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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Thank Full….

My heart is full this morning as I think about my blessings… People who have touched my life in my past, new friends in the present and always family no matter our differences.

I am overwhelmed with emotions as I begin to count my blessings… So many cross my mind… From beautiful grandchildren, children, parents, health, friends, understanding publisher, home, connections, special loved ones and the air I am breathing… So many names come to my mind and if you are reading this you are one of them. A Day to give thanks, a day to be Thank Full…

I am Full of thanks this day for all my blessings, and the gifts I have received from many people in the form of friendship.

I have been blessed with many wonderful people who have crossed my path over the years… I am thankful for all the Love in my life… in Awe of all my blessings and often wonder why I am so very blessed!

Thank you for touching my life in a very special way… From my new friend I met on a boat in Massachusetts… To that special couple who live in sunny California… To the beautiful spirited friend near Denver… To those friends I have known 40 plus years… Others who have helped me find me… To the Love, Awe and Wonder that surround me daily… To this journey called life that God has me on… To my precious gifts called children, grandchildren and family…
I am so truly Thank Full!

In love, awe and wonder of Thanksgiving…


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Hitting the Pause Button…

Hitting the pause button came to mind this morning. Almost as if I need to STOP for a moment before the Holiday season starts. With so many plates spinning lately, I am making a conscious effort to really embrace this Christmas season. In order to do that, I feel a “pause” is necessary. Taking a moment, a day or whatever it will take to reset the priority of this season. Life is moving faster and faster… For me and my traditions it’s another Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday… How do they keep appearing so quickly? And where did the time go between the two holidays? Four weeks apart? It seemed like four months apart as a child!
None the less… I’m moving slower, breathing deeper, listening closer, and being more aware of the sights and sounds that surround me daily during this time of year… This just may be a great start to a new way of living in 2014…
Why not give it a try with me?
As we enter Thanksgiving week, let me just say..
I am thankful for you, you and mostly you! And that means you too!

May you feel the Joy of this Christmas season like never before….

Living life…
Living it filled with….
Love, Awe and Wonder!



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I Counted My Blessings…

I counted my blessings and you were there. There were many blessings and I knew I wanted to share.

You, you and you are all part of my blessings that have touched my life.
Somehow, someway, starting with yesterday…

Blessings come in many forms…

The past holds growth from blessings unaware. Making the present much more able to share.

Sharing moments of memories from deep down inside, knowing there is nothing to hide.

Counting my blessings from here and there, are all part of what I hold dear…

You, you and you need to know, you are all part of my blessings I counted today.

I am thankful for my blessings and just wanted to say… When I count my blessings I think of you everyday!

Amy Weider
Copyright 2013


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I Wonder…

I wonder what today will bring.
What tomorrow has in store,
And about all my yesterdays.

I wonder what I will accomplish today.
Whose life I will touch,
And will I be true to my authentic self.

I wonder about the ones I love.
How long they will be in my life,
And the blessings I receive from each one of them.

I wonder about my children.
Their children.
And their children’s children.

I wonder how I got to this age.
Where the years went,
And how did they go so fast.

I wonder why time moves faster and faster as we age.
What happens to each new day,
And where the days go.

I wonder when I started to wonder so much.
Embrace so much love for others.
And start seeing life through the eyes of awe…

Sometimes I wonder
what you think of me.
Then I remember it’s
none of my business,
And I count my blessings for who I have become…

Amy Weider
Copyright 2013

Living life filled with Love, Awe and always Wonder…


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“If My Mind Could Power a City”

This poem was written after my son in law said to me one day… ” your mind could power a city” honestly, I was flattered! And then I thought…

If my mind could power a city…

I would light up Joy,
send in love
giveaway hope.
I would share life’s present…
the living in the NOW.

If my mind could power a city…

I would feed the poor,
teach them to garden.
Educate the uneducated,
touch the untouchable,
embrace the lonely.

If my mind could power a city…

There would be an endless source of acceptance.
A power grid created just for love.
And enough energy storage to deliver joy daily.

If my mind could power a city…

Amy Weider
Copyright 2010


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People Say…

People say you must redefine yourself,
I simply say…
define yourself

Others ask what do you do?
I say…
who I am, defines what I do.

The world wants us to be more than enough.
I ask…
when is enough, enough?

Society looks and wonders,
what is your purpose?
Sometimes I wonder…
the same thing.

Am I my pupose?
Or is my purpose who I am?
Am I my passion?
Or is my passion who I am?
Am I driven by my life?
Or is it my life that drives me?

People say…
It is what you believe that matters…
I simply say…
believe in yourself, and Love matters!

~Amy Weider
(Copyright rewrite 2013)


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The Moon

The Moon

If I could fly
I would fly to the moon
No… If I could fly
I would fly over the moon
and take you with me.
We could see the world from a view few seldom every see.
Fly away with me
And see what we have always
yearned to be…
~Amy Weider (copyright 2010)


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Our Senior Citizens

I have this huge heart for the elderly… Not sure what has changed over the years. Perhaps my own aging has made me more aware of the elderly in my life.

Having been a caregiver over the past 15 years I become closer and seem to understand more about our seniors citizens. I have this huge love for them. It saddens me to think society disregards them as old and useless. They are treated disrespectfully, and made to feel their opinion doesn’t matter.
I’m here to say…
Their opinion does matter, they do have something to say and just yesterday they were 20, 30, and 50 years old! Today they are older and many wiser and funnier!

As I was shopping with my 89 year old dad yesterday, he was half sitting on the Motorized grocery cart… I asked him to move his whole fanny on the seat because he was half off…. His response was…
“I guess that makes me half assed!”
His humor always makes me laugh!
The point is the elderly need love, respect and caring for. It’s easy to put them in a “home” and forget about them because we are too busy… But we too will be there someday and I have to wonder how you would want to be treated?
Treat the elderly the way you want to be treated not only “someday” but today!

I know I want love and respect. So next time you see an older person, stop, smile, say hello, touch their shoulder give them a few minutes of your time… Share some love… There’s a lifetime of memories to be heard!

In Awe of loving everyone at any age!


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A Life Touches Many…

A life has touched many.
Many have touched her life.
Words of love are spoken
Words of pain remain silent.
Strength is her gift,
wrapped inside is Grace.
Kindness, giving, and thoughtfulness are just a few words to describe her.
Her gift, is her strength…
She continues to fight for others
and now for herself…
Her spirit shines bright, shining light on those who cross her path.
Never about her…
Always touching others.
A Life
A gift
A woman
A Blessing to all…
In Love, Awe and Wonder of a beautiful woman…
11.14.13 aweider