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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Knowing Liars

The Hokey Pokey Clinic maybe the answer for some liars… A place to turn themselves around…

I have been lied to on many occasions, knowing someone has lied to me makes me wonder…

I was just lied to again and have the proof on my tex. So do I ask the liar why she thinks it’s OK to lie?

Do liars really believe they can get away with it? And how do liars live with themselves?

I’m not sure about blatant liars and their thought process… But then again their thought process must be a bit off, knowing they are intentionally lying…

Like Pinocchio it shows when a liar lies! They really don’t get away with it, they just think they do!

Enjoy the Hokey Pokey clinic Pinocchio, I’ll still be here and love you when you decide to start telling the truth…

In Wonder of the Truth…



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Cobble Creek Farm

When I was a young girl there was one name I always remember when it came to a farm market…. That was the name Verhults. It was on Ridge Road West where one of a number of car dealerships are now located (and what’s up with all the car dealerships? Another post perhaps!)

I stopped into a very sweet farm market on the other end of Ridge Road West towards Brockport. I have to say, I was quite impressed! There is a lot of love at Cobble Creek Farm. It’s a wonderful place to take your children this time of year, the fall decorations are awesome with pumpkin people all over the property not to mention haunted hayrides…
I was so impressed with this farm market I got chatting with the cashier…
Come to find out it’s the grandchildren of good old Mr Verhults who run this market! Mr Verhults must be very proud of his grandchildren… I love the fact that his grandchildren are carrying on his legacy, what a gift to share! Stop by you will love it! George and Marie did!

In Awe of carrying on traditions…



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It’s Here Again!

It’s here once again… That time of year when Halloween Candy is on the shelves near Christmas decorations!

It all makes me wonder, why are all the major holidays shoved into a 3 month period?

What if we spread Thanksgiving and Christmas out over the year?
Christ birth isn’t December 25 anyways!

So let’s see, Halloween could be celebrated in the middle of October when the leaves are at their peek.
We could leave Christmas in December perhaps move it up a week or two to give us some time before New Years Eve. Easter could be next
at the end of March. Maybe May would be a great month for Thanksgiving, I’m sure the pilgrims were thankful for the warmer weather.
Then July 4th of course and all those smaller holidays in between! There you have it folks a new holiday schedule… Oh wait a minute…
Halloween candy and Christmas decorations will still be out at the same time! Oh well maybe next time a trick or treater comes to your door you should just say “Merry Christmas!”


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Yesterday and Tomorrow is Today!

“Today is tomorrow when it was yesterday…”Aweider

Can you imagine, I was about to fall asleep when this popped into my head! “Today is tomorrow when it was yesterday…” I wasn’t even sure if it made any sense… As I repeated it to myself it made me Wonder what the point was…

And this is what came to mind… If we live in the moment of today and it’s called the Present because it is a gift. Today, that gift to open is to be lived. Then we must live everyday, yesterday and tomorrow as a Today.

So no matter what has happened in your yesterdays and not worrying about your tomorrows… Both of these days are a Today and that means they are the Present, a gift from God, a memory to cherish, a future to look forward to…

In awe of wonder…


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A Roller Coaster Ride

Who do you want to sit next to you on your Roller Coaster ride?

I can’t help but think about Roller Coasters lately… Life and all its ups and downs. Dealing with family during trying times… Getting through life and its responsibilities can be difficult enough. The unknown of daily events of being a care taker and the different emotions that happens unexpectedly daily. Emotions can run high when life’s Roller Coaster gets out of control. Showing strength for others and then realizing the reality of what just happened in itself is its own kind of Roller Coaster… I got wondering this morning about life and all the different Roller Coasters we ride… Then I wondered about who I would want to ride on my Roller Coaster with me… My dad seems to always be there as a strong person that I know will hold my hand when the ride gets overwhelming. For know, he is there sitting right next to me…

So when you can, check out all the different Roller Coasters there are in this world and have fun deciding which one your life represents…

Thanks for reading my blog postings. Writing for me is all part of my therapy and healing. As I stay buckled into my seat about to climb another hill, I am so thankful knowing how blessed I am on this Roller Coaster ride called life!

In Wonder what today will bring…





Staying Calm…

I am always amazed at the ability to stay calm when needed… As I entered my parents home and saw my mother slumped over on the couch, semi conscious and sweating profusely I thought “she’s having a heart attack”
My father and I were very calm as I called 911 for help…

As we both sat in the waiting room of the ED, thoughts flashed before me… Looking at my dad, I knew it would just be a matter of time that I would have to deal with the reality of loosing one of them.

As the hours passed and the uncertainty of what had happened was unknown, I found myself still calm yet filled with emotion.

I’ve come to realize over the years I tend to over react over small insignificant issues more than larger issues. Not sure why, but I am certainly thankful for being able to keep my composure when faced with a major adversity…

Mom is still in the ED with no diagnosis insight.

As I take a deep breath… And breathe in and out consciously, going into another day, I know over the next several months and years my life is about to change forever…

That’s life and I am reminded about those two days a year I can’t do anything about, yesterday and tomorrow!

Today, I will open my gift once again…
By Living in the PRESENT…

In Awe of living life filled with Love and Wonder…


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Both Teams Win

I saw a video this morning about a young man named Mitchell with special needs. He was the basketball team manager. His coach played him the last game of the year… Although his team was up by 10 points and he missed every basket that was passed to him the lesson came from the opposing team. In the last seconds of the game a young player named Jonathan from the other team yelled out Mitchell’s name and then passed him the ball… He made his first basket and the crowd went crazy…

I couldn’t help but wonder if we could pass the ball to someone on our
“opposing team in life” what kind of world we would live in…

There is so much conflict and adversity in this world… So today instead of trying to score points for your own team try passing the ball to the other person and let them score! It will make you feel Wonder-Full!!!

Thank you Jonathan for sharing your lesson in life… “treating others the way you want to be treated!”
A lesson to surely live by…

In Awe of the wonder of unconditional love…


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The Sweet Memories…

My life flashed before my eyes as I looked at this picture. Memories of my childhood… Memories of the Sound of Music, a classic, as we watched having no clue the impact it would have on our future.

Now years later all grown up, its a reminder of years gone by and our own youth that no longer exists… To see the pictures of yesterday and today are bitter sweet… The reminder of an era for me, brings back so many wonderful memories… A time that is truly missed!

As we all are present to today, I am so very grateful for those precious memories that are still so present in my life.

Childhood of days gone by… We each have so much to be thankful for…
The hills are still alive with the sound of music!


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Today The Present!

“There’s only 2 days in a year you can’t do anything about yesterday and tomorrow.”
Quote by DM off FB

I would love to take credit for this quote, the idea of not worrying about yesterday or tomorrow isn’t new but this saying is!

There is that great old saying
“yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift from God that’s why it is called the Present!” Another favorite of mine…

So the point being
TODAY, your PRESENT is the ONLY place to LIVE!

“Stay focused on Today… its LIFE’S GIFT, YOUR PRESENT!” Aweider

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder….


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Growing Up in Love…

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are”
EE Cummings

As I wondered about this quote
I became curious about the written meaning of courage. According to the meaning is:

1. the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery.
2. the heart as the source of emotion.

Having the ability to face difficulty, pain danger ect without Fear…

Growing up… truly embracing and becoming who we are can be scary for many of us… That “fear” of failure, unknown, not good enough… So much fear for so many… And yet some may not even recognize it as fear.

To become who we really are as we grow up makes me wonder how many Never reach their fullest potential due to the lack of courage and living a life filled with fear.

For me Courage means strength, strength means strong character, strong character is self confidence … Self confidence is love … The ability to truly Love yourself… And Love
Cast out all Fear…. I am reminded of this biblical quote…
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. – 1 John 4:18 NKJV

So as we continue to “grow up” and become who we really are… It all goes back to Love… Loving yourself, loving others… What a world we could live in!

It’s time to grow up and Love yourself and have the courage to become who we all truly are!