family feuds may be avoided,
Parents and children may communicate better,
Friends may stay friends,
People may understand, love and forgive one another….
The world may be a more peaceful place to Live!

If only….
Everyone would be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry….

In Awe of scripture…aw

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The Life Of A Hermit Crab…

The Life of a Hermit Crab…

As I was walking on the beach yesterday I noticed all these holes in the sand …
Good size holes, not small ones like the sand pipers make on the shore.

As I approached the holes I realized hundreds of hermit crabs were scattering back into their homes, their very own dark hole.

It had me wondering about the life of a hermit crab…
Living in its own little world, and when someone gets to close they head for their dark hole.

Not a very exciting life. How many people do you know that may live like a hermit crab?

Maybe not physically but many Emotionally….

They are in the world living around others and as soon as someone gets to close they scatter and bury their emotions and feelings in a dark hole inside themselves….

Well there is a life to be lived and shared with others… Being Vulnerable is a wonderful quality, it means you are living life, experiencing life, embracing life and loving life outside of the dark hole!

There is a very bright, wonderful world to experience, if you choose not to bury yourself in a dark hole….

Just writing as I wonder! Aw

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Creating Love, Awe and Wonder

Creating Love, Awe and Wonder

I love to write,
I love to Love,
Many times in life I am in Awe
I love to Wonder!

I’ve come to realize we live in a would of choice….
Here on earth we choose
Heaven or Hell
We can allow others to choose for us, by how we react or interact with them.
Choose for yourself,
Love life, share emotions, communicate, and respect others and live.

Heaven is within you,
Hell is a place others want to see you go.

They can’t send you without your permission…

Choose Heaven and be thankful for all the blessings around you…

Love Wondering about wondering…
❤ aMy

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So Dam Lonely

“So Dam Lonely”

Lyrics from a song I heard on a face book page tonight ….
“So Dam Lonely”

It got me wondering….
Can most of us say “so dam lonely”
At some point in our life?

Even those with lots of friends around, may feel “so dam lonely” on occasion.
Why is that?

Why can we have people all around us daily, friends, acquaintances, family and yet there are moments of feeling
“So Dam Lonely”

Do you think any one person can escape that feeling completely?

In Awe of just Wondering….