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STOP Wanting It!

STOP Wanting It…

“You want it because you believe if you have it, it will make you feel better”
A. Hicks

Wanting it …. Whatever “it” is, won’t necessarily make you feel better.
As humans we tend to be driven to want…
Some may want more stuff, others may want love and a relationship, a new outlook on life, a move, a career,
we want, want, want…
Its meaning: to feel a need or a desire for; wish for: is to Want!

“Wanting” in life is fine, as long as you realize having what you want won’t fill any void you may feel..

True Contentment comes from within… People, places and things and wanting doesn’t fill the void from within… Feeling complete first, loving yourself unconditionally no matter what, than adding any what I prefer to call “Yearnings” only enhance ones Life…

So next time you ” Want” something ask yourself Why? And make sure it’s not because you think “Having it”
will make you Feel better, because chances are “it” wont!

Feel Good Now…

In awe of understanding ….

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A Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky

Whether we see it or not there’s a midnight sky .
I was fortunate enough to witness the most incredible heat storm last night..
The sky lite up like a Christmas tree with a million tiny white lights.
It’s sight was breathtaking, something I’ve never seen before…
It was though there was a musical conductor orchestrating an incredible light show and the music was silent… Yet, awesome to my ears, my eyes were mesmerized by its beauty. All because of the midnight sky…

In awe of wonder

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The Illusions In Life..

“What You See Isn’t What You See..”

It was brought to my attention that David Cooperfield is the most successful entertainer of all times.
That had me wondering why?
Until I realized we live in a world of illusions…
The illusion of who others are
The illusion of what true success is
The illusion of our own reality

The world around us gives off an illusion…

Reality is what is true to you,
no one else.
We can’t change how others see think or feel.
We can only embrace who we are and accept those around us for who they are…

Once we try to change someone else
it’s only an illusion we try to live in and fit them in.

Acceptance of what we see, who others are, seeing the world with our hearts filled with love, and embracing life all around is a beautiful existence…

Life is what you make it,
illusions and all…

You have the power to Make love appear and Make fear, hurt and anger disappear ….

The illusions of life….

The picture that I posted, what do you see?

It’s the sun setting anywhere you want it to be..

One of Life’s many Illusions …

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18 Again!

Friends Celebrating

It’s friends, connections, unconditional love that warms my heart… Celebrating my best friends birthday last night, a friendship of over 47 years, I was reminded of being 18 again!

A bar, a band, a drink in hand …

All brought back memories of those younger single years when you went out at 11:00 pm, you could smoke in bars (thank God that changed ) and you drove home, when maybe you shouldn’t have!!!

So what’s changed? Well I’m not “younger” anymore, I’m asleep by 11:00, thankfully don’t smoke, and I have to walk 3 miles this morning to pick up my car! ( smart move)
Which I consider good exercise…

So it was quite a birthday celebration, a blast from the past and a blast in the present…
A fun night all around spent with two wonderful women.

I awe of wonder…

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I See God All Around….

I See God

Look closely all around you,
what do you see ?

I see God… His creations, His beauty, His love surrounds us and lives in us…

I can’t help but see His Love everywhere …

Look closely, Feel intensely, Embrace the essence of His Love…

Feel God today and all His Glory

In awe of creation…
(thx Chris for this beautiful Picture)

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Love Is A Purpose…

Goodbye Arizona

I was moved emotionally and spiritually during my trip to Arizona this year… As I continue to search for the purpose of my life, I become more aware the purpose lies within my heart…
Our Hearts…

Love is life’s purpose…
Living in Love…
Spreading Love all around…

Being present to my surroundings,
sharing unconditional love from within, allowing love to flow naturally, seeing the best in people, simply sharing a smile and making a quick connection even if it’s just for a fleeting moment in time…

What a wonderful purpose!!!

Share some love today…

In awe of Love

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The Beauty Of The Sun…


“She believed she could so she did”

The power of believing and its beauty
The power of the sun and it’s setting

A Women And The Sunshine

Her warmth shines through
Her glow all around
Life floushing
One blends into the other
The warmth of the sun
It’s glow aboundently shines
Because of them…
Life flourishes
Life is renewed
A women and the sunshine
Their ability to sustain life
An endless power from both
If allowed the right exposure…
(Written 462 days ago)
Amy 4.12.11 4:38am

“Like the beauty of all women the magnificent sun as it sets is breathtaking from every corner of this world…”

In awe and wonder of …west coast, east coast and a southern sunset

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The Hike

The Hike

I hiked to a peak called Thumb Butte
Yesterday… A view that was breathtaking… As we hiked I realized we were climbing closer to a spot I didn’t think possible to reach and it was an amazing experience. I found myself overwhelmed with emotions at the view as we continued to climb.
Here in Arizona there’s a sense of being closer to everything… Closer to the clouds, the stars, to people around and a closeness to God. It’s the Arizona energy in the air… It’s an amazing experience and an amazing feeling of freedom …

Just in Awe!

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Imagine Oneness

Imagine Oneness

Acceptence of oneness
All we should be
As a unified society

Imagine what oneness
Could look like
If we would all just see
The other person
Is no different than you and me

Embracing oneness
starts with the you in the me
What a world this would be!

Love, joy, peace all around
Our spirits to high
to reach the ground
A world with less usless noice
And a richer viberant sound

We could all hear what was finally being said
We would listen to each other instead of a deafness that comes
With a close minded head..

Arms of oneness
Could we ever see?
Accepting, embracing others
For who they would be…

The freedom of oneness
so it could be
Imagine wrapping your Arms
around oneness and see
How living in a world
Filled with people
like you and me…

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Love all around
Embraced in the arms of Oneness
To be lived once and for all
To be set free…

Aw 7.14.12

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As I was walking this morning in AZ several of the traffic signs caught my eye …. I’ve seen the same signs many times before but for some reason the were speaking to me…

The first one had an arrow pointing right saying “Only” and I wondered hmm what if life only had one way to live? As I came up the hill, the view was beautiful, then I noticed the Roundabout sign… Again I couldn’t help but think about life and what if we kept going in circles our whole life …as I looked over my shoulder another breathtaking sight of the mountains. Two more signs caught my eye, No Outlet and Stop!!!
Both stopped me in my tracks thinking OMG … There is a message here…

At that moment a friend tex me and asked “what are you feeling” and all I could think with the beauty around me was FREEDOM!! I was brought to tears realizing the peace I feel on the road seeing this country first hand and the Freedom it gives me …

I was in Love with the sights this morning of my surroundings and in total Awe of the message I was hearing and in Wonder of the Freedom I feel when I am on the road!!!

In Love Awe and Wonder….