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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Road Trip With A Chauffeur….

Road Trip With My Daughter !

We are on our way to Philadelphia another road trip for me, a business meeting for my daughter! I feel blessed to be able to spend 4 days with my sweet daughter …

She’s been living with me for the past two months while her husband has been waiting to officially move to his fellowship here in Rochester at Strong Hospital …

It’s been a blessing having her home, and I am thankful she is back in Rochester….

So although she may cramp my independent type style of traveling alone it’s nice to tag along for the ride…

More History !!! Philadelphia PA…

In awe of history and our beautiful country!!

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Stop And Listen

The Connection of Connecting…

One of my favorite things to do is to connect with people…

I am a lover of people and am intrigued by their life stories.

I heard a saying last night
“To be interesting you must be interested”

There are not many who are truly interested in listening to others and yet most people want to talk about themselves.

Try listening today to someone’s story, “Be interested” others will find you Interesting!

Look around you, there are stories everywhere you look! Even with this sock and shoe!

In awe of life stories….

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The Makings Of A Girls Weekend!

The Makings Of A Girls Weekend!

All I can say is I am so thankful for girlfriends !

A weekend filled with smiles, laughter, sunshine, girls bonding, friendship and booze ( just enough and not too much!)

Being at a cottage by the water makes a bonding experience all the more memorable!!

It was my first dip into Lake Ontario, I believe ever! Kayaking on the lake, floating on the water, hanging on the beach brought me back to years of being at Keuka Lake…

I’ve never spent much time in my own back yard enjoying Lake Ontario and I must say it was quite enjoyable! And to top it off we found a gem of a town in Sodus Point

If you haven’t there in awhile, it’s well worth a Sunday drive …. It was like being on the Cape ..

So many treasures to be found..
So many blessings in having wonderful girlfriends!!!

Enjoying life, enjoying friends, enjoying the sites….

I awe of life

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Fabulous Funny Fathers


I am blessed to have a wonderful loving dad, with Fathers Day on Sunday I am reminded of my blessings.

To all of you who hold the memories of your father close to your heart I smile and cry with you, knowing how much you must miss your dads.

My dad being 88 seems to make me laugh more often. Like his ” 30 miles to nowhere” comment and him joining the “do nothing club”, his humor just makes me smile…

I took my parents down to the beach concert the other day, we were ready to leave and my mother was in the back seat needing help with her seatbelt, as my dad got out of the car to help her, she was able to buckle it, I tried calling and stopping him but he walked around the car and opened her door… When my mom said ” Bill, what are you doing?” he smiled at her and said ” I thought I’d stop by for a visit!” I just laughed…
I’m not sure who has dementia anymore, I think I’m in the running now! Lol

Life’s grand, enjoy, embrace, LIVE and LOVE!!!

In awe

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What Makes You Smile?

When You’re Smiling….

I was on a tour on Monday in Hershey Park … It’s a fun place to visit and the history of Hershey is fascinating!
What a wonderful man and although Hersey is not my favorite chocolate, after hearing the life story of the Hershey company for some reason it certainly taste a lot better to me!

Well on the tour they had us singing old songs… One of the last songs was
” When You’re Smiling”
The words;
When you`re smilin`
When you`re smilin`
The whole world smiles with you.
And when you`re laughin`
When you`re laughin`
The sun comes shinin` through.

Come on!!!
Doesn’t that just make you
I’m smiling thinking about my last road trip and looking forward to Philadelphia PA next week!
More history

In awe of wonder!
(This makes me smile it was my lunch at Hershey Park : ) )

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Looking For Purpose?

What’s Your Purpose?

There has been a buzz word in the last several years…it’s called “Purpose”

What’s your purpose
Purpose driven life
Finding your purpose in life…

A Purpose is something I think we all strive to find.
We look
We search
We think
We contemplate
We wonder
Trying to discover….
What our Purpose in life is

Someone recently shared this with me:

“Sometimes a Purpose will find you “

I have to admit being “still” in life is a wonderful place to have a purpose find you!

So if you’ve been searching for your purpose and haven’t found it yet,
Be still and your purpose just may find you!

In awe of wonder

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Finding The Gift

A Season For Everything…

“For every setback, disappointment and heartbreak, ask yourself,
What does this create the opportunity for?”
And therein you will find its gift. “
Everything has a reason,
The Universe (M. Dooley)

Whether there is disappoint, joy or the unknown in your life today, there’s a reason and a season for everything…
Looking for and finding the Gift in it is growth ….

Each day is a gift and today I saw this sunrise from my hotel window and thought …

“It’s the start of a brand new day,
There’s love all around ” ❤

Start your day by opening your gift!

Love Awe and Wonder

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Dare to Live

Dare To Live
Shepard Town WV

” Dare to live” were the words playing from a car radio as I drove through the country side in West Virginia… This time I was the passenger for a brief moment in time… Enjoying the peace and tranquility of the wind, sun and music.

I was in a place of complete peace within my spirit… The day had a fork in the road there was a choice to make, the decision was mine…
Which road do I take, I knew there was only one choice…
So I took the high road

I was living a new experience I didn’t see coming … Yet another life lesson, another life experience, another life challenge… All, that keep me wondering.

Someone shared with me recently to put a period after our whys in life and forgo the question marks …

I’ve dare to live this past week, yet again on another road trip, I am thankful for all my experiences and blessed to continue to cross the paths of some incredible human beings !

Chocolate anyone? I’m in Heresy PA today : )

In Awe of life …

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Just Around The Bend…

What’s Around Your Bend?

I was enthralled this morning as I went for my walk I saw this wonderful railroad track….

I crossed a major intersection, walk through a dew filled field to catch a glimpse of this view…I saw the
” bend ” I know I had to get a picture !

Then I wondered ” what’s around the bend?”
Knowing some of the history here in Gettysburg, my mind wandered thinking about the supplies that were brought to this area and the prisoners that were taken out of town on these very same train tracks …

It got me thinking about life and
as we live each day it had me wondering about my life and
” what’s around my bend! “

Ever wonder what’s around your bend?

Just wondering…