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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Quick Sand

Quick Sand

I woke up thinking about moving forward and how sometimes our past allows our mind, bodies and energy to be stuck in one place… Not totally stuck, but perhaps an emotion is stuck, a feeling is stuck….

I thought about quick sand, and although all I know about it, is that you need to be still and need someone to help pull you out…

Stillness, in life is a key to growth…

Having someone help is also important, BUT it has to be the person who is stuck that MUST BELIEVE and do the WORK to remove themselves from the depth of the quick sand…

Have you ever needed to move forward with just a “little pull” from something or someone?
Have you been still long enough to truly see life around you?

In awe of moving forward….

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Live Life…

What’s Your Dream?

I watched as my brother scaled the First Federal building yesterday… I say Good for him! I would have loved to have joined him…

What are your dreams?

There is a big world out there to see, adventures to experience, people to connect to, and Only One Life to be Lived!

Go climb a mountain, fish in the deepest seas, ride a camel in the desert, climb a pyramid or even scale the side of a building!!!

Follow your dreams, turn your TV off and live life!

Awe of Gods creations…

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"Be Who You Want To Be"

“Be Who You Want To Be”

A quote from a regular at a wonderful corner pub called Shamrock Jacks…. You know one of those neighborhood bars where everyone knows your name!

Well, not a place I go often, but often enough to know the owner Kathy…
A wonderful women with strength and perseverance, a cancer surviver and an inspiration to many. A woman whose beauty shines inside and out!

Melinda, a self claimed regular, vivacious and out going knew the names at our table within seconds. A traveling hair dresser with a heart of gold said ” it sucks not being able to be you, Be who you want to be”….
Making reference to her life’s passion, her career …
I wonderful word of wisdom from a stranger and her “captain and coke!”

In Awe of people!

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He Loves Me He Loves Me Not…

I saw a coffee commercial a few months ago that has stuck with me…

A handsome swedish man sitting in a chair pulling the pedals off a daisy…
the tag line he sensually says:

“Every pedal says He loves me”

So I thought, what?!!!

Every Pedals says “I Love Me”!!!

A life lesson in order to be loved by another we must first love ourselves…

So if you are ever tempted to pull the pedals off a daisy and ask…
“does he love me or does he love me not?” it really doesn’t matter
As long as “you love you!” ; )

In awe of love….

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The Eagle

Just thinking…

When it rains, most birds head for shelter; the eagle is the only bird that, in order to avoid the rain, starts flying above the clouds…

No wonder God wants us to spread our wings and soar with eagles.

Fly baby fly, way above the clouds ….

In awe of wonder!

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Your Very Own Shadow

Seasons of Life are like our shadow..
We know who we are, we believe what we want, we see what we see, we long for our hearts desire…

And yet sometimes seasons in life can look so dark and lifeless …

Knowing what we see on the outside of ourselves in that form of a shadow is so different than our hearts desires….

A shadow…
A representation of us… The outline of our being, a void in all it’s glory…
The shadow seen is empty with no details, just a lifeless shape that represents each of our own unique self…

There is so much more to all of us, our depth, our yearnings, our hope, our dreams… All represented by the present shadow that forms in the sunlight…

What do you see when you see your shadow?

You can be anything you can imagine, You can have anything you can hope for, you can believe in all your dreams and watch them all come true..

You and your very own shadow!

In awe of wondering!!!!

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Happy Women’s Day to You

I’ve come to realize the blessings of being a mother and having a mother…

To all of my very special, incredible women friends who are not mothers or today celebrate the memory of your mothers … I say you are loved and honored by me… Your beauty of being a woman, your strength of losing a mother is cherished and admired by so many around you…

As women we come together this day to celebrate life, each other, and love… Happy Women’s Day to You!

In Awe of women…

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Mothers Day

Mothers Day…A Day of Rest!

What mothers need
Their job endless
From the Beginning
Unconditional love
All from their heart
A mother
Her life, her love,
Her memories…
Cherished always
A day of rest
A very special day
For a not so ordinary woman
A celebration of life
Mothers Day…

5.12.12 aw

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Come Home….

“Come Home, Come Home”

I heard those words
“Come home, come home”
I knew in my heart
I was heading home
For the first time
In a very long time…
I was being called home
By Gods small still voice
A home Like nothing I had ever
known before.
A home that felt outside myself
A home, a peace, a love…
“Come home, Come Home”
Arms wide open
both above me and in front of me…

5.8.12 aw

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"On Your Way To Fantastic!"

The Yellow Brick Road….

I read this line “On your way to Fantastic” and I immediately thought of the Wizard of Oz… The scarecrow hanging in the field at the
the corner of a split in the road, when Dorothy was wondering which way to go…

Was one road, the road to fantastic
And the other not ?

She thought the yellow brick road would get her to the city of OZ and that would be her answer? but it wasn’t.

“On your way to fantastic”….

Once Dorothy got to Oz she realized there’s no place like home… And she had it all along….

So as you search for your road to Fantastic …. I hope you realize you had it all along, I know I did!

In Awe of Life…