Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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The Moon To The Left The Sun To The Right…

The Moon To The Left
The Sun To The Right…

The benefits of a small plane…if you are aware, you will miss nothing!

I looked to the right and saw a beautiful sunset, all different shades of red and oranges filled the sky. As I turned to my left there was a breathtaking blue and purple sky complete with a full moon!

Seeing the awe of life and not missing out on the wonder of the journey filled with love is a blessing for me….

This flight was another metaphor for my life. Truly being aware of the beauty that surrounds me … It reminded me of a scripture verse

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” (Isaiah 30:21 NIV)

Follow that voice… And walk towards a life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder….

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Up Up And Away…

I am flying to Vail CO tonight, another trip, second to last one for this year. It’s been a year of learning all about Love, Awe and Wonder. Along with embracing life’s journey and not just the destination. I feel truly blessed having been able to travel so much this year… And I take NOthing for granted!

The friends I’ve stayed with, the people I have met along the way ALL have enriched my life…

Colorado is always a wonderful time. A girls trip filled with unknown adventures.

I look forward to this Vail trip and wonder what new lessons I will be in awe of….

I love to travel ….

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My Very Own Double Rainbow…

A Double Rainbow

I love rainbows and seeing them makes me believe God is speaking to me…

I thought I needed to wait for a rainbow from above, until the other day when I was helping someone to water their garden, I realized I had created my very own double rainbow!!!

I was able to create the very thing that I thought I needed to wait to see.
I have always been in control of “double rainbows” in my life… It was an “aha” moment for me on several levels…

“I don’t need to wait for things in my life to happen, I can create them and they will happen as God is always with me”

My very own double rainbow…

In awe and in wonder…

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Memories ….

One of my favorite things to do when my children were small was to
“create memories.”

Memories are priceless. Life is filled with memories. Ones we choose to keep and those we may need to forget.

For me, the memories of Keuka Lake and the family cottage holds most of my childhood memories. I was fortunate enough to have a cottage to go to my entire life…

It’s been a few years since my parents decided to sell, do to their age. Yesterday, I went back to the cottage for the first time in those four years.

The property landscape is different, families all creating their own new memories. But there it was, memories of the fire pit and the old row boat with the name Nicole.

Memories, beautiful memories to be cherished always…

What are some of your favorite memories?

In wonder …

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Daisy and Oscar Need Love Too…

Daisy And Oscar

A visit to Lollypop Farm always brings me to tears. Spending time with my daughter yesterday was a treat, so when she suggested to visit Lollypop Farm I thought why not!

Well, I now know why not… Because of dogs like Daisy and Oscar. Two of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever seen. They came in together and should leave together. They were so bonded with each other it was adorable.

If you’re looking for a dog or two consider these two sweethearts…
Not once did either bark during our visit, even with all the noise around them.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t come home with Daisy and Oscar its because I have a dog, her name is Gracie. She is adorable to! So for now Daisy and Oscar will be thought of fondly and hoped they are adopted soon!

In wonder…

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We All Are Just People Waiting To Arrive

People Are People

I find as I continue to meet people …
People are just people. No matter how you feel or what you see in others, we are all the same. No one has it all together, everyone has their own baggage and we all have things in our past that may not have been one of our finer moments but that’s what makes us all ” just people!”

It’s all part of life and being vulnerable. Vulnerability can be a wonderful way to connect with others. Especially with someone you care about.

So as you continue to meet people who cross your path … Remember to embrace and accept someone for who they are, just as they are… And you too may someday need to feel that same acceptance…

People are people and you too are
one of those people !!!

In awe….

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Golfing Again Makes Me Happy!!!

I Got Golf Today!!!!

After 7 long months of recuperation from neck surgery …. I decided to swing my clubs this week!!! And I wasn’t even swinging at anyone! : )

It felt so good getting back on the golf course… There’s something about golf I love… I don’t love ” those darn men” who take the game so seriously … Cause seriously, it’s just a game and you’re not Tiger Woods!!!

Anyhow, to play with people who enjoy the game makes me Happy!!!
And to be able to challenge myself to be better every game also makes me Happy!! And to know its between me and the golf ball makes me even happier!
So there you have it…. I love to golf!
And today I got to golf!!!
I’m Happy….

In love with the game…

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Enough Is Enough Already….

Enough Already!

The word Enough always fascinates me…
What is enough?
How much is enough?
When is enough, enough?
Enough is one of those endless words that when said Enough times makes you start wondering about the word itself…
Enough is enough!
So this morning I was over thinking about my life and my connections…
One in particular…. And I thought Enough already!!! I know it’s something I must let go, I’ve been told to let it go, I know I must let it go and there it was that thought…
Enough already!

So that strange little word “Enough”
is a powerful word to be used to move you past something that you may be stuck thinking about …
And when you are, remember to say
“Enough is Enough already!”

That should help for now, until you start spending too much time in your own head again… You’ll know when Enough is Enough already!

In awe and wonder…

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To Really…

To Really

To embrace life
Is to live life.
To really live life
Is to be present in the Joy of being,
Being present to Joy
Is to embrace
the love that surrounds you.
Embracing that love,
Is to first love yourself.
Express love for self and others,
in the present moment.
Breathe, be, and give Love freely.
A word
that is not spoken often enough,
A feeling
that sometimes isn’t expressed openly.
Sometimes taken for granted.
Given from the heart and soul.
Embrace the love that surrounds you,
Share the love you have within you…

Live, Love, Grow….

In wonder of love

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Wisdom From A Happy Person

Wisdom From A Happy Person

I notice her most mornings as I enter the gym that I go to… But for some reason I said to Paige who was behind the counter … ” you look so different the past few days you’re glowing”
her response was:

“I’m Happy”

There was no particular reason for her happiness, when I asked her what made her so happy, her reply was:
“I like random, I’m happy,
I’m on my way to being very happy
And I Don’t focus on the bad”

A twenty something with a glow all around her, just from focusing on being Happy !!!

A Lesson to be learned for all

Be Happy….

Thanks Paige for your beautiful spirit and contagious happiness!!!

In Awe of people….