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The Master Key

The Master Key

Waiting for that door to be unlocked
A key is found
Knowing there is a master key
An answer
Close at hand
Waiting patiently
For that master key to appear
Looking within
It is in your heart
Keep searching
Don’t ever give up
It may seem overwhelming at times
But it’s there
You have had it all along
The master key is closer than you can even imagine
Keep trying
You are about to open
a door of endless possibilities…

4.18.12 6:04am

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Laughter And Weight Loss…

Laughter To lose Weight!

After realizing I love to laugh, I decided to research some benefits of laughter. What I found on the Internet was this….

“The effects of laughter and exercise are very similar,” says Wilson. “Combining laughter and movement is great for your heart rate. William Fry, A pioneer in laughter research claimed it took ten minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the level it would after just one minute of hearty laughter. And laughter appears to burn calories, also. According to Maciej Buchowski, a researcher from Vanderbilt University. It turned out that 10-15 minutes of laughter burned 50 calories.”….

So if we laughed 8 hours a day we would burn 1600 calories…
Now that’s my kind of work out!!

Wondering if I could find someone who could make me laugh all the time? Well, most of the time, I don’t want to loss to much weight! ; )

What makes you laugh? This makes me laugh!

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It’s not often we see someone grow
Something growing
Right in front of our very own eyes
The ability to watch
Like blades of grass
It’s growth in the springtime…
After a long winter season
Grass doesn’t wait to grow
It begins,
At the first sign of spring
As nature nurtures…
I too
Am in the springtime of my life
Growing, embracing, being enlighten…
The nurture of nature
The growth
I have wittnessed first hand
Is my very own …

Written 396 days ago aweider


The Piranha Tank!

The Piranha Tank! Too Funny…

Being a wonderer and loving to gather experiences I decided to step out of my box and do something that was very uncomfortable for me….

As I sat working at my computer one of those 100 dating sites popped up, again! I thought I can’t, but than I thought hmmm maybe this could be more material for a book. So I reluctantly started to fill out the information along with choosing a few pictures I was comfortable enough to post.
With great reservation and hesitation I hit the send button…

What I was about to experience next was beyond any of my wildest dreams..

This somewhat, what seemed to be a normal dating site turned into a site filled with piranhas! That’s all that came to my mind, I thought PIRANHAS, this must a feeding frenzy….

Within seconds there was hit after hit… So, I’m suppose to be flattered
right? Cause honestly I was sick to my stomach….I thought, what have I done? and how I’m I going to stop this feeding frenzy?

Delete, Delete, Delete a bottom I am eternally grateful for!

So as I assess my options, and come at this experience from the view of
an experiment…. I am shocked and appalled at the number of men who honestly have no clue! ( not all men, thank God)

And if you are a man reading this blog and decide to put a picture on a dating site here are a few rules to follow :
1. Don’t use your mug shot!
2. Take off your sunglasses
3. Keep your shirt on!
4. Smile for God sake!
5. If you have to take your own picture, we know it’s a picture of you in the mirror!!!!
6. And Really… do you think anyone will answer a request “hey good looking” with no picture? Now that’s one surprise I’m not interested in!

And while I’m at it… If you want to chat here’s a few more tips
LEARN how to SPELL!!! (at least 90 % of your sentence)
And Saying
“Hey Baby” doesn’t cut it
” You’re gorgeous” really?
” You’re hot!” thanks but no thanks
I could go on and on but I’ll save it for another Post!
Cause the piranhas are still hungry…
It’s quite an experience!

The good news , I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time …
So to all you Piranhas out there….thanks for the laughter!

Wondering where’s that man I Love
When I “need” him?

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The Natural Flow


I’m finding myself at a crossroad…
Making a decision I’d prefer not to make and yet making it to allow myself to move forward…

Ever know that something feels so right but you just can’t move forward with it and something seems to be stopping its natural flow…

It’s like a beautiful stream of water just flowing naturally… When we get in the way of it and step in the middle of the stream we change it’s natural flow… We force it to go around us changing its path.

Even when we place others in its path, people in our lives are like huge rocks placed into the stream. It changes the natural flow of its path…

So it has me wondering about the natural flow of life… How much is life naturally flowing if we keep using rocks in the form of excuses and people, and drop them in the middle of our naturally flowing life’s stream?

So my crossroad doesn’t feel natural, it’s flow uncomfortable, the timing just does not feel right…and yet, I have to move forward!

Wondering how to naturally flow forward ….

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Free Beer Tomorrow…

“Free Beer Tomorrow”

I heard there’s a pub in the UK with a sign next to the front door that says
“Free Beer Tomorrow”…

Needless to say they never give free beer away!

But it is certainly three words that keeps me wondering…

How many people live for “free beer tomorrow”?

Two things are inevitable with that mind thought …

Tomorrow never comes and your thirst for life is never quenched!

Like life, if we wait until tomorrow
we will have missed Life Today!

Drink Up Today and don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come!

The Wonder of Living Life…

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How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough?

Have you ever been told
Enough is enough?
What is enough?
How much is exactly enough?
Enough already!
That’s enough!
Enough of this!
Enough of that!
Enough is enough…
What is enough?
How do we even measure enough?
I can’t see enough
I don’t feel enough sometimes,
And yet enough is enough…
What if there was really more..
More enough
More enough of this
More enough of that
Then where would we be after
All these years believing
Enough is enough…
The truth is
I can never get enough of you …

(Written 437 days ago)

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A Limitless Sky!

A Limitless Sky….

It was time to head back north after 11 days in the south. Sights, sounds, experiences all locked away in my memory.

Memories which were priceless.

Biking on the beach, seeing dolphins with old friends to walking in the fields of Virginia with the sites and sounds of our historical past with new friends.

All experiences I am grateful for. I feel a sense of peace and contentment as I head back into the known. Having stepped out into the unknown on my own with this “bucket list road trip” I can only imagine what the future holds as I follow my dreams.

Do you dream? Do you follow those dreams?

Today as was driving through West Virginia the clouds in the sky were breathtaking and I thought…
” If I could just follow this beautiful sky, it’s limitless, just like my dreams!”

Wondering were my dreams will take me next….

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Friends From The Start…

Strangers, Who Were Friends From The Start….

Have you ever met someone, felt so comfortable and at home and realized they were strangers?

Is it possible that strangers never were strangers but friends from the start?

Why do we connect with some people and not others?

All questions that I was made aware of today. People that should have been total strangers according to the world. They never seemed like strangers, but friends that connected in a very unique way from the start.

Two very special people, friends for a reason, lives touched, memories made, a connection on a level beyond what most people create in a lifetime. A feeling of warmth, familiarity, welcomeness, and acceptance. All from what I thought were strangers, only to realize they were friends from the start!

In Awe of people!

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The Look Of Love

“The Look Of Love”

I got to witness something this evening that I rarely see….

As my new friend was playing his guitar and singing the song
“Louisiana” to his wife… I saw a beautiful sight, it was the look of love!

His eyes sparkled as he sang to her and her smile lit up her face as she sang along…

Two souls in love, a look I haven’t seen in a long time, a look we can all hope for…. The look of Love!

In Love, In Awe, In Wonder….