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I Am

A Rewrite from a poem called I Am You
As if Jesus is speaking…
Written by

You hurt
I’ve been there
You celebrate
My joy is complete
You wonder
I know
You feel alone
I know you are not
You get overwhelmed
My burden is light
You count your blessings
My mercies are new every morning
You don’t understand
I understand why
You look for purpose
Seek me first
You feel peaceful
My peace I give to you
You get frustrated with life
I understand completely
You feel sadness
I see the sadnesses
You love others
I am love
You are mine
I am with you always



You hurt
I’ve been there.
You celebrate
I jump for joy.
You wonder why
I wonder too.
You feel alone
I know you’re not.
You get overwhelmed
I know that feeling.
You count your blessings
I count them along with you.
You don’t understand,
I understand why.
You look for a purpose
I know you are the purpose.
You feel peaceful
I bask in that peacefulness.
You get frustrated with life,
I understand completely.
You feel sadness,
I see the sadness.
You love others,
I embrace that love.
You are me,
I am you.
We are one…


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To Bloom

One meaning of Bloom…

A state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor; an opening to higher perfection,….

I just love that definition of bloom, A state or time of beauty, freshness, and vigor; an opening to higher perfection….

After seeing this tulip picture this morning on FB and the caption “Bloom” I couldn’t help but wonder about life’s metaphor…

The springtime of life, when flowers come alive again and begin to bloom.
Our souls after a long winter… life’s circumstances, challenges or just coping day to day… We too shall bloom. Coming up out of the frozen ground, being sedentary for so long, a season in life… Changing, spouting, blooming into new life. Coming alive again after a long winter season. A “time of beauty, freshness, and vigor; an opening to higher perfection”

When will you bloom? What will your higher perfection look like?
Can you begin to see and feel the beauty, freshness and vigor?
It’s all there…

As the ground melts…
so will our hearts…

In Awe of an inspiration… Thx Carrie!


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Life and Potholes!

Life has many metaphors…

This one came to me this morning…

My car hit a pothole, the rear tire blown and sits deep in that same pothole that blow out the tire. The cold, ice and snow make it nearly impossible to change the blown out tire and move on, out of the hole.

As I sit stick in my own circumstance I feel a sense of helplessness. Not able to move forward in the direction I was going. Paralyzed by knowing life around me is freezing cold and the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. Feeling stuck right where I am for the time being… An uncomfortable situation, no one to change the tire but me. A challenge that seems impossible and daunting at this moment. I hold onto the truth of knowing the weather will warm up, cars will pass by, and there is help out there which I can wave down and share my exhaustion from life and being stuck in this pothole…

My tire needs to be changed, the damage may be so great I may actually need a new one!
All the time believing and knowing I will be up and running again soon. Moving once again on this road called Life!

The goal, the challenge:
Living life to its fullest, even when you are stuck for awhile with a blown out tire in life’s pothole!

Anyone have a jack I can borrow? Maybe it’s time to call AAA!


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I’m a toucher! In fact one of my top love languages is Touch! There is a great book by Gray Chapman called “The Five Love Languages”, you can google the book and take the test right online, (

Knowing your love language, along with your partners love language is a huge help for a great relationship! Understanding why you touch and knowing why you yearn to be touched brings an a awesome connection between two people. If you are single, taking this simple online test helps you understand what you desire in a relationship. I won’t spoil exactly what the 5 love languages are, take the time and do the test for Yourself!

When I saw this picture of these two precious dogs snuggling this morning on FB I couldn’t help but think of Touch being their love language! Even animals love to be touched! This picture, the look of contentment in the dogs eyes, and their sweet connection put a huge smile on my face and had me in wonder this morning about Love….

Thanks Jordan for sharing your loving dogs!

Love, awe and wonder…



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It’s not often we see someone grow
Something growing
Right in front of our very own eyes
The ability to watch
Like blades of grass
It’s growth in the springtime…
After a long winter season
Grass doesn’t wait to grow
It begins,
At the first sign of spring
As nature nurtures…
I too
Am in the springtime of my life
Growing, embracing, being enlighten
The nurture of nature
The growth
I have wittnessed first hand
Is my very own …

Amy Weider


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Standing Still

As time passes by
Life stands still…
We dream
We love
We wonder
As time passes by…
Once young.
Forever, so we thought…
Patiently waiting.
Adulthood, came out of nowhere.
It stayed and stayed and stayed.
Now… the Present
Adult Life…
Our minds young
Our bodies aged
Our hearts torn
Our life filled with…
Acquired only by time.
Youth never experienced it…
Times gift to the old.
Standing still,
so it seems…
Time passes by…


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There’s a Child in All of Us!

After seeing this picture of my adorable father at the age of three, I was reminded there’s a child in all of us!

As our bodies age for some reasons our minds don’t seem to want to keep up! I know when both of my parents see themselves in a mirror they are in disbelief of what they see. They can’t quite accept their aging looks, because their minds can’t wrap itself around the years of aging…

I’m guessing most of us see ourselves 15-25 years younger in our own minds then what we appear to be…

There is a child in all of us. No matter what the number may say or how old someone looks they started out as a child… And that child lives inside!

So as I see my daddy continue to age I’m also seeing a little boy come out and play often. Sometimes scared, sometimes defiant and sometimes very playful!

I love his childlike moments… Like when I try to help him with his coat, he looks at me and says “I can do it” as if that little boy inside is fighting for his independence.

My dad and I have come full circle. I play a parent role as he slips unconsciously back into a childlike role on many occasions. There’s a child in all of us just waiting to come out again someday!

In love, awe and wonder daily…