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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Be Present and Breathe

Truly aware
How can one be?
If life takes over
Someone like you
And someone like me?
We may see more than others see,
Imagine life just being free..
Free to breathe
Free to be
Free to enjoy
The pleasures that intrest you,
And intrest me.
Truly aware?
Yes, it can be…
Stop and listen as you breathe
Hear the sound?
Embrace your life
And the freedom all around
Take in a breath
And as you Breathe
Be present to this moment
God has given you and has given me!
Breathe in…
Feel your life,
imagine your life,
embrace your life
It’s time to be
All you have been called to Be,
Just Breathe…

Copyright 5.30.11 6:30am Aweider

(Picture compliment of my baby sister
Mary Beth)

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Every Dog is a Lap Dog…

Just Saying…

I was searching for something to write about today when I come across this picture …
It made me wonder about people…

“If every dog can be a lap dog, then every person can be whatever they choose”

I had to laugh when I saw this picture. It made me realize that this dog truly believes he is like every other dog…
You and I may “think” he’s not a lap dog, but it really doesn’t matter to him what we think, now does it?!!

There are lessons to be learned, if we just fill our lives with love awe and wonder…

Today I learned…

If I choose to…
“I can be anything my mind thinks I am!”

What will you learn today?

I love to Wonder..

(Special thanks to the FB person for this great post)

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My Journey is My Goal…

“The Journey is the Goal”
David Hancock

I was in the office of my coach and she assured me…
“Everyday I was successful” she shared, “it wasn’t the end goal which makes you a success but doing something daily towards that goal which makes you successful…” This all came up because of the feeling of failing…

Writing a book, being an author, puts you in a very vulnerable place. Sharing your inner most thoughts and experiences may seem easy to do, but the truth is there is a huge piece to this passion of writing that leaves me fearful… That state of emotion is a place that I am aware of for my personal growth. Without that feeling, and embracing that fear I wouldn’t understand it from others point of view… Having my own insecurities and anxieties are wonderful feelings to experience all for personal growth and empathy for others.

So when I read a quote like
“The journey is the Goal” that keeps me moving in the right direction knowing my journey and ALL those emotions and fears during those few off moments along with all the love, awe and wonder I personally experience daily is my Goal…
My journey is my Goal!!!

In Awe of personal growth…

(Picture taken from a FB page)

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The Artist

I Paint by….

I paint
My pictures are beautiful
They tell a story
I use my canvas and fill it
My colors are vibrant
Vibrant to me
When I paint
I use a different medium
And even oils
All created in my mind
Some paint by numbers
I paint by words
My final piece of art
I call it…
My materpiece
“My Poetry”

Aweider 1.16.11 5:40am

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My Dads Guard Rail …

At the Doctors office … I almost wet my pants!!!

Taking my parents to their doctor appointment is always a trip!!! Today was no exception. As the nurse started to check their weight my dad started to tip to the right and he grabbed the hand rail…. I realized he left his cane in the waiting area…
As I retrieved it for him, he made it all the way down the hall holding the wall hand rail. Once in the room he looked at me and said “if we had those guard rails in the house I wouldn’t need my cane” I laughed because of his reference to guard rails…
If that wasn’t funny enough. The nurses name was Valentino. My dad ask if she was a February 14th birthday baby which she replied ” no it’s just a popular Ukrainian name” meanwhile my deaf mother said “Bill what did you say” my dad replied “Marie, Valentino is Ukrainian” to which she said again “what did you say?” My father said “she’s from Hungry”
“Hungry?, you hungry Bill” I thought OMG and just about wet my pants …
Which would have been fitting being at a geriatric doctors office …

In awe of aging parents …

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Spread the Love

Written for my sister Marybeth and sister in law Elke…Two of the most generous people you will ever meet and One of the most awesome couples I know…

Spread the Love…

Some don’t understand
Some may judge
Some, just know how to love…

Two people connecting
Two hearts melt into one
What a beautiful example
As they spread their love…

Acceptance of others
Unite in love
Live in love
Embrace the love…

Oneness of all
Is our only call
Share the Love,
Spread the Love to All…

Aweider 1.6.13

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Time Flies SWIFTly….

Time Flies Swiftly

I got thinking this morning about Time… And just how quickly time truly flies by… And then I thought “if time truly flies what kind of bird would it be?”
Some say the fastest bird is the peregrine falcon…. So time is like the peregrine faclon but this bird only flies the fastest when it is in a hunting dive… So they are not considered the fastest of all birds, the fastest bird overall at the speed of 106 mph is the Spine-tailed Swift..
Hmmm… of all names, the fastest flying bird is a bird named Swift!

So you could say…
“Time is Swift”
“Time flies as swiftly as the Spine-Tailed Swift!”
Just thinking out load ….

In Awe of Wonder ….

(A Repost from 10.4.11aw)

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Dinner In A Diner

Dinner Diner Dessert Desert?

The English language….

All these years I have fretted over my poor spelling when today I received a tex asking me if I could do diner on Tuesday… Yes, I know, dinner has 2 n’s, then I realized dinner was served in a diner.
How ridiculous the difference!!!
How absurd the english language can be… So maybe my spelling is more proper than I thought!

In Wonder Why ?
Dinner diner
Then than (never can get that right or is that write? )
yes, I know (no) the right, write!
Effect affect
Bear bare
Where we’re were
Lightening and Lightning
Discrete and Discreet
Dessert desert
It’s endless…
Only one word for it CRAZY!!!

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Love Songs Written by the Poet in You

Sing a Song….

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

The beauty of words, their ability to speak from the heart leaves me in Awe…. “Poetry is a song written with silent notes sang in the mind of the poet” I am that singer who will never be able to sing a note on key… But the music I sing in my mind is beautiful to me, the words, their notes makes music in my heart.
When I am touched by another, Plato’s Quote comes alive for me
“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”
This is one of many songs my heart has sung…. It’s called “Two Souls”

Two Souls
Searching and seeking
Never finding
Settling for what is
Only to Realize
What is, isn’t what should have been…
What should be,
Is What is and What will be…
You… Me…
This morning, last night…
Precious in our sight
Two souls
Searching and seeking…
To have found one another.
(Copyright) A weider

Sing out at the top of your lungs today… Use your voice or use your heart to write your music….
Everyone is a Poet….

In awe of love…

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Time to DeFluff….

De-fluffing after the holidays can always be a challenge. I found myself needing to make that first step out of bed and into the gym. Fluffing up during the holidays happens to “most” of us. Living in New York with snowy winters doesn’t help the matter…
Which is one reason I decided to start snowshoeing this year…

So as I work hard on defluffing from Christmas cookies (sugar) and Christmas ham (salt), both I consider to be the other “White drug”, I challenge you to join me this day to do something healthy for your body, mind and spirit..
Snowshoeing for me has been an incredible experience for all three!!!
Here’s to Mother Nature and her beauty that surrounds us daily….

What will you do today for your mind, body and spirit ?

In love…