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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Sledding Anyone?

Sledding at 50!!!

I received a call today inviting me to go sledding with a group of High School Friends. I had to smile at the thought of 50 year olds planning a sledding get together… It made me wonder where the past 40 plus year went. The last time we all probably went sledding was in our teenage years… What a flash back to the past… Although I opted to snowshoe instead of sledding ( not wanting to re-injure my back) it was a blast to watch everyone enjoy the beauty of the winter.

I have struggled recently with the snow only being somewhat of a nuisance not really appreciating the beauty of our winter this year. After this weekend and being out on the trails snowshoeing, I’m thrilled to say the beauty was priceless. I am thankful for the awe of the stunning landscape in upstate New York and to see it covered in a blanket of snow was quite spectacular!

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Don’t Forget to Unwrap the Present?

Are You Present to The Present?

Being Present to being present is a gift…. Many times we are present physically but emotionally we are not present. Being aware of the present sometimes takes a conscience effort.

The Now, this moment in life, the present is all we are promised. It’s been all too real during this month of December with what happened in CT and locally in Webster.

2013 is fast approaching, and the reality of the “speed of life” is as real as the speed of sound…. Be Present to being Present… Embrace this moment, this day with love awe and wonder…
It’s all we are given, the Present…
Don’t forget to open it up!

Unwrapping the Love of the Present in the Present….

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Finding a Good Doctor….

Is There a Doctor in the House?

One hazard of my passion for writing is hand issues, especially my thumbs. You see, I prefer writing on my iPhone, not so good for my thumbs, not so good for my eyes either.
I’ve had thumb issues for about two years now. I have waited for the right timing to have them evaluated. Today was that day. As I walked into Dr. Tomainos office I was greeted by an incredibly warm and caring staff.
I had stopped in over a year ago to make an appointment to have my hand check, but my timing was off. I met a staff member back then, her name was the same as mine…
Not knowing what Amy’s job was for
Dr Tomaino I was taken by her friendly personality and thought what a great women to be friends with…
Amy is the Nurse Practitioner for Dr Tomaino along with other hats she wears for him.
My whole experience today at the office of Dr. Tomaino Orthopedic Care was such a wonderful surprise. A Doctor who truly educates, cares about, and is present to your needs. What an awesome experience to have during a doctors visit! There’s a great doctor in the house …. A Shoulder hand and elbow specialist , with all the technology messing up our joints I recommend keeping his name “Hand”y!!!

Living life filled with love awe and wonder….

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Christmas Bloom ….

Full Bloom

I waited so long to be watered
sat dry for so many years.
Yearning for a tender touch,
And Music that would bring tears…
I see the “Full bloom” now
The beauty of its care
All I needed was someone
who could teach me to dare…
You allowed me to be
Encouraged me to see
And showed me how to be me……
Your gentle touch,
Encouraging words
that poured out of that heart
of yours
Allowed me, this “Full Bloom”
As Its beauty sat waiting for someone to enter my room.
This Christmas was the perfect time
to see my heart’s desire
Its blossom now Full bloom
Filled with Love that many
may admire.
As I flourish and grow
I reap the blessings of what I sow.
It took someone to believe in me, someone to care,
Someone I love
and will always hold dear…
You helped me to nurture this
“Full Bloom”
You showed me how to water it
through all the tears
And its beauty
was brought back to life
after so many dying years…
The you of yesterday,
the me of today
Seeing in myself what you shared
during that faithful year…
This Christmas plant
come back to life
a bud, a blossom, now a “Full Bloom”
all because you showed me
It was I that always had it
when I entered the room….

Aweider Rewrite 12.25.12©
Original written 12.25.10 3:30 pm ©

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Search for My Balance

Faith Without Guilt…

I searched for my balance
I yearn to find
Without compromising my faith
I most not leave it behind.
My God, His love all from above
I search for my balance
I yearn to find
A life here on earth
With an open mind
Exposed to new thinking
Music and such
Tapping and meditating
Poetry and touch
I searched for my balance
Hoping to find
A peace from within
A joy from above
A life filled with an abundance of Love…

4:51 am 12.2.10 Amy

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Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter and Mother Nature

I got wondering about… Old Man Winter, knowing the snow was arriving this weekend…
And I thought…
What about Mother Nature?
Mother Nature is what dictates Old Man winter, well will you look at that… What a family!
The women ultimately is in control of the man… Mother Nature deciding just when Old Man Winter will arrive, how much of himself he should share and when it’s time for him to leave…

So why not Father Nature and Old Broad Winter? Well, I think we know the answer to that! For one thing Father Nature wouldn’t stop and ask for directions so we know that would mess things up! And Old Broad Winter? Well, she could take a really long time to get here… Especially if she’s on her own schedule!

So maybe, just maybe, the law of nature is as perfect as it should be…

And here we are… It’s 12.22.12 and we are all still here…
Thank you Mother Nature

Love being in Awe…while loving the Wonder of it all…

What are some life thoughts you think about?

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"Want a Sandwich? no thanks but I could use a straight jacket"!

Caring For Loved Ones is Truly a Gift…

I’m honored to be caring for my parents at their age. My mom 87, with dementia and my dad 88 with some failing physical health.

Living with dementia is very difficult for anyone, let alone an elderly person who has their own health issues.
After a very frustrating hour with my mother refiguring out the Christmas gifts and cards I knew my dad was frustrated but in a loving way. He is a care taker by nature and continues to care for his wife and adult children the best way he can at his age.

To have my dad around is a gift to me. I am moved to have the time to be able to spend with him at this point in our lives. The love and care he has always shown me, blesses me daily.

His humor is another gift to me, as we spend our time together I love his one liners and am amazed at his quick wit.

I asked him if I could pick him up a sub sandwich for lunch and his reply was “no thanks but I could use a straight jacket”!

I just laughed, he smiled, we connected once again on a very special level…. Both of us looking at my mom insisting on recounting the boxes in the bag, we both felt the deep connection with each other and a love and appreciation for one another….

My goal is to keep him as safe and healthy as I can…
Care taking loved ones truly is a gift!

Love unconditionally,
Embrace generously,
Listen wholeheartedly…

Are there loved ones in your family who could use some TLC?

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder….

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Silenced …

I’ve been silenced by the tragedy last week in Newtown CT. I’m not sure how to process what happened, my mind goes into shutdown mode, a denial of sorts I guess. I’m not one to read the paper or even watch much TV. Not because I don’t care about what’s happening in the world because I do. I guess sometimes the sad events of this world affect me in away I would rather not have to think about. I pray for all the families that have lost loved ones… This whole country has been affected in a way that I pray will change for the good.

Heaven received its share of little angels last week, we received a lesson on living in the moment and loving in the moment…knowing no hour is guaranteed.

My heart breaks for the lost lives of this sickening tragedy.

Love someone today … In spite of any “stuff” you may be holding on to.

Live TODAY …
LOVE today
BE Present Today…

Sending my love warmth and peace to Newtown CT….

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The Sugar Plum Fairy Danced in My Head!


My intentions were good
But may be misunderstood
I intended to eat Less
But got myself in a mess
Two days later
Cookies and such
I found myself I had eaten to much
Looking forward to the gym
I couldn’t wait to spin
Why do holidays do this to us?
As we over eat, we make such a fuss
Those sugar plums
that dance in my head
Next time I’ll leave them instead!
Give me fish, give me veggies
Give me food that is healthy and such
I feel better when I don’t eat so much!
Some judge their holidays
By what the scale may say
Some use their ribs to
guide there extra display..
I say there’s always another day
It’s what’s in our heart
that makes the difference anyway
Off to the gym
Off to my class
On dancer
On prancer
To work off my ass…

A weider 12.26.10 6:00 am