Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Who has been your Carin?

“Cairn is a term used for a man-made pile (or stack) of stones. It comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn (plural càirn). Cairns are found all over the world in uplands, on moorland, on mountaintops, near waterways and on sea cliffs, and also in barren desert and tundra areas. They vary in size.” Wikipedia

Carins are stone markers along the path to allow you to find you way coming and going…

There were many Carins on my hike yesterday and to be honest without them I would have been lost several times. Simple piles of rocks guiding the way. It made me Wonder about all the “Carins” in my life, those people who have been placed on my path in life to guide me in the right direction and I never realized they were there…

Who has been a “Carin” along your path in life?

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The Sun and The Moon

To The Left and To The Right

There I was on the road when I looked to the left and saw an unbelievable sight of a full moon. As I turned to the right the sun was setting behind the mountains. I am always amazed at that sight when night and day come together!

Something so simple yet so amazing!

The wonder of it all…

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From New York to Love

It Took My Breath Away!

I was leaving Nevada heading to Arizona by car and the sites I saw took my breath away…
As I headed around the bend there was an unbelievable view of lake Mead…

The Awe and Wonder I felt brought me to tears. There I was on the road again with a feeling of excitement and freedom. There is something about driving through this country I absolutely Love!!!
Most of the time I am by myself as I drive from one destination to an other. The feeling of peace and contentment within my soul is empowering. My non traditional, traditional life has taught me a Love I have never experienced before. A love beyond what I think I see, an awe of a world filled with beauty that surrounds me, and a wonder that continually takes my breath away…

My Authors conference was beyond anything I could have imagined! And for reasons I would have never guessed… I was in awe and wonder over the people and connections I made this past week… People who touched me in a way I never thought possible! I found something, that I must share with others. It’s another LAW of life…. A LAW, if understood, will change your life forever…

Living life filled with
Love Awe and Wonder…

(With David Morgan James Publisher)

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One Step Closer….

One Step Closer

I haven’t seen the outside yet …but I’m one step closer to my dream!
I landed late Wednesday night in
Las Vegas to a whirlwind authors conference, Authors 101. I was fortunate enough to have been put in touch with the owners of the publishing company Morgan James, Rick and David two awesome publishers.
Thanks to a beautiful women who truly is selfless, she has opened a door for me that I didn’t know existed…

For years I have seen a door in front of me. A door I thought needed to be held open. And for now it is. It is up to me to walk through it….I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity!

Maybe there has been someone in your life who has opened a door for you to show you the way. My dream is to open the door for women and show them a way out or a way back in… To rediscover who they are and live a life filled with love awe and wonder …

After meeting with one of the owners of the publishing company yesterday I feel one step closer to seeing my dream come true!!! And you can too!

I’m a writer… I will be forever grateful for editors !!! ; )

I just went outside … Enjoy the view!
Rick Frishman and me : )

In awe of the wonder that surrounds me….

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Living Life Filled With Love Awe and Wonder..

“Creator of Love Awe and Wonder” was the title someone once gave me.
Someone very special to me. Someone who taught me to love myself, accept others for their differences and to be open to looking at life through the eyes of oneness… We are all one. The separation that we all experience is because of having to be right! No one is right… no one is wrong … We are all just one with differing thoughts, thoughts that if embraced and accepted would bring us all closer to each other as one…
One love, one world, Oneness…

The creator in me has followed my dreams … And I have taken that Love, Awe and wonder to heart…

This past year I truly have lived a life filled with love awe and wonder which I continue to write about.

My strength sometimes can be my weakness … But through those times of weaknesses is when I grow and become stronger….

I recently have had another growth spurt. Which has continued to center me in a place of healing, self love and acceptance of the world and others around me. I know God is continuing
to move me closer to my True Self…

Living Life…
Love awe and wonder

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Differences Are Our Strength..

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” Stephen Covey

Our differences are our strength!
What a revelation this world could receive if we ALL realized our differences are our strength…

No two people are alike. Everyone has unique gifts, talents and opinions. Accepting differences, embracing others uniqueness and encouraging people to be who they are creates strong relationships…

We all may not agree on everything,
but acceptance of differences gives us strength …

“Living life filled with
love awe and wonder”

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La Bellezza Del Nulla

The Beauty Of Nothing…
(La bellezza del nulla)

Those words were spoken to me last night in a place where for some reason I thought I was on the movie set of the remake of Cocoon.

I’ve realized I am at an age of
“In-between” not to young, and certainly not too old … My range of acquaintances runs a 20 year span.
Learning from so many different people, at different ages is what I enjoy!

Instead of judging I try to be aware of what I may learn from others. Last night was no different…
I learned the beauty of nothing in Italian “la bellezza del nulla”.

I love to learn and I also love the peace of nothing… The quietness of nothing often is my favorite place to be. The world we live in is often over stimulating, overwhelming and sometimes there seems to be too much noise for my mind…

La bellezza del nulla, the beauty of nothing, for me, often is a place of tranquility…. A place I often visit!!!

Living life filled with
Love Awe and Wonder

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Leaving On A Jet Plane….

“I’m Leaving On Jet Plane”..(again)

My last trip for 2012, what a travel year this has been…

This trip, I am following my dream, by attending an Authors Convention in Las Vegas! My dream of becoming an author is one step closer…

From Las Vegas I am connecting with a friend in AZ to hike the Grand Canyon and Sedona.
I am Back out west for 12 days… traveling is one of my favorite thing to do, Something I watched my grandmother do her whole life … It must run in the family : )

I’m not sure why I have been so blessed this year with the number of trips I have taken … But this I know without a doubt … I BELIEVED it would happen and it has…

If you dream it, You Must Believe it!

I’m a believer in Speaking your dreams, desires and passions
out loud…

Put a VOICE to your DREAMS and
live them as they come TRUE!

What do you DREAM of?

Living life filled with
Love, Awe and Wonder…

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Follow Your Dreams…

If you could, what would you do today?
What dreams live deep within your heart?
Where is it that you desire to go?
Who has been on your mind lately?
When will the timing be right?
Why are you waiting?

What has stopped you from living your dreams, following your heart, and making that decision to embrace your yearnings deep within?

Today is the day…. See the Rainbow?
Somewhere over the rainbow your dreams are waiting to be lived!!!

“Living a life filled with
Love, Awe and Wonder…”