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The Gift I Opened

The Gift I Gave Myself…

I’ve come to realize my gift to myself this past year was learning many life lessons from others…. And opening the gifts I have received from them…

This saying came to me a few months ago …
“My past is not my future but it has taught me to live in the present”

To be able to live in the present is another gift I have given myself this year.

When I look back at all my connections with others and allow myself to understand the depth and timing of each connection, I am amazed at what I have learned….

Here are a few lessons I have personally learned from others that have crossed my life path over the past several years…

What did “They” Teach Me?
To honor myself
To accept myself
To love myself
To free myself
To forgive myself
To find my authentic Self
To be honest with myself

What I found in myself was…
My Truth, personal acceptance, love, Awe, wonder, an authentic Centeredness, living in the moment and more love for others and myself then I ever thought possible.

The Gift… Self Awareness!

What non tangible gift have you given yourself this year?

In Awe of the one true Love,
Self Love…

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Everyone Has A Story….

The Depth of People

I was at a holiday reunion party last night, what a wonderful time. I loved seeing old classmates, which made me wonder. All the faces of the once young teenage friends now all aged with wisdom lines, wrinkles to some, life lessons to me.

I love people and their stories, where they have been, where they are going. I can never listen enough. There is so much wisdom to be shared once you can get past the mindless chatter of what people think they are suppose to talk about.

Life has moved fast for all of us…
No longer foolish teenage, now, hopefully wise adults…

Taking the time to listen to someone keeps me in Awe…

At a second venue last night I met a man, that I sensed had an incredible story to tell. I shared with him how I loved to write and I wanted to hear his life story… I innocently ask to listen to a stranger… His reaction surprised me.
He looked shocked, flattered, and even honored to think “someone” would care enough to want to listen to his story . He said I made him feel important, to which I replied, “not important but Special”
And I thought…
We are all Special in Gods eyes…

For me listening to someone’s life story keeps me in Love, Awe and Wonder.
I love people, I am in Awe of their stories, and I wonder what lessons can be learned…

Will you Listen to someone’s story today, and be open to a life lesson?

In awe of people …

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Try Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes…

I’m Not Cinderella!

I realized last night when I looked at one of my closest friends shoes just how tiny her feet were!
I couldn’t help but want to
“walk in her shoes” or at least try them on…

What I realized is no one can truly ever walk in someone else’s shoes…
There are too many differences…

Over the years I wanted “others” to understand the pain I went through in a situation I was in… Only to realize no one can truly understand someone else’s trials… It took years to let go of that desire of someone understanding…

And here I am today, seeing a life metaphor first hand with a friend and her tiny little feet …

Life is good! Walking in your own shoes is even Better!!!!

Loving the Wonder of it All….

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The Presence of the Present….

The Presence of the Present

When I am in the presence of the present
Nothing is impossible
I am able to breathe
And live today
And not worry about tomorrow

When I am in the presence of the present
Nothing is impossible
The strength I feel
Seems so real
I can feel and feel and feel

When I am in the presence of the present
Nothing is impossible
Life seems manageable
Dreams attainable

When I am in the presence of the present
Nothing is impossible
Love seems real
Hope has a whole new feel

When I am in the presence of the present
I embrace me, love me
feel me, believe in me…

When I am in the presence of the present
And don’t think about tomorrow
The joy that comes over me
Releases all my sorrow…

As I receive the present of
living in the present
I embrace my life
never fearing tomorrow…
(Copyright) 2010 Aweider

What a gift to recieve the present…

Are you able to Live in the Presence of the Present?

Living life filled with Love Awe and Wonder…

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17,500 Extra ?

No Cookies Worth It!!!

And it starts…
The goodies or shall I say crap we start eating for the next four weeks!
I already feel the ” fluffiness” of the white flour, sugar and alcohol.
This merry season to feel jolly, is making me crazy already.

Like I need to go out of my way to consume extra non productive calories…

I realized the other morning as I stepped on my scale and thought OMG… Two parties can put on five pounds that fast ( water retention I hope)
It hit me…and I thought “No cookie is worth an hour of my time!!!”

All the working out at the gym to burn off a cookie of two just doesn’t seem worth the time anymore …

I saw this saying on Facebook this morning
“The key to healthy eating is not eating any food that has a commercial” well said Mr Smarty Pants!

So if I truly put on five extra pounds then I consumed an extra 17,500 calories in two days … Really? give me a break !!!

You can go away Now…. holiday food

How much weight can you gain overnight?

Just wondering if I’m the only one?

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Friends Are Gifts…

Gifts Everywhere!

It’s the Christmas season, a time to give…. a time to receive. I’ve come to realize there are gifts everywhere…
It is up to us whether or not we receive them, truly open them and enjoy them…

The unseen gift of people, connections, and friendships are gifts often missed by some.

I was reminded this weekend the precious gift of friends. Old friends and new friends…. Friends are priceless, acceptance of others, unconditional love and the authentic embrace of one another is a gift to be opened daily.

I have friends I have known for 47 years… And friends I’ve only just met… All are gifts to be cherished.

They say…
” People come into your life for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime… ”

I say…
“No matter the length of time someone is in your life, embrace everyone as a precious gift.”

Not all gifts fit, not all gifts work with your decor, and not all gifts are what you asked for…

Having an appreciation and open heart to receiving and accepting ALL people makes the difference.

I have been blessed to receive an unbelievable amount of friendships in my lifetime… Not all are perfect, I’ve made mistakes, but this I know without a doubt…
Each and every person I have ever met has been a precious Gift to me
and for everyone who has ever touched my life I am eternally grateful…

There are Gifts everywhere you look!

It’s time to start opening more Gifts,
Who will you connect with today?

And to my new gift, my Book Mentor Sharon, thank you for giving me the gift of your friendship, laughter, and encouragement….

In Awe of the Wonder of Loving People
And laughing together….

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The Naughty List….

I Had to Know!!!

There he was again sitting on his throne of lies … Telling a sweet little boy about the North Pole and how all the good little girls and boys would get presents on Christmas. I stood and listened and wondered how had we gotten to such a crazy place of a jolly old soul lying to little children…

I was and probably will continue to be an encourager of such a bunch of lies. I hope to teach my grandchildren someday it’s a birthday celebration for Jesus and Santa brings the birthday gifts ..
That sounds honest enough …

Well, I had to know…. so I asked Santa if I was on the naughty list this year…

He looked at me … “His eyes — how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!”

And said….
Twas that night before thanksgiving when all through the house not a roommate was stirring not even a mouse… Your stockings were hung over the bathtub with care, thinking Santa Nichols would never know you’ve been there…

I stopped him dead in his tracks not wanting to know exactly what he did already know…. so I said,
“Ok Santa I get the picture… It’s the naughty list again this year!!! I won’t bother making you cookies either since you won’t be stopping anyhow…”
Ho ho ho ….

In Wonder…

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Peaches Cafe

I’m always amazed when I find a great place that I never realized existed. Peaches Cafe is a wonderful upscale dinner in Webster. The owner originally owned Charlie Browns on Goodman St.
The value of my delicious home cooked meal was well worth it!
So when you are in Webster and near the Webster plaza on Holt Rd stop in and try Peaches Cafe…. Tell them you read about it !!!
Peaches Cafe
925 Holt Rd, Ste 100, Webster, NY, 14580
Between Rt-104 and RT-404

In Awe of finding new places ….