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If I Could I Would Have….

( Earlier this week…)

If I Could Kick Myself in the Ass,
I Would !!!

“Snap out of it!!!” A famous quote from Cher in Moonstruck… Rings over and over in my head… And then I thought.. “If I could kick myself in the ass I would! You see, I’ve been in a funk lately, writing, socializing and life in general! I’m finding out I’m not the only one. It seems to be a common thread among people lately…
Full moon perhaps? The change of climate, the barometric pressure, the tide? I know the Universe and Mother Nature can have a great affect on all of us.

I have felt like I’ve had my head in a
“lost and found box” lately, looking desperately to find myself again…

The freedom of speaking my truth…
Knowing others have felt the same way on occasion….

Life and its mysterious ways of enjoying one day at a time..

So I saw a quote this week saying
“Today was my favorite day of the week”
It made me realize Today is the only day I have to enjoy… So as I made an effort to kick myself in the ass (“butt” couldn’t reach) I just smiled and said to myself… ” Snap out of It”

And starting living again Today !!!

In awe of life’s lessons


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Ever been dismissed? Not just from class in school, but from people who have crossed your path in life?

Has there ever been a time in your life that there was a break up and you felt dismissed? Or a connection to a friend that no longer was a friend?

I got wondering about relationships/friendships and how sometimes for unexplained reasons you can be dismissed…

To me, sad in one way… An incredible growth in another. People, places and things all help us grow in life…
But for me the “greatest of these” are people… Acceptance of others, loving unconditionally and just caring about someone other than yourself is a gift to give to this world.

I’ve been dismissed in my past… by ex In laws, a dear friend and even a stranger or two… For whatever their reasons may have been to this day I hold a special place in my heart for every person who has ever touched my life…

I Wonder daily about those people and daily I send them Love!!!
Miss you…

I will bet there has been someone in your life you no longer have a connection to… Perhaps you too have been ” dismissed”… Count your blessings for the lessons learned!

In Awe of love and acceptance of others…


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I couldn’t help but think about Christmas tree lights this morning. As I made my way to the gym and stood next to the elliptical for 5 long minutes untangling, yet again, my ear phones I thought…. “Really my ear phones and Christmas tree lights must be related!”

The frustration of something so small and yet so determined to make me nuts makes me Wonder… So if I can look at my phone and get the weather at the touch of my finger tips or even talk to my phone and get directions… Then really? Why the heck can’t someone invent ear phones and Christmas tree lights that don’t get tangled?

Just wondering …



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Are You a Candle or a Mirror?

I was wondering about inspiration this morning, and how some days I need a little more help than other days.
For me, being inspired to write comes from the world around me.
All of You, out there, in this big beautiful world, makes me “wonder” enough to want to write…
And yet, some days and even weeks that same “all of you out there” keeps me from writing.

Being overwhelmed with personal situations, life expectations, care taking and all this current technology can literally shut me down.

It’s one thing to need to be inspired but I have realized it’s something even greater “To Inspire others”…

When you don’t feel like doing something… Do it for someone else…

Down? Help someone Up…
Sad? Make someone laugh
Bored? Get someone out of their house
Broke? Buy someone a gift…
Lack? Share abundantly!

Give a little, Inspire A lot!!!

In Awe of others


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Get Off My Back!!!

We go through life having choices…

Is the glass half empty or is it half full?
Is it a cloudy day or is the sun shinning somewhere?
When life gives you lemons do you make lemonade?

I saw this picture this morning and wondered about the saying “Get off my back” and yet look at the beauty of this picture and the love of a mother comforting her babies.
It made me WONDER even more…

When life seems to be to much to handle or you just want to tell someone
“get off my back”…
Remember this picture and maybe just maybe there’s a lesson of LOVE to be learned!

In Love, Awe and Wonder…