Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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The Illusion of Life…

Life truly is an illusion. When I saw this picture posted on FB I thought how profound! A perfect example of what we think we see but is really not what we saw… An illusion!

Life and all its mysteries, uncertainties and illusions keeps me in wonder.

“Today is soon to be tomorrow only to have been yesterday”aw

Take one day, one moment at a time, embracing all its glory… And when you find yourself “off” track, Stop… look around at what is real and start moving towards where you see yourself. Focus on what you know, Not what you think you know or see.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see what others see?
Are you who you say you are?
Life is an illusion, but if you look close enough you will see the truth…

In Awe of what we think we see and what is right in front of us…


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The Eyes…

It’s through the eyes the heart and soul are felt…

When I witnessed Baby George looking into Grandpa George’s eyes it made me wonder… What could they both be wondering?
I can only imagine the joy in my dads heart knowing his grandson was named after him. And then there’s little George gazing into his grandpas eyes searching for understanding at such a young age.
If we only knew what they may have been thinking at that very moment!

The eyes… Tell a story, share emotions, and are the gateway into someone’s heart and soul.

What do you see when you look into someone’s eyes?

Be in awe and wonder next time you connect through the eyes of another…


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Why Hate?

Our world seems to be full of Haters… People who hate instead of love and accept others…

The Wonder of the feeling of “hate” has been on my mind lately… I can’t help but Wonder what this world would look like if “hate” did not exist. It’s made me question myself even more about my own feelings and emotions. Wondering is it possible never to allow myself to “hate” again?

Hate is such an ugly word, negative emotion, useless energy… So I began to wonder why I would ever bother wasting my precious life on such a negative emotion such as “hate”… I believe we can be sad, disappointed, angry and even indifferent without harboring “hate”…

Which brings me to Love. Loving and accepting everyone and everything we encounter. Loving others who we may not agree with and forgiving those who hurt us…

Go ahead and be sad, disappointed, and even angry but don’t be a “hater”. The only person hating hurts is you… Its ugly root will eat you alive and steal the joy you so rightly deserve to live by…

As I continue to understand and embrace life all around me I become more aware of the Love, Awe and Wonder there is in this world!


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And Scripture says…DO NOT JUDGE!

Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.
Luke 6:37

When I saw this quote from the bible this morning off my K-Love site it really made me Wonder…

Do not Judge? And yet the Church does nothing but judge! They judge others who are not like them… The judge there own… The judge people who believe in Jesus but not their way… Many do nothing but Judge…

Do not Condemn? And yet a lot of the church does nothing but condemn! The controversy over someones life style is constantly being condemned…

Forgive others? Where is the love of Christ today? Loving, accepting, embracing all? Christ was a great example of acceptance and love…

Don’t judge me for where I am in my life. Please don’t feel sorry or condemn me for my authentic beliefs. And Forgive me if I’m not like you… It’s ok, God loves us all for who we are…

Love and acceptance is where my road has taken me… A place called Connection not separation!

If we want to change this world for the Best… “Then we must Accept not Judge..
We must Embrace not condemn…
We must forgive not harbor hate!!!”

Try living filled with LOVE for all, being in AWE of the the world around you, and allowing yourself to WONDER
about the miracle of life daily….

And remember Do Not Judge!


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“More of the Really Good Stuff”

Life and all it’s ups and downs makes me Wonder… And yet, I believe without a doubt, there will always be “more of the really good stuff”

A quote I read yesterday “more of the really good stuff” made me wonder and ponder over all the “really good stuff” in my life… Memories of past connections, current friendships, daily blessings… All Really Good Stuff!

So the next time you feel frustrated, anxious or sad remind yourself of
“all the really good stuff” in your life and stay focused on that! It’s really not that difficult, we just need to remember all the really good stuff!

In Awe of getting out of your own head and realizing there truly is “more of the really good stuff” in our life!


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Beautiful People

As I was calming my mind for the day ahead, for some reason the words
“Beautiful People” came to my mind.

With the world so distorted lately, I was reminded of the beautiful people in my world… Not the “Kim Kardashians” that the world would like you to believe are the beautiful people… But the ones who touch our souls, those beautiful people who don’t even know that they are beautiful.
People who accept others, love others, give to others unconditionally. The ones who would rather be present to life’s moments, living in the Now… They are authentic with themselves, strive to seek out truth and are not concerned about what others may think of them… Free spirits, who love living…

Those are the Beautiful People we should admire!

Take a moment and think of some truly “Beautiful People” in your life….
Send blessings their way today…

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder….


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Facing Aging…

My baby is turning 30 Monday and my daddy is 89 years old… My birthday in August was very difficult for me this year!

I’m suppose to be 30 and my daddy is the one who’s old at 50 something, NOT me!

As my children bring their children into this world, my world seems to be slightly distorted… Not in a bad way, I certainly am blessed and thankful for my blessings… It just seems as if I was just watching the Ed Sullivan show on Sunday nights and there was the Partridge Family everyone loved! Not sure what happened to all those great years. At least they seemed great as a child. I think innocence is truly a gift… Today children loss their innocence to soon.

Having played outside for hours, days and years made my childhood simple and fun… We never knew anything different.

I’m thankful to such wonderful childhood, memories I will cherish always… And now, I will continue to grasp the reality of the aging process… I can’t stop it, but I will admit I’m still learning how to accept it and embrace it… All while kicking and screaming… (Like a child!)

So now, as a grandmother, here I am. My mind filled with wonderful childhood memories stuck in a 50 something body. Reflecting on my own

babies growing up and having babies. Realizing the ones that blessed me with those awesome childhood memories are themselves stuck in very old bodies facing the end of their lives…

It’s quite an emotional place to be… Joy, Love, Happiness, blessings, all while embracing missing what use to be…and knowing what is yet to come…

In “wonder” of tomorrow…