Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A Priceless Stone

A Valuable Stone ..

They say the Diamond is one of the most precious stones… It’s strength, strong enough to cut glass. It’s value, priceless…it’s nickname “A Stone”.

I have received several diamonds over my lifetime but only one very precious stone.

It was giving to me on a date and the words read “Free Your Spirit” with the word “Intent” written on the back. A stone, to me, that continues to be priceless because of its message of encouragement. Two years later my Spirit is freer than I could have ever imagined. My acceptance and love for myself and the the world around me has finally been set free…

Have you ever lived by the words
“Free Your Spirit” ?

Breathe with your HEART…
And let your Spirit FREE…

Loving the awe and wonder of life …

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Do You Have The Vibrator?

The New Vibrator!

I met a dear friend for dinner tonight.
And as a single woman the last thing you want hear in public is what my friend yelled to me across the restaurant ….

First let me just say we ordered, she paid, I picked up the ” buzzer” she went to get the water and yelled back to me ” Do you have the vibrator” for some reason the restaurant went silent.
I wonder why?
We all laughed and I ended up holding the vibrator… ; )

In Awe of life …

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1872 Cafe A Hidden Gem

A Hidden Gem

At 431 West Main Street there’s a Hidden Gem called “1872 Cafe”.
Run by Spirits Christi Church.
It’s a wonderful coffee shop that serves coffee, has a delicious bakery along with homemade soups and salads.
Their hours are:
M-F 6:30-4:00
Sunday 7:00-1:00
It’s has quite a delightful atmosphere
Stop by and support 1872 Cafe which is an outreach for our community … You will be pleasantly surprised!!!

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It Be What It Be…

“It Be What It Be “

Well, we all know about “it is what it is” But apparently the up and coming new saying is “It be what it be” Life’s funny that way, nothing stays the same and yet “there’s nothing new under the sun!”

So next time you hear “it is what it is” remember “it be what it be!!!”

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Dear Amy,

Dear Amy,

“Congratulations! Your manuscript proposal, Living Life Filled With Love Awe and Wonder has been accepted by Morgan James Publishing.”

Words, when I read them felt too easy. How had it happened so quickly? An acceptance letter from a publishing company to publish my book …
Was it too quick or am I just ready?

They say timing is everything. My timing of meeting an incredible woman named Sharon was a huge driving force to my acceptance letter, and to her I am eternally grateful…

Publishing a book can be a complicated process, but certainly a process of incredible learning, there’s so much more than just writing a book…

I look forward to this journey over the next several months ( possible 12 in all) from submission to release…
A process I look forward to, a journey I have been dreaming of…

It was shared with me a few years ago by someone I dearly love, that I was “A Creator of Love, Awe and Wonder” when I read those words I knew without a doubt that was who I was and who I am!

I live my life daily with Love, Awe and Wonder… And I plan to share that way of life with millions… It’s one more LAW ( Love Awe Wonder) of life…

Loving life, In Awe of this journey, staying present to the Wonder if it all!

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This is the season to BELIEVE.
To Believe in Santa, his elves, and
that reindeers can fly!
Soon I will be hanging up a small slate with a painted picture of Santa on it and the words ” I BELIEVE”

I woke up this morning wondering about Believing…
Believing in yourself, your dreams, your desires, yearnings and goals.

I Believe in my Hearts Desires…

“Believing is the start to Achieving”

I have dreams and yearnings, today is a big day for me…. And I am believing all my dreams will come true!

And You?
What are you Believing in?
Do you believe in Yourself?

Loving life, in Awe of Believing,
Never stop Wondering….

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Serenity Now!!!

Technology Minimalist…

I consider myself a minimalist….
Especially when it comes to technology! I would love to say I get the whole “technical jargon” but the truth is, I don’t!
I want to and I want to desperately…. But for some reason I get to a certain point and my brain shuts down. I blame it on the amount of “grey matter” I may or may not have left on my right sided thinking brain.
So as a minimalist I try very hard to do the best I can, and just when I think I have caught up to some new technical “thing” it changes or something new is added.
So for me I’ll keep trying to catch up, with a bottle of Tylenol in one hand for all the headaches and a cup of tea in the other to stay calm! Or was that a bottle of Valium and and glass of wine? Either way I am determined to do the best I can!

Serenity Now!!

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Clueless Turkeys

“Clueless Turkeys”

I am always reminded to count my blessing each year when I drive by this turkey farm the week before Thanksgiving.. It’s a sight that makes me smile in a way…

Turkeys, living their short lived lives clueless of their ” tomorrow” almost a metaphor for many people in this world, people that seem to be “clueless turkeys” …

Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but I’m going to guess most of us know a “clueless turkey” or two!!!

Well the point is this….

“Count your blessings,
Live TODAY to the fullest, because like a “clueless turkey” tomorrow you just maybe cooked!”

“Living life filled with
Love Awe and Wonder”