Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Use A Phone… Call A Loved One…

Talk To Your Loved Ones!!!

I realized the other day my adult children often tex and rarely call…

So that should be good enough right?

Then after two acquaintances lost family members this week at the ages of 23 and 57 I thought, NO … I want to hear my children’s voices!

Life is too short, call your loved ones more often. There are only so many days you will ever get to hear their voice!

Who will you call for a change?

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A Close Encounter of Two Don’s

“The Kangaroo Method”

I’ve met two Dons recently. Both have touched my life in a profound way…

To some, sitting next to a stranger on an airplane is an annoyance, to me, it is a gift! Don from AZ came to Rochester to bury his brother. A story I hope to write and share at a later time… For almost two hours we laughed, I cried, we shared … Two lives touched by each other, both strangers, both walked away changed souls! Why? Because we cared enough to listen to one another!

The second Don, an author of
“The Kangaroo Method”, a wonderful small book to ” help you learn how to unlocked your verbal intelligence” A book, for me, that was filled with life encouragement… Which again, allowed me to realize how important life’s journey truly is. Being present to every moment, every word and every life experience beyond what we think we see, is living in Awe and Wonder, which is what I Love!

The book The Kangaroo Method, helped me to understand myself more and showed me I wasn’t alone in what I thought and how I learned!

I love the history of the meaning of the word Kangaroo … I’ll let you read it for yourself …
But originally the word was Gangurru which meant ” I don’t understand you”
For me sometimes life, our lessons, and situations that happen, makes me say Gangurru ! “
I don’t understand you… me, or life!”

Take a moment to read “The Kangaroo Method” and ” become the person you most want to be!”

In awe of connection …

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Three Hour Layover or Groundhog Day?

A Three Hour Layover

Making the most out of a three hour layover isn’t so bad….

Instead of focusing on the negative, I was looking forward to people watching for what I thought was a three hour layover…

The funny thing is, every hour that goes by for this layover an extra hour is added on due to weather…

So the three hour layover has been a three hour layover for the past three hours!!!
For me nothing but laughter, over living groundhog day over and over!!!

“When life gives you a delay be thankful you are fortunate enough to be coming or going somewhere!”

In awe of loving life…

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The Art Of Living Knows No Bounds!

A sign I saw in a window at Pearl St Mall in Boulder CO.
“The Art Of Living Knows No Bounds”

Having visited Denver, Vail, Minturn, Georgetown, Breckenridge, Boulder just to name a few towns, I have fallen in love yet again with Colorado …

All beautiful towns I had the privilege to visit on this trip.
From riding an old train to a silver mine in Georgetown to ATVing near Vail, paragliding in Wilcott and enjoying the the Colorado University band marching through Pearl St mall what a wonderful state!!

This whole trip has been an awesome experience and I am thankful knowing “the art of living knows no bounds!!”

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So Unexpected …

My Colorado trip continues… On our way to ATVing the other day I looked up and saw some people paragliding.
Not having paragliding on my
my bucket list it caught my attention.
Knowing skydiving was no longer an option due to back surgery, I thought hmmm maybe, just maybe, paragliding was an option! And it was…
Not having any reservations, I knew I had to seize the moment and I did, twice!
The experience was peaceful, breathtaking and exhilarating…
This trip was filled with a number of unexpected experiences and I am so thankful for the opportunity to eat dirt (ATVing) and to fly with birds (paragliding) ; )

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ATVING And My Bucket List

Not On My Bucket List….

I have a list of adventures I would like to experience on my bucket list, ATVing was not one of them.

Yesterday, my group of friends have gone ATVing many times and wanted to go here in Vail Colorado.

OMG what an awesome experience!
The views, the rush of the speed, the experience of being aware and in control every second was an amazing experience.

So, although sitting on a four wheeler, getting filthy dirty, and going up hills into the unknown was never on my bucket list…. It was a blast and I am so glad I personally experienced it here in Colorado !!!

The views alone were breathtaking….

Back to being in awe…