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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Speaking Up for Yourself…

Thank you, but I can speak for myself!!!
Ever know someone who will talk for you without any prompting? Perhaps a parent or even a loved one?

As I have aged, I have become more outspoken and set in my ways… Nothing is wrong with knowing what You want in life, except assuming others want the same thing.

So next time someone starts to speak for you, remember this picture and shake the “paw off your nose” and Speak Up for yourself!!!

I’ll have two cookies please!

In Awe of Finding your own voice…


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“Don’t Judge Me”

Words I heard at a women’s luncheon yesterday… “Don’t judge me“… As my friend sat down next to me with a plate of food she said “don’t judge me” I was caught off guard. Those words rang so true to my ears…I thought… and wondered, why do we judge others?

I know why she said those words
out load and I loved her honesty and boldness for being true to herself!!!

How many times a day, an hour, do we Judge others? Heck, you’ll probably find another typo in my blog entry to which I say “don’t judge me”…

Yesterday, those three little words
“don’t judge me” changed my life… They made me Wonder about myself and others…

And today, I can honestly say with confidence “Don’t Judge Me“, a lesson for all to learn!!!!

In Awe of listening and learning from those around us…


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M&M People

I’ve come to realize this week that there are M&M people in this world…

Trying to understand people and
their personalities is always intriguing.

I was wondering about someone in my life this week and their ability to be hard on the outside. I realized it is just a candy coating covering a lovely milk chocolate center few ever see. Their choice of course! But as someone who loves people, as well as chocolate, it made me wonder…

I always enjoy the “deliciousness” of getting to the milk chocolate center of someone’s personality…. Of course that’s not always possible, but a delight when eaten!!!

So when you meet someone who has that hard candy coating shell on the outside… Remember there is a sweet milk chocolate on their inside…
Some people don’t want to share it and others don’t even know it’s there!!!
(beware of the Nuts!)

Don’t give up on anyone, “take a bite” and get to know that person, it just might be a sweet delight!!!

In AWE of what’s really inside…


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The Evil that Lurks… Love Prevails!!!

I woke up this morning to those same sickening feelings from the Evil that happened in Boston yesterday. My heart is heavy for those personally affected by this tragedy. My prayers and heart goes out to all of them.

Having a daughter who lived in Boston for several years and just talking about the Boston Marathon hours before the bombing brought this tragedy too close to home. Also having a nephew at Boston College made a few hours yesterday unnerving.

I can’t wrap my head around why anyone would be so evil. We live in a very scary world… But we must focus on the light, the beauty and our blessings. If we don’t evil prevails… Darkness can not survive in the light… Keep praying, keep sharing love, and always be thankful and say I love you to those around you. Life is short… You and I are blessed… I am sadden over a senseless waste of life and a wonderful tradition which will never be the same. But like 9-11 Americans will prevail and will continue to pull together….

No matter your grievance with someone today, let it go, show love, be love…
Let LOVE prevail!!!!

(picture of building on MIT campus)


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Love: a Gift to Give…

I continue to watch, ponder and wonder about my role as an adult “daughter”, a title I am blessed to wear. As I drove my aging parents to Mass Saturday night I had flashbacks of my childhood memories of my dad taking me to church. And I thought… One more life situation going in full circle.

Caring for my parents has been a privilege, not always easy, but always a blessing! Giving back to the same people who first loved you truly is easy to do. Which of course had me wondering… loving those who are not so easy to love, is truly a gift to give someone. I had the privilege to experience that for a number of years with my great uncle. That kind of love comes from something beyond ourselves and we are all capable of experiencing it, (if we allow ourselves to).

As I sat at Mass with my parents on a Saturday night, I found myself being present to the moment of being with my mom and dad, knowing every second at this age is a gift for all of us…

I’ve had the joy of watching my daughter “Love” on her son George. And I have had the privilege to “Love” on my father George… Elderly Parents, there’s nothing like loving them daily…

Love someone today no matter how difficult it may seem…
God will see you through!



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Reflecting On What Others see…

I got wondering the other day about myself and others… How is it you can be loved by some and disliked and even discarded by others. As I talk to divorced people, the anger and hatred for a once loved partner had me wondering too…

Humans: funny species we are… We love one moment and hate the next. We are friends with people for years and then discard them for perhaps a miss understanding of communication.

I got thinking about communication, and it’s crucial role in relationships. The lack of communicating seems to be the demise of most if not all connections…
And then, of course there is the dreaded, I’m right, you’re wrong standoff. Which only leads to a broken relationship, no matter how causal the connection maybe…

I stand in Awe of Love and Forgiveness,
Acceptance no matter how difficult it maybe. I often wonder if we truly lived in a world with “Oneness for all” accepting each other for who we are, without trying to change the other person, what a beautiful world we would live in.

All this wondering came from this picture which was posted on FB this morning. I am a right sided thinker (which I love) and I see both, half a face and the man looking to the left side. Which made me wonder this morning, no matter what someone sees in another individual, they are their own person and acceptance is a beautiful way to go through life!

Just wondering this morning


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Respect the Thumb!

It’s come to my attention in the past several years just how important the thumb truly is! I find myself in a technical dilemma… For some reason my thumbs, yes both, have found there way to an early arthritis situation. I put total blame on my iPhone! Period!!!! Ever since I started typing my blogs and poetry on my iPhone my thumbs have been acting up. Which has me wondering… I can’t be the only one affected by this wonderful technology. And if I am having such a huge issue with my thumbs then others must be suffering too!
So are you? Do you find your hands, fingers, thumbs ache out of the ordinary due to your iPhone or other technology?
To which I say “what the hell” is happening to our bodies, all in the name of technology…

Well I just had two shots into basil joints on my thumbs yesterday and honestly I would have rather put my head in a vice… The pain was…Well, let me just say I never want to experience that kind of pain ever again!!!

So my writing will have to be reevaluated… Although my favorite place to write is on my iPhone, I will just have to rethink this whole process!!!

Gotta love my thumbs, without them I can’t straighten my hair, tie my sneakers, open a jar of sauce or even Talk on the phone just to name a few… So I say “respect your thumbs” they do so much for you in life!!!

I awe of just how much I need my thumbs


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Life… Love… Lost

I saw this post on Facebook this morning with the quote under it saying
“another chunk of childhood gone to the angels” It stopped me in my tracks as I reminisced my childhood memories. For some reason those memories are so comforting. The Mickey Mouse Club, The Ed Sullivan Show, and The Brady Bunch all represent a much simpler time.

As I watched the news yesterday and all the controversy over TV itself, cable, streaming TV through other media and all the different options, in addition to the amount of channel choices, it’s just plain Overwhelming! ! Give me 3 Channels 8 10 and 13 any day of the week!!!

My heart goes out to Annette and her family and anyone suffering with MS, I was moved to tears for the loss of a beautiful women. I am so grateful for Annette, the sweetness she represented to me and my generation. When I need a little TLC her movies and reruns make the perfect afternoon on the couch!

So “one more chunk of my childhood gone to the angels”… I am so very thankful for the beautiful memories of my childhood and “that” generation of Love…

In awe of life!


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Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder about wondering?

It’s one thing to wonder, but then I got wondering about wondering…
The curiosity of life, situations, and everything around me! I woke up wondering how it is possible I can take a piece of plastic with a brown strip on the back of it and slide it through a machine and pay for anything I want!

And how the circle of life is when my daughter was visiting my parents with George, in that same room I was my mothers baby, Nicole was my baby, and George was my daughters baby…

Sometimes I wonder about wondering… Life, its answers, its questions, its wonderment!

We take almost everything for granted…
I wonder why I am so blessed…
I wonder why I would ever allow something to upset me…
And I even wonder what you are wondering reading this blog entry about wonder?

What do you wonder about?


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Birthing a Book…

After watching my daughter give birth to her baby, I’ve come to realize I’m birthing my own! My book has slowly been coming out, like a very long labor, with lots of pain…

A portion of my book is in the editors hands. I am anxiously awaiting her thoughts on what has been written so far.

This whole “pregnancy” of publishing a book has been a wonderful experience for me. No matter the outcome, every stage has been an incredible learning experience.

I’d say honestly I’m in my last trimester, feeling some contractions, almost ready to beginning the birthing process…

Not sure what I’m having yet, but whatever is birthed will be all mine!

I hope it’s as wonderful as George!!!

Living life filled with
Love, Awe and Wonder!