Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Embracing diversity
Accepting one another
Allowing each other to be…
Coming together
Loving Oneself…
Beautiful beings
Creative thinkers
Lovers of others
The way we are meant to be…

Aweider 12.16.10 5:06 am

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A Storybook Ending….

Storybook Ending….

And the prince slowly bent over his princess and gently kissed her on her forehead and lips, she slowly awoke from years of slumber with a smile on her face…
And She thought … Oh my God
My breath… My makeup… I feel so fat, I haven’t been to the gym in years… What was he thinking kissing me like that…..

Sound familiar? STOP IT NOW!

Breathe and Enjoy the present moment…

Let go of Self Criticism and BELIEVE your storybook ending is just around the corner….

For me, it’s following my DREAMS and my Passions…
One of which is to publish my book and that dream is coming true …

What is it for YOU?

Living today in AWE…

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Imagine All the Love

“Look up look down there’s love all around “

Life lessons are like strength training… The more you have the stronger you get!!!

I love where I have been and where I am now…. Learning about life, people, and everyday challenges.
I’ve come to a place of acceptance, a kind of “oneness” as a dear friend calls it. A love for life and others I’ve only recently truly embraced.

I am remembering a dream I just woke up from … A trip to India, a view out a window of a breathtaking mountain, a family welcoming me in, all of which brought me to tears.

Lessons in life…acceptance of all, a love for all, an appreciation for all.
We all may have different beliefs, but Love conquers ALL….

I am truly blessed, my blessing come from God… A God who created the universe, it’s energies, the love that surrounds all of us and His unconditional love for You and Me!

I am reminded by the Holy Spirit…

“judge not lest ye be judged”

And as Jesus told the people…
“He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone”
Words to truly live by…

If only the world would stop judging others,
Imagine all the Love ….

What will you do today to share the Love?

Living life filled with Love
Seeing the Awe all around
Sharing the Wonder that exists!

(Photos by Aweider)


Connected, As Love Should Be

Connected, As Love Should Be….

Are the moon and the stars connected?
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one
Up high
Lighting up the sky
Connected from the start
As love should be…
Is the sun in the sky connected?
Life illuminated, sun rays
From sunrise to sunset…
As love should be…
What is air connected to?
something so powerful,
You can’t live without,
never seen, never felt….
Perhaps not understood…
it’s depth known only by two lovers something so strong and powerful,
life giving as the air we breathe…
The breath of life
The breath of love
All Gods perfect plan
As love should be…
Gods creation… Us
Gods intent … Us
A connection beyond understanding
Individuals, yet one
Are the clouds and rain drops
One brings life to the other
Without the clouds
there would be no rain…
Without you there would be no us..
The rain, the flowers, the grass,
the trees all connected…
One feeds the other…
One allows the other to flourish
to grow, to breath and to live free…
As love should be…
Rain brings life in abundance…
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one
Is the grass and the earth connected?
It’s very life exists,
being fed from the ground …
Soil, by itself is nothing…
Yet together in combination with the connection from above is everything!
As love should be…
Life so invisible yet visible
Love invisible yet so visible.
The moon, the stars, the sky
The sun, the air, the clouds, the rain, the grass, the flowers, the ground…
All connected…
Without one or the other life just wouldn’t survive..
Beauty all around needs a connection to thrive…
As love should be…
The connection we have is sustained by the breathe of life
The breath of love
the miracle of life’s wonder,
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one…
As love should be…©

Ames 12.24.10 3:20am

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"Don’t Go There"

A Place Called…
“Don’t Go There”

Have you ever thought in your mind…
Don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t go there, And you go there?

Everything about what you see is everywhere you said you would never go…
Life changes, hearts are drawn together by something bigger than logic … Connection of two souls, circumstances bigger than life…

Very recently I heard ” don’t go there, don’t go there, don’t go there…”
I went there and I’m glad I did!

The Wonder of the Awe of Love….

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Connection and Acceptance What’s so difficult about that?

Separation Vs Connection

I was reminded the other day of a lesson I once learned of separation vs connection… And right vs wrong…
They same day I posted a picture of two children hugging, one Jewish one Muslim both of whom Jesus loves …

So why the need to be right? Why so much separation? Jesus loved everyone and accepted everyone.

The possibility of Oneness throughout this world is minimal when people are driven by separation and having to be right.

Acceptance of connection,
Acceptance of unconditional Love
Acceptance of Oneness
Acceptance of our brothers and sisters

Today on this day of rest, a day God created to be with Him, think about Him, worship Him …. My prayer is we think about loving others the way
“He first loved us”
Filled with Grace and Mercy.

Connect with your fellow human today and accept them for who they are because God said we are ALL
“Perfectly and Wonderfully made”

Living in Love, being in Awe and seeing the Wonder all around ….

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Watching Something Grow…


It’s not often we see someone grow
Something growing
Right in front of our very own eyes
The ability to watch
Like blades of grass
It’s growth in the springtime…
After a long winter season
Grass doesn’t wait to grow
It begins,
At the first sign of spring
As nature nurtures…
I too
Am in the springtime of my life
Growing, embracing,
being enlightened
The nurture of nature
The growth
I have wittnessed first hand
Is my very own …

AmyWeider 3.16.11 3:37am

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I Counted My Blessings

Count your Blessings

I counted my blessings today
and you were there.
I pondered them for awhile,
and thought of you with a smile.
I am so very blessed,
my Children,
my house,
minus a spouse.
Friends beyond measure,
All of them such a pleasure.
But nothing can compare,
to the blessings this year.
I counted my blessings today
and you were there.
So many friends to cherish,
and hold very near…

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The Thanksgiving Heart…

Even in the cranberry sauce!!!

Thanksgiving caught me off guard this year. It’s ability to come faster and faster every year is overwhelming! This year was no different. Family and friends were present, the turkey was moist, all the trimmings delicious and there was a peace within. I felt a calming peace throughout the day.

I was more present to this Thanksgiving for some reason. Thankful to God, thankful to my life’s journey, thankful for a feeling of being “centered” for the first time in my life.

I am thankful to God for the path he has me on, I am thankful to my friends who love and support my journey unconditionally. I am thankful for all the trails that got me to this place of serenity and an understanding of acceptance
and oneness. We are ALL Gods children called to Love … I have found a place of Love, Awe and Wonder through my journey, which has been a gift from God…

I am reminded and thankful daily of my blessings. There are signs all around to remind us and Thanksgiving was no different .

There it was my sign …. A Heart

The HEART in the cranberry sauce!!
The sign of Gods Love, His reminder to love myself and that I am loved unconditionally …
Keep your eyes open and you will be amazed at what you see!

Seeing life through the eyes of love awe and wonder ….

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Learning From Connections

A Very Good Reminder ….

No relationship is a waste of time!
I like to call relationships, connections… The word Relationship sounds to much like a commitment..
Connections on the other hand seems to me to be more like two people meeting with no “title expectations”

Once connected, lessons learned by others are limitless, if you are open to learning. Connecting with No expectations is an attitude which allows growth…
Whether or not a connection lasts,
I love the awe and wonder of the timing of others in my life…

Are you open to connections with no expectations?
Do you make an effort to learn from every connection?

Just Wondering!