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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Who will you hug today?

This is the only hug this little boy will ever know from his daddy… You see, he never knew his dad. His father was a soldier and died when Miles was only 5 weeks old. I was moved by this story on FB this morning and it made me wonder…

How many times we pass up a hug and never get the chance for that last hug.

Today when you have the chance…
Hug someone, anyone, it may be their only hug and your only chance to spread some love…

In Love, Awe and Wonder…
Sending you a hug…


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People Watching

I have two layovers heading south this trip, I know, what was I thinking?.. don’t ask…. I find myself sitting in one of many rocking chairs people watching and more relaxed then I’ve been in months… Making the most out of three hours of what could have been “wasted” time, I’m finding very rejuvenating!

After an encouraging conversation with my publisher, I find myself in a place that has only a one way street… And that road leads to following my dream…

People inspire me… Wondering captivates me… And life… Well, let’s just say… Teaches me daily!

Let the filling of my tanks begin!

In love, awe and wonder


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Empty Tanks

The way I see it, we all have several tanks within us. Emotional, spiritual, physical, and creative to name a few.
Sometimes our tanks run on empty. Like a car, when there is an empty tank of gas we all know what happens next… Nothing! Life stands still until you get more gas and fill up your tank!

We as humans, are the same as cars…
Some maybe a traditional car which will only run on gas, while others a Hybrid, which has several options to adapt to moving forward…

I’m realizing several of my life tanks are on empty… I have my creativity tank which is filled with passion for writing and yet it feels empty. My spiritual tank sits waiting to be refilled. My emotional tank has run dry along with my physical tank! So now what? Have you ever entered a season in life when the season seemed just too long?

Many of us are patiently waiting for spring. The winter season has dragged its cold, chilly self for too many months…
Like my empty tanks, I wait patiently for the new growth from within, a spring-like renewal to fill my tanks with new life…

Will I ever finish my book? Or will my life tanks be too empty to fulfill my dreams?

In wonder this morning…


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What Life Has to Offer…

I couldn’t help but be in awe and wonder when I saw this picture of my nephew… My first thought was how it represented life… And then, the illusion of life! For me this picture was beyond my normal wondering…

Life and all it has to offer, drinking from its very essence, surround by its stunning beauty… And yet, most miss so much of life’s essence and its beauty…

Why is that?

Taking moments daily to breathe in and breathe out… Take in and take out the beauty that surrounds us right where we are… The overwhelming feeling of a world which is speeding out of control… The amount of technical stimulation, the access to everything Now, and the assumption of high expectations in every area of life, seems to redirect those moments of life’s beauty…

And then the reality….

Life is full of illusions. Perhaps life is just one illusion in itself…
We look around at others and assume… We create moments in our own minds about others… We see what we want to see… We believe we are right and others are wrong.

I Love this picture of my nephew.
It speaks volumes to the life that surrounds us.
For me, it’s a metaphor for life!
“Drink daily from the gift of life, surround yourself with life’s beauty and make the most out of life’s illusions that cross your path”

In love, awe and wonder of this day!


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Lost For Words

Lately, I have been lost for words. A writers block perhaps? Or maybe just an overwhelmed feeling from life…
Life’s reality of spinning faster than I can keep up with. Watching time fly by…

As a child time moved at a pace that seemed perfect. The time between seasons was just right. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays seemed like months away… Today, everything blends into one moment.
Days fly by, the seasons pass through time faster than my mind can wrap itself around. And then there’s the holiday time again!

I’m tired! What has caused time to fly by so quickly? Technology? Aging? The reality of my own mortality? Lost for words, lost for understanding the reality of time.

As I continue to embrace my aging parents and all the emotions that carry with it… I am reminded daily of how time flies and those precious moments that pass us by…

Lost for words… I find myself… Lost for words…

In wonder of it all…


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Beauty and The Beast

I came face to face with a women who wasn’t very nice… As I walked away slightly in shock of her ugliness, all I could think of was the words Beauty and the beast! Although in my eyes there was little physical beauty. I wasn’t going to judge until she opened her mouth and then I saw it… The beast from her true lack of beauty from within.

I had heard many sad stories about this women. Not wanting to judge another human being, I thought it only fair to give her the “benefit of the doubt…” A simple smile and hello was all it took to see her lack of inner beauty, the beast… As I walked away, I knew I had given her a chance to prove many others wrong… She single handily proved me wrong! She was as miserable as everyone had said…
Not giving her a second thought, only the sadness for her and the beast which lives inside…

I suppose there is a beauty and a beast in all of us.
Which do you choose to show the world around you?
And although I wasn’t a huge fan of girl scouts (Not even for the cookies)
I do remember this…
“Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you!”

The Beauty and The Beast
Who will you be today?
You choose…

In awe of Love
In wonder of the Beast…


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Living Life

Everyday someone dies
But not everyday someone lives.
Choices are made,
In Control
No control.
Death Unexpected
Anticipating death, expected…
Life celebrated,
A tribute…
Lacking celebration
The difference?
Life Embraced
Life taken for granted…
Life… worth living!


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What Side of the Bed?

For me, mornings are spent waking up early and taking my time getting out of bed. A lot of wondering goes on in my head in the early morning hours. As I was wondering this morning about life, I realized I always get up on the same side of the bed. It made me wonder about that old saying, “I got up on the wrong side of the bed!”

My wondering really was about my choice this morning. I can choose to get out of bed on either side. The point… It’s my choice how I choose to start my day… On the right side or the wrong side. My right side is to the left side of my bed, and is that the right side after all?

What side of the bed do you get out of? And really, physically right or left truly doesn’t matter does it? It’s all a matter of choice and how you start your day. It’s all mental, in your mind, your own choice of emotions you choose to focus on…

So what will it be?
Left, right, right or wrong, side of the bed this morning?
Being aware…
Always wondering
Staying present
And having choices…
You control your destiny right, wrong or indifferent, you choose…
See you at the coffee maker!
(If I only drank coffee!)


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Written words are my art form… When I am silent, there is a stillness in my creativity. I write less, and my mind moves at a slower pace.

At this moment, life around me, friends, loved ones and the season that I am experiencing has been an awakening in my silence…

A time to be looked at many ways… Blessings and yet sadness, Joy filled and yet mourning, connecting and yet feeling separated, close and yet distance between us….

Wanting to understand how Life got here, Knowing my choices along with life’s circumstance equals now…
I see
I feel
I yearn
I want
I hope
I love
I share
I give
I take
I am
I wonder…
Will it all matter in the end?
And just Be…
I may feel silent, but I never stop wondering…

In awe of love, in wonder of the lack of love from the world around us…
Copyright 3.1.14 aweider