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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Meme’s view

Today I looked into the heart of little George. As I held him, his eyes opened for a few moments staring into my eyes connecting for the first time since he was born. I was moved to tears, realizing that I just made my first emotional connection with my little grandson.

The emotions have been building up since the day he was born. Daily I have gradually been bonding more and more with him. Having given space to my daughter and son in law for their own bonding time with George. I look forward to the days to come, as I am able to continue building a relationship with little George.

That relationship can be anything, George and I can imagine. There were lessons learned from my previous mistakes of being a parent! Not to mention all the great wisdom that comes with age… Perhaps that’s why “they” say being a grandparent is so much better than being a parent…

I miss George today, and I really miss meme’s view… Holding George in my arms, looking into his eyes!

In Love with George


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Breathe With Your Heart

Breathe with your heart…

I’ve come to realize breathing with your heart is truly a gift.

We take breathing for granted, we inhale and exhale according to approximately 17,280-23,040 times per day.

That made me wonder how often do we breathe with our hearts?
Not literally, but figuratively…

As I was holding George, I realized, I was breathing with my heart…

A heart filled with love.

For me breathing with your heart, is seeing life in a way that is different than the norm… Our very life source comes from our hearts… Breathing with that life source is the ultimate way of living life! Loving, caring, giving outside of ourselves would change this world, if we all took the time to touch others unconditionally and learn to breathe with our hearts…

Take a deep breath with your heart and

In Awe of how we can touch a life with Love…