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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Lessons All Around and Up Above

A Lesson To Be Learned

Every situation, every person along the way and every thing we pass by on our journey in life has a lesson to be learned!

So many life experiences good, bad, pleasant or ugly are all placed in our life to be learn from.

Too many people focus on the negative feelings instead of taking away a positive life learning experience.

No matter how difficult someone or something maybe, there can always be good that comes from it! It may not seem that way at the time, but looking back ( for a brief moment) and realizing where you are today in the present and being aware of your personal growth is one way of being self taught… Teaching yourself to be positive, being present to your blessings and to embrace the gift given each one of us… The gift of life!

I saw the moon last night, it was a beautiful crescent moon… For some reason it captivated me for a fleeting moment … Being an overcomer I tend to see life through different eyes than I have in the past. The moon was beautiful and what I saw was a full moon… but being present to the moment I was able to see the beauty of a piece of the moon that shined as bright as the suns reflection…

A moment in time for me not to let life pass me by without embracing the beauty that surrounds me … Being aware of the wonder of the crescent moon at my age… Just amazing!!!

Life is always worth living in…
Love Awe and Wonder!

Photo Credit: Joseph Grunske

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My Friend

My Friend is a ray of light …

I think about my friend often
The influence he has had on my life
His wisdom, knowledge and understanding for life and people…

I LOVE the gift I received from his spirit…
I sit quietly in AWE of how he has touched my life…
I WONDER what else I will learn from afar…

My friend has left his imprint on my mind, my heart, and my soul…
Not many touch others the way he has touched my life…
I will forever be grateful
I will forever be changed
I will forever be …
In awe of love and wonder!

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Conversation With Self About Acceptence!

I had a conversation with myself this morning… And I said Self…

“acceptance is a gift I can give to myself along with others I choose to accept me for me and you for you…”

Differences will always be present,
what we do with our differences is
called acceptance, should we choose to honor each other for being different.

Thank you for honoring our differences…

In Awe of a very different sunflower…
(Written 381 days ago…)

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My Brain Is On Circuit Overload…

Circuit Overload

I realized yesterday on occasion, I shut down from circuit overload. All the stimulation from technology and information coming at me sometimes is just too much!

Verizon has a new advertisement out for a All in One phone… everything you can possibly want to do, this new phone does. The commercial itself overwhelms me!

I am convinced we are not wired for all this new technology and all this information at our fingertips! Not to mention we may be able to do things fast but we don’t even give ourselves time to process information before something else is entering our gray matter!

And if your not sure what gray matter is, here’s a definition:
“Grey matter is made up of neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, and speech.” Wikipedia

So although the newer generation is keeping up so far, I think the baby boomers will continue to, on occasion,
Shut down due to circuit overload!

Oh, and by the way, how many phone numbers on your phone Do you know? I thought so …..

Just Wondering

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Off and On

Off and On

Opposites attract
Polorized by their differences
Off and on
Hot and cold
Up and down
A relationship
It’s perfection
It’s imperfections
Known only by understanding
Acceptance of differences
Unconditional love
First for oneself….
Then, for the other ….
Off and on
Come and go
Fast and slow
All part of lifes growth
of who another has become
Embracing their moments
Supporting their differences
Understanding eachother
Giving, caring, loving
Just because…
Off or on
Hot or cold
Up or down
People are people
Embrace, accept, cherish
The good in all….

6.7.11 Amy W.

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Be Still… It’s Sunday!

Be Still…

Lately you hear all the time about “being still.”
Society is busier and busier, and people are becoming more and more overwhelmed … The latest “buzz” word seems to be…. “Be Sill”

There is a Scripture verse I have always loved…
“Be still, and know that I am God!”
~ Psalm 46:10 NIV

I once heard a sermon that I loved, the preacher spoke on this verse and he said:
” Be still, and know that I am God,
Be still, and know that I Am
Be still and know
Be still…”

I always remembered that sermon, it was one of my favorites …

Give yourself that gift, start with today,
It’s Sunday, a day of Rest….
Be Still
Be still and know…

In Awe of Love

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Help Save A Life…."This Too Shall Pass"

Save A Life Donate A Kidney !!

If you take the time to ask and listen to someone it’s amazing what you will learn…

I met a beautiful waitress named Daniel fighting for her life…

A kidney disease is trying to take her life at the age of 20 , Just when she found her passion for life, being a hair dresser …

Meanwhile she started dialysis at the age of 19 as her kidneys decided to fail her as a healthy young adult!

Not fair in one sense yet in another
“not fair” is what is driving Daniels spirit. A beautiful, alive spirit that unless I had asked and listened about her tattoo I would never have known she is fighting for her life…

The tattoo on her forearm reads “This too shall pass” she is believing she will OVERCOME this disease attacking her kidneys ….

A disease 350 out of 2 billon get called Atypical HUS (Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome) Not really caring what it stands for, but realizing it is why Daniel is fighting for her life… Her number is 585-945-8807 if you feel lead to donate a kidney or help her out in any way please contact Daniel …

She is an overcomer, as she sits for dialysis weekly and waits patiently for a new kidney.

So, I’m sorry, what were you just complaining about? not sure I heard you …

Please pass this Blog on, as you never know, together we may save a life….

In awe of ones strength to fight!!

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Connecting Makes A Difference!!!

Little Kids With Big Hearts!

I find most of us over 50 still feel like little kids… Well, not quite like a little kid but young none the less…

I seem to meet more wonderful people who are “mature” ok “old” but young at heart… And have big hearts at that!

I find most people are truly special and even those who may seem difficult to love are still lovable, if given the chance to be loved!

Being single, out in the world today isn’t my favorite place to be, but the experience of meeting and connecting to people for me is priceless… Connection to others is a gift I open daily and for me it’s Christmas everyday when I am able to connect to someone new!

I hope to reconnect with the women I wrote “All Life Matters” about tomorrow… I don’t know if she will show up or not but I know I will!

Getting to know People, and touching a life in any way or making a connection of two souls, for me makes my heart sing… La La La : ) that’s my life line, my heart beats to a different song, a song I wish everyone could hear…

Take the time today to connect with someone, it’s a life changing experience and you will be blessed!

In awe of wonder….

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Heaven On Earth…

Heaven On Earth…

I’m reading a book called “A Course of Love” which came recommended by a sweet friend in AZ …
A great book to be discussed with another..

I find the book powerful and thought provoking, teaching love, well not “teaching” love but sharing the dynamics of Love…:
“love is not something you do, it is what you are”

This past year has been a year of travel for me, and as I have seen new places and met new faces I’ve been brought to tears more often than I thought possible!

Tears of Joy and Love….this quote from “A Course of Love ” touched me and explained my tears.

“That you move through your world without relating to it in any way is what causes your alienation from the heaven it can be!”

On my travels I have found myself relating to this world and people in such a spiritual way ( without realizing it) that I truly feel, The Heaven that it is… Which explains my tears….

Our lives, lived in a way of relating to this world is truly heaven, there is love all around, you just need to breathe with your heart, see and feel with your heart and embrace all the love that is available….

What a beautiful place to be!!!

Heaven is Available here on Earth…
In Love Awe and Wonder Life

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Burn Baby Burn …

Fan your Flames!

What’s burning inside of you?
What is your passion in life?
Are you living out your dreams?
Are you embracing your life’s yearnings?

Burn baby burn,

Follow your love, your passion, your desires and Live YOUR life Today!
Is there a Fire inside of you?
Don’t ever let it burn out…

Feed your flames, fan those flames,
let it burn under your feet to keep you moving in the best direction that will guide you toward your life long desires!

In awe of
Passion …Fire… Dreams…Desires!