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Where Did All The Years Go?

As I continue to care for my aging parents I can’t help but wonder where did all the years go? When sometimes an hour may seem long, a day may go by slowly and a week? well, sometimes a Friday just seems like it will never get here… And yet, the years just fly by! It makes me stop and wonder why such a difference in the “present” rate of speed vs our “yesterday’s”

I was recently at Rochester General Hospital and there she was, my mother 66 years ago at the age of 22 on the nurses wall of fame… Pictures of nurses from the early 1940’s. Of course, as I stop to look at the pictures it made me wonder… “Where did all those years go?”

I am now watching as my once vibrant, sharp mother can’t remember how to cook any longer. At the age of 88, it seems somehow things are slipping her mind. All those years of nursing and caring for others and now it’s her time to be cared for…

All those years of care taking, makes me wonder… Where did all those years go?

In awe of life and in wonder of all those years!
(My mother Marie… bottom left)


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Never Been Walked On!

Life and all its lessons, keeps me in wonder… Although I haven’t blog in quite a while, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been in love awe and wonder daily!

I’ve been overwhelmed by life, its situations and the injustice I have recently witnessed in Orleans county court system…(more on that someday in another posting).

When life gets in the way and I feel “walked on” or see the injustice of others being “walked on” it makes me crazy with wonder!!! The only thing to do is regroup… For now it’s time to regroup… And for me, regrouping is a very slow process.

My special time with my grandson has me wondering about a lot lately…
The love I watch my daughter embrace, for her son. The innocence of an infant,
his ability to love unconditionally, and to watch him at the mercy of his mommy for life sustaining breast milk is amazing to witness. Life lessons learned from birth, lessons learned for life….

I took this picture of George’s feet, only to realize “they have never been walked on” literally or figuratively!

It made me wonder and it made me stop and think of his future…
The Hope I have for my grandson George, his life, his future, his dreams…
I’m in love, in awe and I wonder about where those little feet will take him …

I can only pray he will never get “walked on”… And if or shall I say when he does, he will have the strength, the values and the knowledge of how to regroup and find justice.

I look forward someday to watch George walk on his own two feet!
Oh the places he will go…..