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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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What Are You Holding On To?

I read a wonderful story yesterday about holding onto stones in our hands…

If we hold onto something to long we never free our hands to enjoy life’s beauty.

We need our hands to beat a drum so music can be heard, to hold a brush in order to paint the beauty all around us, to clap with excitement for what we are thankful for, to wrap our arms around another person, to touch and caress….By dropping what we are holding onto, we free our hands in order to truly embrace the life and love all around us….

Drop whatever it is that you are holding so tight to, your hands represent the freedom within… Release your grip, open your hands and free your heart!

In awe of life lessons!

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" I Can Do It"

“I Can Do It”

Those four little words that brought me back to being a mom with young children… Those words “I can do it”
rang clearly as my 88 year old father said them yesterday. As I tried to help him button his pants, I smiled as I realized he was no different then my 3 year old son was when he wanted so badly to button his own pants…
I’ve come full circle with my children and now my parents….

Then there’s me, waiting in the wings for my time to say “I can do it” I’m not looking forward to that moment, and I pray the years go by slow enough to enjoy life everyday.
For now I continue to be aware of just how precious life is and how fleeting the moments are…
Finding that balance between
“care taking” of someone else and
“Taking Care” of myself is a fine line, but a line that must be drawn,
And I know …. ” I can do it!”

In awe of life

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Timing Timing Timing!!!

They say “location, location, location” is everything and I would agree. I say timing, timing, timing… is everything!!!

Timing seems to be the key to many successful ventures. From investments, to job opportunities, to relationships, timing seems to play a huge part in life.

How has your timing been?

It’s the perfect time to Do… What you are dreaming of…

Love Awe and Wonder

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A Funny Emotion … Love!

Funny Emotion, LOVE Is!

Love…some seldom feel it, others feel it too often…
Love is often over rated they say…
Some believe the word love is even over used…

There are all kinds of love
Love of things and people…
In love
Filled with love
Love for life
Love food
Love of things
Love, love, love!!!
I love this, you love that, they love each other!

I love a lot of things in life, yet seldom do I love to a depth of my soul …

That’s a scary love, vulnerability plays a huge piece in that kind of love… but alas, a feeling not to be denied. If embraced for oneself or for another it is truly a gift!

Life is short, love can be eternal …
So why not embrace LOVE today,
Tomorrow may be to late….

What do you Love?
Who do you love?
Where do you love?

In awe and wonder of LOVE…

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A Path To Your "New Normal"

New Normal,
A Path into the unknown…

What is normal?

according to
Normal means:
conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; regular; natural.

What was normal to me yesterday isn’t the same normal to me today!
The path I was on a few short years ago is not the same path I walk today.

I have come to embrace my new path to be my new normal. Whether it’s life, health, love, relationships, things change, our path changes, our “normal” changes….
What I have realized is my “new normal” is my normal… Which some may just call change!

Being flexible to change and to what used to be normal is a state of mind we must accept. A healthy way of moving forward in life is to embrace
change and our new normal. Nothing stays the same, life continues to change all around us and within us…
Change is good, along with loving your New Normal, and embracing your new life’s path…

What’s your New Normal?
Where is your new path leading you?

In love awe and wonder of life’s new path….

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Swim Nemo Swim

Finding Nemo…

I got thinking about a goldfish the other day. Being trapped in a bowl going around and around in circles all day long, made me think of my own life…

I had felt stuck in the same bowl, in the same water, in the same circle for years… it’s been the last several years that has got me thinking and wondering so much more about life.

Perhaps brought on by my age, being an empty nester, being single, or just being present to life!

I’ve come to realize there is a huge ocean out there to swim in…
People to see, place to go, life to be lived….

And I thought, what if I was to leave my little fishbowl and I swam into that huge ocean of life… It certainly could be scary and I could be eaten alive.. Then I realized it’s a chance I have to take, embrace, Live, to truly be set free….

And after I was all done wondering, I realized that makes me Nemo…
Finding Nemo means finding Me!

“Swim Nemo Swim!”
N nature vs nurture
E excitement vs excellence
M meaningful vs Mindful
O original vs ordinary

Love wondering ….

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Really Being Alone…

A Life Changing Moment…

As I waited for a friend for breakfast, I watched, as a blind man with his collapsible cain, waited to be seated…

He was alone in his own dark world. He rocked back and forth, waiting patiently for a table. As fate would have it the hostess came up to him and said “Mr Hill your table is ready you can just slide over” the table next to the waiting area was available. He smiled and said isn’t that convenient!

What changed my life was as I watched him acclimate himself to his surroundings, the waitress asked if he was waiting for anyone…
Mr. Hill simply said
“No, I’m not waiting for anyone”
A moment that made me sad, words that moved me. I watched as a blind man ate alone and I couldn’t help but wonder about many things in life ….

I’m still wondering ….

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Finding Patience Through a Murse!

A Murse = A man purse

I’ve come to realize patience is a gift that I have acquired as I’ve aged. Life is filled with the unknown. Patience has helped me in many situations, like waiting for a delayed airplane, dealing with elderly parents to even where my personal life is today.

I am thankful for my newer acquired patience, I’m not even sure where it comes from when needed…
They say ” it is what it is” so I have to believe patience allows me to be tolerant to a fast changing world
around me.

I sat for 12 hours waiting for my father to be admitted into the hospital, love played a huge part in my patience. Even when he wouldn’t let go of his murse (man purse) and insisted on keeping it close to him, all I could do was be patient with him and smile!

Life isn’t always easy, I certainly struggle personally being a single women at this age, but for now I will be patient with my life (at least try)
as my life continues to move in the direction of Love Awe and Wonder…
I continue to learn the lesson of patience daily, yesterday, love played a huge part and my fathers murse just made me smile and gave me peace and contentment!

“Patience is a gift you give others as much as yourself” aw

Who will you be patient with today?

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The Journey

The Vessel The Storm!

It sails through ruff seas, heading towards an unknown destination.
Water all around, beating on it’s surface. Not knowing where it will land, determined to stay afloat.
The vessel filled with cargo and sailors to guided its journey, only to feel the emptiness during its voyage.
Made of strong wood, hard, resilient
and tuff, tested by its surroundings, driven by its determination to make it through the storm. The vessel best known for its triumph during any storm, no matter the size, no matter the length, it stays afloat, ready to make it to the other side.
Only to come through the storm as a survivor, all intact ready for another voyage! Guided by the light above…