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Harley The Horse!


Harley The Horse!

As I road a bike for five hours today, three of those hours on the beach, I couldn’t help but realize the importance of the destination was enjoying the journey! The journey truly is living life to its fullest and being present to your surroundings.

I stopped, took pictures, enjoyed the beauty of my day, the sights, the sounds, the people…

I rode with others and as they had a destination in mind all I could think about was being present to the journey in front of me…

By doing so I saw so many incredible sights, there were dolphins, turtles, a beached stingray, to name a few and I met a horse named Harley….

As we came off the beach into a town there was a horse farm… And a beautiful Clydesdale… A women was feeding him carrots outside the fence. My riding companions kept riding but I had to stop (again). Even Harley had a story…
To me he was a beautiful Clydesdale, to Budweiser he was a reject, his looks, his markings were not good enough to be a Budweiser Clydesdale horse… So Harley was put out to pasture in South Carolina on this horse farm.

And I wondered….

A stunning Clydesdale horse “not good enough” in the eyes of it’s owner… Yet to the women who came daily to feed him carrots and to myself he was a beautiful stunning horse.
Like people, someone may “think” we are not good enough, but the truth is we are a treasure to others….

In awe of The Journey!

Author: amyweider

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder allows me to see the Love and Joy all around... I live by this quote: "My past is not my Future it has taught me to live in the Present"©aweider I Love People, am in Awe of Life daily and Wonder about everything always…. I love to inspire others to recognize the Love that is within them, the Awe of the beautiful life that surrounds them and the Wonder of life’s gifts that can amaze them!

2 thoughts on “Harley The Horse!

  1. What a beautiful horse!! The college that I work at has an equine program and I love looking at the horses.

  2. what a beautifl horse!!…i want to kiss him on his furry nose….how blessed are you that God put him there for you to enjoyLove Gail…HAPPY TRAILS

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