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Being a Cheerleader

I always wanted to be a cheerleader! Years ago in high school when I finally had the nerve to “try out” I was cut! My jumps apparently just were not good enough! Today I find myself in a
Cheerleading role…

As my parents continue to age, mom with dementia and dad now on hospice with a critical heart valve, I’ve recently have become a cheerleader! A number of times a week my father gets anxious and down. I know talking him through these moments helps his state of mind. I’ve taken on many roles over the last several years as their care giver and now a cheerleader!

After a difficult evening, one of his caregivers tex to say “dad is having a bad night” As I called to listen and encourage him he seem to come out of his funk, thankfully!

I can only imagine how difficult this season in his life must be… I can Only Imagine! I’m reminded of past moments when I needed to be encouraged and he was always there for me. In fact, some 70 years ago at an all boys college, St.Bonaventure my dad was a cheerleader! And now it’s my turn to cheer him on and up!

No matter someone’s age, they have the same feelings, emotions, and fear of any of us. The elderly need extra love and care… Society today discards the aging and disregards their feelings… It saddens me immensely!

If you have the chance… Listen, encourage, touch and love someone today who maybe you 30 years from now!

In love with loving others
In awe of respect….
In wonder of being there…

(A recent picture of Marie and George
To look at this picture You’d never know their struggles they look great! It’s a mind game….)


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How Do I Say Goodbye?

I love you…
Doesn’t seem quite enough.
I’ll miss you…
An emptiness is inevitable
A Thank you…
For all his unconditional love.
I wonder..
How do I say goodbye?
I watch as his heart weakens
He looks strong,
His mind is sharp
But his heart is tired…
I love you…
Is obvious
I’ll miss you…
Is a given
A Thank you…
Can never express
the blessings of our relationship.
I hold his hand
He smiles
Time is our gift…
Time is our enemy…
How do I say goodbye?
Tears come and tears go
Reality moves in
My heart breaks…
And I continue to wonder…
How do I say goodbye?



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Stationery Paper People

And there you have it a vs e…
Stationary vs stationery

Stationery Paper is like people…

There are wonderful websites filled with endless choices of stationery paper. Although, I’m not sure why it is called “stationery” “stationary” paper when it never stays still… It probably is mailed to someone somewhere!

I was wondering this morning about something a friend shared with me recently about bullying. Her story made me think of stationery paper!

There are unlimited types of choices when it comes to paper. Different size, color, texture and designs to choose from, like people we have a choice who we choose to pick as friends.
We even have that same choice about family, deciding what kind of relationship works best for us!

When someone bullies you, says unkind things about your character or attracts who you are as a human being it’s like taking that flat sheet of paper and crumpeling it up into a ball! Have you ever tried flattening out a crumpled piece of paper? It’s Never the same!

Niceness goes a long way… And if you have thoughts and opinions about someone that are not flattering, it’s not your job to tell them. Frankly it’s none of their business what you think of them….

Keep your “stationery” feeling loved, filled with kind thoughts, even an XO XO makes someone feel loved!

Simple life lessons in ordinary places…

Love, awe and wonder…




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One Vowel Makes a Difference

Adversity vs Diversity

I was wondering about those two words this morning and the vast difference of their meaning.
A simple vowel change and there you have it! A completely different meaning…
A state of hardship or affliction; misfortune.
The condition of having or being composed of differing elements.

“The concept of diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment. It is about understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions
contained within each individual.”
From: diversithttp://

It seems to me, ones openness to being diverse (acceptance and respect of others) certainly makes you stronger to any adversity (hardship) life may throw your way!
Shine your love and light, embrace Diversity…

Adversity or diversity? Which one will you choose to live by today?

In awe of wonder, in awe of vowels…


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Taking Back Me

Taking back what belongs to me
Time… My time
Space… My space
Love… My love
Wondering where 16 days went?
Embracing the moment of today…
Living, breathing, seeking…
Knowing strength comes from within
Weakness peeks through
But not for long…
Taking back what belongs to me
Peace, Joy and Love…

Copyright 1.17.14


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The Depth

To deep to understand
To deep to know why
Its depth takes its toll
The unknown…
The inevitable…
All tug at my heart.
Wanting Peace…
Time is a gift
Uncertainty, is the thief…
My mind, confused.
Wanting to just embrace the moment
Allowing exhaustion to take its toll.
Returning back to love
Awareness of life
The preciousness of each moment.
Breathing, one breath at a time…

Copyright 1.15.14


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Words… full of life
Empty thoughts inside my head
Present existence
Watching slowly
Memories to hold on to…
Knowing the feeling, which is to come
A place protected inside my mind
Convincing myself to stay present…
The feeling of knowing the feeling
Finality, forever gone…

Copyright 1.15.14

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The Feeling of being Used Up

Meaning of exhaustion
1. extreme tiredness; fatigue
2. the condition of being used up; consumption: exhaustion of the earth’s resources.
3. the act of exhausting or the state of being exhausted.

The feeling of exhaustion has overcome me recently. Some may never understand the state of feeling exhausted. After looking up the word exhaustion I found the above definition to feel true… 2.The condition of being “used” up. Although it makes reference to the earth’s resources, I have to believe I’m part of mother nature and all of her resources. I’m feeling used up… Exhausted, a feeling that has overwhelmed me now for too long!

I continue to set my boundaries… While I have free time, it’s my free time. Time doesn’t seem to last like it used to… It’s gone before you know it… I’m tired, I’m feeling used up… I’m exhausted.

So there you have it… My truth, my authentic self in all it’s glory speaking from my honest emotions…

Embracing a peaceful scene in 2014!


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Nurturing The Blossom

Stepping outside the flower
To see the beauty others see
Smell the fragrence others smell
Taking in the full blossom
Being open to pollination
Nurturing its beauty
Allowing the bud to lossen
As it blossoms naturally
Embracing life as you finally bloom…

Inspired by
“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee it Blossoms and the bee comes” mnepo…

Copyright 1.11.14


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Snowflake People

People come in all shapes and sizes, like the beauty of a snowflake, no two are alike…

People should be experienced with an open mind and heart. When embraced in a place of love and acceptance people are an incredible gift to behold.

Sometimes those same people can be difficult to love…but we have a choice.
A choice which often may be difficult, but if chosen, a choice that will be life changing.

Choose to see the good in people, ALL people… There is greatness to behold in everyone, and if you’re not sure.. look a little harder and you’ll find it.

People are like that beautiful snowflake, they won’t be around forever. Enjoy the moment, be present to the People who are in your life today…

Seeing life through the eyes of
love, awe and wonder…