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Still Parents No Matter The Age!

My Daddy…

My parents are alive and healthy.
My mother soon to be 87 and my father 88.

I count my blessings everyday, and truly am thankful for my parents.
A relationship that as grown closer and closer as they have aged.

I know we are not suppose to have favorites when it comes to our children, but is there a golden rule when it comes to favorites and parents?

I think personalities have a lot to do with favorites. My mother being a Leo also ( not that I put any or much substance into “horoscope signs”) but the truth is we are very much alike, when I was younger too much alike, on many occasions.

“My daddy” on the other hand has a personality that complaints mine. He is an encourager, accepts, and loves unconditionally. And at the age 88 he is still there for me.

I feel truly blessed to have a beautiful father, and to have parents that have been together for 60 years. They have been a gift to me. And as
my life has changed I have become more and more aware of the blessings of having elderly parents.

Having a “daddy” at my age, is a gift I am so thankful for. My life has had its share of challenges, and my wonderful father has always been there to encourage, love and support
What blessing, what a gift, what a love….
In awe of “my daddy”

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Moving Back In…

Moving Back In

I can’t say she’s moving back home but I can say she’s moving back in.
A two month transitional period for my daughter and her husband as they move from Buffalo back to Rochester for Tim’s fellowship.

So I get to have my daughter live with me for two months….

No longer a mommy and me relationship, but a relationship of adult child and mother.

It’s been years since we’ve lived together, I am truly looking forward to the next two months, a special time, special memories, special moments with my adult daughter.

And if you’re reading this Nicole, there’s no expectations, you will have all the space you need, I love you very much and the “momma”
is very happy that you’re back home for a few months…

Loving my beautiful daughter!

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The Blossom

The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it Blossoms and the bee comes”
mark nepo

I happen to love this metaphor.
The flower waits for nothing, it blossoms first, then the bee comes…

What do you dream about and what are you waiting for so your dream comes true?

We must blossom first, embrace our inner strength, love ourselves from the inside out and Believe the bee will come!

Its time to be that beautiful flower bud, that grows into a stunning blossom…..

Love being in Awe and wondering what kind of blossom you are?

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Life’s A Buffet!

Life’s A Buffet!

The sign says … All you can eat!
You know those kind of buffet restaurants, personally I never go. I tend to be turned off by too much of any one thing! Food is no exception.

People on the other hand, are quite tempting. Making connections with people is like being in the buffet line. There are all kinds to choose from, favorites that you can just eat up, other ones that are healthy for you and still others, you know the kind, too much of will end up giving you an upset stomach!

An online dating service reminds me of a buffet… So many choices and yet I only crave one thing ….

A sit down dinner for two!

Loving the Awe of Wondering

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"Grand" Motherhood

Years of Motherhood Is Grand…

It’s been nearly 30 years ago I became a mother for the first time.
30 years have slipped by with a blink of an eye. Two children later, now two adults and one very empty nest.

I’ve come to realize the joy of being a mother has passed.
I know I will always be mother, but the mommy stage of motherhood is over. It’s been over for years, that’s not a bad thing, it’s the realization of time passing by so quickly, years changing us into who we are today, and the knowledge of knowing we did the best we knew how to do.

Motherhood, especially those first five years, were years I will never forget and I will always cherish.

My next stage as I move forward, will be a grandmother or perhaps it will be a “Grand motherhood”.
A stage that just maybe Grand, knowing what I now know from the gift of wisdom as I have aged…

Mommy, mom, mother, than a “Grand”mother : )

Life is Grand, so embrace each season as life changes into the next season as time continues to move on…

Life keeps me wondering!

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Drink From The Words You Say

“Drink From The Words You Say”
(Hunter Hayes)

I’m not much of a groupie when it comes to music and their artists.
I don’t necessarily follow any one particular style of music. I enjoy all styles, from the oldies like Frank Sanataria to Country ( no rap or heavy metal thank you! ) But I find myself listening or maybe I should say ” hearing” the words to the songs more recently, more clearly. I find their meanings more interesting as I have aged, or maybe it is because of where I am in this season of my life.

As I was listening to my car radio the other day I heard a song by Hunter Hayes called Wanted… It moved me in a way that made me want to here more of his songs. As I want to iTunes to check out the song, Wanted I also heard another one called
” If You Told Me To” the one line that I loved was
“Drink from the words you say “
He was speaking about the words that were spoken to him…
I love this metaphor…
“Drink from the words you say”
Learning from words and literally quenching our thirst for life!

So next time you have a chance to listen to someone’s words or listen to some great lyrics my hope is….
“You drink from the words that they say!”

In awe of Hunter Hayes!

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“From the inside I saw beauty… But the butterfly was on the outside”aw

We look to the outside for answers acceptance and strength….

How’s that working for you so far?

Most of us are still searching on the outside. The outside for love, the outside for happiness, and on the outside for peace…

On the outside there are distractions, complications, a worldly environment that changes from second to second…

The only place we have total control is within ..
Within the heart
Within the mind
Within the soul

Yes, we must search within, within our spirit, within ourselves, within our thoughts.
Within, has the answers to life. A life filled with Love, Joy and Peace…

“Take the time to love what is within and you will love what is on the outside too!”

In awe of love

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Are You A Settler?

Do You Settle?

“A tree settles itself by planting its roots firmly into the soil below, settling in one place for years”

The strength of the Live Oak Tree had me wondering about how people settle in life…

We all “settle” in life at different stages. Some settle for a lifetime with the same partner, same home, same town….others, well, have a harder time settling in….

Just how much do you settle for?

Some settle for a relationship that perhaps truly is not meant to be,
Others settle into moving forward from a relationship that is no longer
worth settling for.

Some settle for a job they hate, while others will not settle at all!

Some settle for keeping their opinions to themselves, while others give their opinions whether asked or not!

Some settle all the time, some never settle at all.

Settling makes me wonder, what do we settle for in life… And why do some settle while others don’t ..

What does that make the settler ?
Easy going or foolish?

What does it make those who won’t settle? Stubborn or smart?

What do you find yourself settling for? And just how long do you allow yourself to settle, when you are settling?

Just wondering what the nature of settling is all about?

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A Peace At Home

A Peace At Home

I found a Peace last night in my home for the first time in awhile. I can’t quite explain it, but it was there. I had plans to go out but I was so peaceful at home, I didn’t want to leave the feeling…
It has been sometime since I had felt that much peace. The peace must have been within, there was a quiet serenity that had come over me. As I basked in the peace, My mind was content as I stayed present to my surroundings.
I must say it was a lovely evening , a peace filled one, spent with the one I love…. Me!
It’s a new love I found after looking outside my home, I realized it was here within all along…

Where do you find your Peace?

Just wondering….