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Is That so Hard?

A simple thank you
Is that so hard to say?
It seems like we said it
more often yesterday!
A kind word or two
is that so hard to hear?
Listen closely, those words,
from someone dear…
A smile
Is that so hard to share?
Try smiling at a stranger
showing them you care…
Are they so hard to give?
Each one reach one and start to live!
Loving one another
Is that so hard to do?
It all starts with me and you!

Copyright 4.9.14


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Take, Take, Take…

To all who have experienced the injustice of the New York State (or any state) divorce system… This ones for you!

They take your money,
But they can’t take your spirit!
They take your children
But they can’t take your love…
They take your house
But they can’t take your home!
Your heart is where your home lives…
A place No one can Take!
A place that warms your spirit and holds your love…

Copyright 4.8.14

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When the Dust Settles…

When the dust settles
What is seen is truth and honor
A life living their truth…
The importance of life?
Truth and Honor…
When the dust settles
The truth will be the foundation,
the beauty of life will be built upon…
For only strength will prevail.
Only the light will shine
And the darkness of evil will be
blinded and extinguished for good..
The truth will be set free
Its Energy will persevere
When the dust settles
the truth will finally be seen…

Aweider 7-8-13

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In the Stillness

There is a stillness of the unknown,
in the darkness of the night.
Wondering about tomorrow,
knowing the moment is void.
The darkness
keeps the mind wondering,
as it tries to shut down.
Who will win?
The stillness drifts on…
The darkness fades away.
The peacefulness of slumber steps in…
For a fleeting moment all is forgotten.
And then…
The break of dawn.
A reminder of the wonder in the darkness…
The stillness of the unknown…

4.3.14 3:13am


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Blue vs Gray

Why such a HUGE difference between the colors blue and gray?

I find myself at the end of one of my fastest vacations having done a minimal of anything…. And yet, this has been one of my best vacations ever! Thanks Corrine and Jimmy!

Riding a bike everyday for three plus hours and just being present to simple moments… Nothing over the top, no big lights or daredevil acts this vacation… I have seen a lot of blue…
The sky is blue vs gray at home! Why such a difference in mood, motivation, and a feeling of contentment? Is it possible to be perfectly content with those same gray sky’s above? It just makes me wonder…

Energy makes a difference too… People’s energy… Spending time with content people rejuvenates the soul!

And then there is self… And how you allow yourSelf to be present to your environment. Blue vs gray? Makes me wonder if it is possible to live in a blue world when there is gray all around?

Heading home tomorrow, I’ll let you know!

In Wonder of….