Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A life
A picture hangs
A story unfolds
The painting starts to emerge
The tapestry, its design tells a story
A story of a life
Perfectly detailed
Only to realize
The picture that is framed
Is not the life that was painted
Looking, realizing, discovering
that life’s picture needs to be
Retouched, reevaluated
revisited, reorganized, relived,

Amy 8.5.11 4:29 am AZ©


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Today and Tomorrow

There is today and there is tomorrow…
Or is there?
Today is our journey
Tomorrow is our destination…
We have the journey to enjoy, which is today…
Don’t wish your today away for your tomorrow…
Tomorrow may never come!

Love Awe and wondering about the heart in the clouds…

Aweider 2.27.13


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My Baby’s having a Baby

The surreal emotions of my baby having a baby makes me speechless… For some reason my mind is having a difficult time processing that fact…

It’s pretty obvious my beautiful daughter will be giving birth in a month, but the comprehension of being a grandmother isn’t as easy to accept.

There is JOY, excitement, and anticipation of this new chapter that is about to be opened… My mind is stuck
in a time warp, trying to process where the years went and especially where did my baby go? When did she become a woman? A smart beautiful one at that!!!

I anticipate that call when she is in labor and her delivery (they are allowing me to be there to witness my first grandchild’s birth) just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes…

So, as I continue to process the momentum of life and its cycles,
I am in love with my daughter, in awe of the beautiful woman she has become and in wonder of the amount of endless love I will have for my baby’s baby!!!


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Reading with Typos

I’ve come to realize I’m am not the only one with typos… I rarely read someone’s emails these days without spotting a typo or two…

I personally find it kind of funny when words are spelled wrong or they are duplicated … I think WE are ALL on overload and between our minds moving too quickly and spell check
(which spells what it wants) there are bound to be the dreaded typos…

So before you point any fingers you may want to make sure your spelling is correct…

In Wonder of the English language…

Web sight vs website just one of many of my recent typos ….


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Tinker Toys

As a child there was always a can of Tinker Toys in the front hallway closet…
It seemed like the Toy of the day back then… Having spent hours “playing” around on the computer putting together a website… I was reminded of my childhood days and my Tinker Toys…

Like a website, my Tinker Toys were never finished, there were so many ways to play with those wooden toys. I would spend hours putting them together only to pull them apart again …

Well, designing a website for myself (with the help of my genius 17 year old IT friend of course) reminds me of my childhood days and the simple fun of playing with my Tinker Toys …

Oh, if only life was that simple again !!!

In Awe of childhood memories


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"Out of the Pan…"

Out of the Cake Pan….

You know that old saying “Out of the box..” Well, when I saw this cake, all I could think of was “Out of the cake pan”

It had me in Awe…and Wonder…

I love those who push the limits in all that they do, they certainly are an inspiration…

This baker has encouraged me to think harder and more creatively…
Out of my box and now out of the cake pan…

How will you look at something differently today?

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I saw this post on FB and I couldn’t help wondering about Teeth and their importance in our life…

We make our first impression with them
Eat with them
Talk through them
Send gestures with them

Some teeth effect people’s confidence
While others build their confidence…
We are given two sets, a trial set to practice with, 20 in all… Then the permanent set which all 32 of them will take us to infinity and beyond…

Did you know ?
Teeth are the beginning process of our digestive system.
They are the hardest substance in our body.
And without teeth there would be no more eating chocolate…

So make sure you take care of your teeth and they will take good care of you…

“Teeth, they do your body good”

In Awe of the human body

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The Greatest is Love….

“Love Never Fails”

1 Corinthians chapter 13
talks about Love …

“Love is patient, love is kind… It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always preserves…”

Share your Love on this day called Valentines Day… Take an extra special moment today to love someone who may not know love, may not expect love and show them how sharing LOVE never fails….

Who will you be a Valentine to today?

In love awe and wonder ….