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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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My Favorite Heart!

I am at the age of having… A lot! So I am always telling people if you insist on getting me a gift please make it consumable…i.e. food, pedicures, massages. People tend to send me unusual pictures of hearts… Saying it makes them think of me, and I am always extremely flattered!

My dear friend returned from her Italy trip and brought me back a special gift… She knew my consumable rule and knew that would be tuff being in Italy… But what she did was priceless to me… She was on the beach in Capri Looked down and saw a stone in the shape of a heart and knew she had to give it to me… Well I cried when I received that special gift… It’s one of my favorite gifts of all times. For two reason… First it’s a heart from Italy and she thought of me when she saw it! And second it’s from Italy a place I will someday be standing holding that heart shaped stone thinking of my dear friend Lisa!

There’s a writers conference in Pisa Italy in one month I wonder if I will get there? Want to send me for my birthday?

In love Awe and wonder …


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The Same… Yet Different!

I saw this photo this morning of these Labrador Retrievers… And thought
“They are all the same even though they look different.” Of course it made me wonder about humankind.

We all look so different, yet we truly are all the same. So why is there so much conflict, anger, and hatred in this world?

A Labrador Retriever is one of the most loyal, loving dogs we will ever meet…
And then there are the humankind, who probably would benefit from learning a little from the Labrador Retrievers…

Well, I’m rambling this morning or is that barking up a storm? My hope is next time you run into a dog out there in the human race… It’s the loyal loving kind!!!


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There Are All Kinds of Kinds

“There are all kinds of kinds…” A great quote from a new country song by Miranda Lambert…
What kind of kind are you?

That verse had me wondering about all kinds of kinds. The variety of people, their personalities and all our individuality which make us all so very different….

I’ve personally known “all kinds of kinds.” Some kinds I don’t understand and they make me wonder… But isn’t that a wonderful state of being? Wondering…
For me without all kinds of kinds I may not be in awe and wonder as much…

Thankfully this world is made up of all kinds of kinds… Which has me wondering exactly what kind of kind am I?

In love awe and wonder of all kinds of kinds!


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To Be Inspired

I got thinking about being inspired this morning… How people, places and things truly inspire me. And then I wondered… Is it possible to inspire yourself? It seems as if others see in us what we don’t see in ourselves. So although we may all inspire others, can we inspire ourselves?

I’m always wondering and looking around my world to be inspired to think outside of my box and write.

Lately the inspiration around me hasn’t been visible to me… I know it’s there, I even wonder why I don’t see it as clearly as I have in the past… Perhaps writers block which must involve the absence of “wonder” and the overwhelmed feeling of too much involvement of others.

So I continue to Wonder… Can we inspire ourselves or do we truly need the presence of others to inspire us?

Just wondering where my next inspiration will come from!

In awe of wondering… Inspired by the Love all around ( hearts everywhere, look closely)


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Decision Making… Which Plate to Spin Next?

Decision Making

I find making a decision lately difficult. Not sure why… life in general, the amount of plates I am spinning at one time or just my age?
You know that 50 something that we keep convincing ourselves is the new 40 something… How’s that working out? ; )

Well anyhow, staying focused in order to make a decision could be the root of my issue… Just staying focused lately seems to be a struggle. I can’t help but remember that famous plate spinner from the Ed Sullivan Show… His plates would spin and spin and spin…
Kind of like most people’s life in the 21st Century! I blame it ALL on technology! Too much, too quickly!!!
Too many plates spinning ALL the time.. So there, I just figured out why I can’t focus, or make a darn decision… It’s all Ed Sullivan’s fault!!!
And they said the Beatles were a bad influence!!!

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder!


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Stepping Back….Looking Forward

Stepping Back in order to look forward came to mind this morning. After watching the fireworks last night and noticing that one of my pictures had a heart appear in the middle of it made me Wonder!!!

Life… all our dreams, goals, and purpose are always right in front of us… Sometimes we need to step back in the middle of everything in order to truly see what’s in front of us!

Like the beautiful display of fireworks, perhaps ordinary, perhaps redundant to the average person.
To me… Spectacular, and not just because of the fireworks display alone!
But what I was able to see past what was in front of me… Which keeps me in Awe and continues to make me Wonder!

Would you have noticed?

Try Stepping back once in awhile to see the beauty of looking forward…

Living life… Today filled with Love, Awe and Wonder…


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Pondering Over Contemplating…

I began to Wonder about
Pondering over Contemplating…
(would it just intensify my Wondering?)

To Ponder; verb (used without object)
1. to consider something deeply and thoroughly; meditate (often followed by over or upon).

Contemplating:1:reflect deeply on a subject; 2:look at thoughtfully; observe deep in thought; 3:consider as a possibility; 4:think intently and at length, as for spiritual purposes.
(According to ChaCha)

For some reason these two words came to my mind after a coffee date with a friend.

My life, it’s purpose and all my passion for writing seems to have been put on hold recently. As I listened intently to a dear old, very wise friend, I couldn’t help but Wonder…
And thought….
I need to consider pondering over contemplating….two words I really use, yet two words that best describe where I need to be in my own head with all the business around me…

My book has been on hold because of
“Life”, the same life which started the journey of finding a publisher and moving forward on writing and following my personal dream.
As I find myself pondering over contemplating I’m in Awe of life lessons.
Knowing I believe in
Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder… This whole stillness of pondering over contemplating had me in Wonder about LIFE! My life in particular and the reality of life always having something to hold us back from what it is we truly want to do…

So what’s your excuse for not following your dreams?

Consider pondering over contemplating
Be still and watch as you will be able to begin to sort through life and all its glory!!!

In Love with learning
In Awe of Life
In Wonder over contemplating!

(My view after walking out of the ER yesterday with my dad…)


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Lost in Translation…

There I was, on a mission of shorts…
All I needed was just one! I found myself in a situation I no longer recognized. I had just entered “That Department”… You know the one with all those undergarments. Bras specifically!! I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices. The styles, shapes, colors, textures and on and on they went… All I wanted was just one!

As I began to search through thousands of bras I couldn’t help but notice the “bra pitches” on the labels…
And all I thought was…
“I’m last in translation!”
Here are just a few that caught my eye…
This is not a bra
Gimme a boost
No guessing games
Smooth operator
We have your back
The secrets inside
Your sexiest cleavage yet!
Comfort devotion
Full support
Pure genius
Just for you
Your perfect
Barely there
It made me Wonder…
Whatever happened to that sweet old lady that use to help you with the right bra fit and bring you three bras to try on?

Anyone else overwhelmed by life’s bra choices?
In awe of just one!!!