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Time To Go Home George

Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to go home! Today is the day when my daughter and son-in-law walk through their door at home for the first time as parents.

It was yesterday, that I brought my daughter home from the hospital. For some reason I remember that first day back home very clearly. The day went in slow motion, even the first year seem to move very slowly… Only to be followed by a Flash, over the next 29 years!

Now it’s the circle of life repeating itself once again… As Nicole and Tim take George home today, my wish for them is, every second of every day is filled with Joy and Blessings… As they life their lives filled with Love, awe and wonder as new parents to little George


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A Mothers Love

The expectations of a newborn baby never truly prepares you for the amount of love you are able to feel…

The love for parents
The love for a spouse
The love for friends
The love for a pet…
And yet…

Nothing prepares you for the love of a child…

The love of a newborn son is seen on the face of my daughter, as she continues to embrace the reality of her little miracle named George…



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The Belly Button Alarm System

Did you know?

Underneath the swaddled blanket of a precious new born is a belly button clamp? Not the ones you and I had years ago…

But the new belly button clamp for a new born baby is actually a security alarm system?

Yep… From the time the baby is born it is on lock down, what they are calling The Amber alert system.

So if someone tries to walk out of the hospital with your baby before the baby is released the alarm goes off and the doors are locked down…

Ok, so in one sense this sounds so comforting right? and yet, on the other hand, what a sad world we live in…

Makes me wonder… I prefer the rock I live under. No cable, paper, or negative news programs, Seriously Sinatra on my car radio, surrounding myself with positive loving people (daily challenge but worth it!) and give me the unconditional love of George any day…

” Give a smile, get a smile”
works (almost) every time : )

Love awe and wonder…
The life that surrounds you and remember to smile…


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When George met George

Baby George came two weeks early… My dad George had no clue his name sake was born, and no clue he would even have a name sake.

I decided to take my parents for a ride on the day Baby George came into the world… Being a beautiful sunny day they were thrilled about getting out of the house for a few hours. They had no clue they were about to meet their great grandchild for the first time.

As I pulled up to the light near the hospital… I said ” oh by the way, I forgot to mentioned I helped deliver a baby this morning and we are about to see “it” still keeping them in the dark about the sex.

Needless to say they were thrilled, my 89 year old dad with his walker and my 88 year old mom with very bad knees
made their way down the very long hallways of the maternity ward anxiously waiting to meet their new great grandchild.

When we finally arrived at room 340, there he was little George… When my daughter said “guess what we named the baby?” My dad, thinking he was funny said “George”… When my daughter said “yes we named him George after you”, the surprised look on my dads face was priceless… He could not have been any prouder… He said “I would have never guessed in a million years you would name your baby George”

What a beautiful gesture my daughter did for my dad naming her son George…
His name will live on…

In Love with my new grandson
In Awe of his name George
In Wonder if he will take after George…


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The Birth

I watched as my daughter gave birth to my first grandchild… George Peter, named after my dad… Like my father, George Peter was 2 weeks early.
Papa George likes to be early for everything, especially appointments. So looks like George Peter is a chip off the old block!

The whole experience was incredible, natural, and a blessing to have had the opportunity to be a part of…
Nicole did an incredible job delivering little George..

My heart is filled with warmth this morning … A baby boy, named after my favorite man in the whole wide world, my daddy…

Love Awe and Wonder baby…20130326-074203.jpg

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Life’s Mask

What mask do you wear? Are you one person to the world and another to your family?

Those masks that people wear at Halloween, for some are worn all year long…

I can’t help but think about those masks that are of other people’s faces. Like a famous celebrity or politician.

Would someone ever want to wear a mask of you? And if anyone, who would you want to wear a mask of?

Hmmm makes me wonder… And I’m thinking, I love my god given mask (or two) of me… ; )

Always wondering..


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Enough is Enough

When is enough, enough, When you know that you know?

I think that it is fair to say some of us know that we know… With No doubt, no fear, no second guessing … We just know!

So when is enough, enough?

Knowing when enough is enough is in my opinion more difficult to admit, connect with, and embrace.

When enough is enough why is it so hard to stop?
Why do we let something continue longer then it should?
What stops us from saying enough is enough? Especially when we know that we know!

Did you ever know that you know, when enough was enough?

Just wondering…


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Endless Winter

Like the energizer bunny, winter keeps going and going…

I woke up to a view out my window of a winter wonderland, which made me wonder where the heck is spring?

I normally would have been down south by now. This year being different because my baby is having a baby.

We have been wondering if this April baby is a boy or girl. Maybe we should start wondering if it will be a winter or spring baby…

Oh the wonders of Rochester weather!


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Following Your Passion

I happen to Love this picture! It represents so much to me personally.

We go through life believing lies, thinking we are to be one way, only to realize that’s not who we truly are after all…

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz… You had “It” the whole time!

“It” being whatever you want “It” to be!

No matter what the world may think of you, become your authentic self…
And be “It”…

And if that means, being a lap dog when you are still a Great Dane, I say
“Go for it” follow your passions, dare to dream of being something you know you are meant to be…

I sent a portion of my book manuscript to my editor yesterday… Me, the kid who can’t spell… the one in remedial reading in High School … And honestly rarely finishes a book…
But none of that matters now does it?

I’m a Great “Dame” looking to follow my dream… I am getting one step closer to “sitting on a someone’s Lap”


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Homeless A True Story of Injustice

You work hard
You are college educated
You hold down a job
You love your children
You own a home
You even pay off the mortgage
Pay your taxes on time
You are honest and loyal
And you are homeless…
Did I mention you still own your own home?
Thanks New York State Judicial System

The injustice of No Fault Divorce
Have an Affair and get rewarded…
Great role model for children….

New York State…Country county!
Bias Judge!!! Slutty plaintiff….

Justice needs to be served
HELP !!! Anyone?

Please share this true story…
(Picture is not the actual person this story is about)