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Heaven On Earth…

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Heaven On Earth…

I’m reading a book called “A Course of Love” which came recommended by a sweet friend in AZ …
A great book to be discussed with another..

I find the book powerful and thought provoking, teaching love, well not “teaching” love but sharing the dynamics of Love…:
“love is not something you do, it is what you are”

This past year has been a year of travel for me, and as I have seen new places and met new faces I’ve been brought to tears more often than I thought possible!

Tears of Joy and Love….this quote from “A Course of Love ” touched me and explained my tears.

“That you move through your world without relating to it in any way is what causes your alienation from the heaven it can be!”

On my travels I have found myself relating to this world and people in such a spiritual way ( without realizing it) that I truly feel, The Heaven that it is… Which explains my tears….

Our lives, lived in a way of relating to this world is truly heaven, there is love all around, you just need to breathe with your heart, see and feel with your heart and embrace all the love that is available….

What a beautiful place to be!!!

Heaven is Available here on Earth…
In Love Awe and Wonder Life

Author: amyweider

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder allows me to see the Love and Joy all around... I live by this quote: "My past is not my Future it has taught me to live in the Present"©aweider I Love People, am in Awe of Life daily and Wonder about everything always…. I love to inspire others to recognize the Love that is within them, the Awe of the beautiful life that surrounds them and the Wonder of life’s gifts that can amaze them!

One thought on “Heaven On Earth…

  1. Great post Amy. It gives a lot to think about. I will read this book, thanks.

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