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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Love vs Unforgiveness

“Don’t plant anything but Love”

Love is life
Unforgiveness is death

We have a choice to choose our life path…

I’ve experienced both and the only thing unforgiveness does is keeps you in a place of anger and darkness…

A forgiving person frees themselves up to experiences an incredible sense of Love “Spread the Love”

“Don’t plant anything but Love”
(Quote and picture compliments of a FB friends post…thank you Dianne)

What will you Plant today ?

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Gods Giant Snow Globe

The Snow Globe

I lived in a snow globe one winter several years ago. The beauty of this past snowstorm reminded me of that particular winter.

It seemed like every time I looked out the window, and the snow was falling, it was as if God had shook up the earth sharing His love and I was in the comfort of His hands. As I witnessed that beautiful sight it was like living in the hands of Gods giant snow globe.

That year was another year of personal growth for me, a time of emotional
healing from personal pain. I was thankful for the beauty that surrounded me that winter as well as the beauty that surrounded me yesterday.

I experienced Gods giant snow globe once again…what a gift from above!

In awe of the beauty that surrounds me…

Have you lived in the comfort of Gods giant snow globe recently?

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Monsters Under my Bed or Just in My Head?

Monsters Under the Bed
Or Just in Your head?

There’s Monsters under my bed
So I thought in my head…
Today I know better
I live by the letter
Those monsters under my bed
I think took up residence in my head!
Following my passion
Is a dream come true
Sometimes I get stuck
Sometimes that makes me blue…
It’s who I am,
What drives me a lot
That has gotten me into this hot spot…
A deadline to be had
Really isn’t so bad
It’s those monsters in my head
I wish they would go back under my bed!

Copyright 2.8.13

Monster picture compliments of

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Inspiration From Others

When Technology Works

I’m not a big fan of technology. Sometimes the stress doesn’t seem quite worth the convenience. This morning I was inspired by several inspirational stories shared on Facebook….

Without this crazy world of technology I may never have gotten to see those stories and have been inspired… And for that I am extremely grateful.

Connors unconditional love for his brother Cayden is a true role model for all to see. When we wonder about children today and their future, Conner and his brother Cayden’s story brings a sense of HOPE to this world…
Thank you Mr and Mrs Long for the beautiful children you are raising!

In total AWE this morning

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One Word…

One Word

It only takes one word to change the meaning of a sentence. One word to make someone smile, one word to show appreciation and one word to change a life…

What you choose to say with one word can make the difference between being positive or negative, Encouraging or discouragement, happy or sad.

What one word will you say today that will change a life ? Even if its your own life…

Love Awe and Wonder

Do you see what I see?
(Picture compliments of my sister
in San Francisco)
Love from coast to coast

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Precious to All, Healed With Gold…

The Beauty of Being Cracked….

The Japanese believe a cracked piece of pottery is made more beautiful when mended with gold. How very true…

“As humans, like pottery, when broken, if we can realize the beauty of our cracks and see the gold used to mend ourselves we are made that much more beautiful when healed.”

We all have had a crack or two, over a
lifetime… Some have far more cracks, but just imagine the beauty of each individual as they are mended with gold…

Today, see the beauty of yourself healed in the most precious substance… You are a masterpiece created by the master completely healed by love seen in the form of precious gold …

Live and let live
You are precious in the sight of those who love you unconditionally…
Broken or whole.

In awe of Love

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Sometimes There’s Love…

Sometimes M.L.F
There’s Love and There’s Love

Sometimes we can love everything. Sometimes not so much
Sometimes we fall in love
Sometimes to a simple touch.
Sometimes love is instant
Other times it moves slow
Either way when you fall in love
You will know which way to go…
Sometimes we find the love of our life
Sometimes that love causes strife
Sometimes we don’t see the love ahead
Sometimes we make mistakes instead
An effortless love connection
is hard to find
Two giving to each other is more than kind
Sometimes we fall in love
Sometimes it’s a blessing from above…
I have found few loves in my life
This love just seems so right!

Aweider 2.2.13

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A Woman and the Sunshine

A Woman and the Sunshine

Her warmth shines through
Her glow all around
Life floushing
One blends into the other
The warmth of the sun
Its glow aboundently shines
Because of them…
Life flourishes
Life is renewed
A woman and the sunshine
Their ability to sustain life
An endless power from both
If allowed the right exposure…

Aweider 4.12.11 4:38am
(photo compliments of my nephew Devin living in Japan)

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Connected as Love Should Be…

Connected, as Love Should Be….

Are the moon and the stars connected?
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one
up high
lighting up the sky
Connected from the start
As love should be…
Is the sun in the sky connected?
Life illuminated, sun rays
sunrise to sunset…
As love should be…
What is air connected to?
Something so powerful
You can’t live without
never seen, never felt….
Perhaps not understood…
its depth known only by two lovers

Something so strong and powerful,
life giving as the air we breathe…
The breath of life
the breath of love
All Gods perfect plan
given from above
Gods creation… Us
Gods intent … Us
a connection beyond understanding
Individuals, yet one
Are the clouds and rain drops
One brings life to the other
without the clouds
there would be no rain…
Without a “you” there would be no “us”
The rain, the flowers, the grass,
the trees all connected…
One feeds the other…
One allows the other to flourish
to grow, to breathe and to live free…
As love should be…
Rain brings life in abundance…
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one
Are the grass and the earth connected?
It’s very life exists,
being fed from the ground …
Soil, by itself is nothing…
Yet together

In combination with the connection from above
is everything!
As love should be…

Life so visible yet so invisible
Love invisible yet so visible.
The moon, the stars, the sky
the sun, the air, the clouds,

the rain, the grass, the flowers, the ground…
All connected…
Without one or the other life just wouldn’t survive…
Beauty all around needs a connection to thrive…
As love should be…
The connection we have is sustained by the breath of life
The breath of love
the miracle of life’s wonder,
A connection beyond understanding…
Individuals, yet one…
As love should be…©

Aweider  2010