Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Making Change…
A dollar broken down,
A life broken up.
Change is inevitable.
Some wanted
Some unwanted…
Change can weigh you down,
Change can add up.
It’s value priceless
Growth from change,
Brings life lessons.
It’s currency endless.
Life is filled with change,
Acceptance of life’s change invaluable,
Today make the right change!



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Making Decisions…

Decisions must be made… Some more difficult that others are made daily. Choices of what to eat to what to do next in life. I’ve come to realize decisions are tuff to make, but must be made! Sometimes we make the wrong decision, like eating creme brûlée for dessert while trying to loss weight, not the best decision. As you make them try not to obsess or second guess what you have decided. It is very important to just be in the moment and know there was a good reason for your choice. The creme brûlée was a choice I made and a very, very good one in that moment.

As life changes, some decision seem much more difficult than others. Empty nesters have to make decisions on where to live and when to retire. Caring for elderly parents decision must be made. Where the best and safest living environment would be. Not easy decisions, difficult ones that must be made. I was wondering this morning about the family decision to move my parents. It has been a decision that has been inevitable.
I had an aha moment when I woke up, I realized once a decision is made allow the situation to flow without doubt or second guessing. Nothing is forever…
Live in the present moment and let your decision be allowed to happen. “Don’t go live in the future until it becomes the present…” Oh the awe of wonder!


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Think No One is Thinking of You?

Sometimes when I Wonder, I wonder if I’ve touched enough life’s, if any?
What makes my heart smile is when I get a message that someone thought off me because they saw a heart in something…. Love, Awe and Wonder came from a very intuitive man who touched my life in an amazing way… Seeing hearts in everything in life was learned from an amazing woman who shared her passion with me… There are Incredible people all around us daily… And sometimes we are to busy or to closed mined to notice… Breathing slowly and being still can bring life alive when you lest expect it!
An onion sliced miles away, a heart revealed, a quick thought of that woman who sees hearts all around and a posting to say “I thought of you”
Think no one is thinking of you? Someone, somewhere today is!
In love, Awe and Wonder of the unknown…


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Anyone Listening Anymore?

With so much noise and stimulation of technology today is anyone truly listening anymore? The overload from noises and sounds are enough to make anyone crazy. And with that, I believe people just shut down!

Is anyone listening to what others have to say?

Not just hearing words, but listening the old fashion way with the heart…
Empathy seems to be a dying art! People don’t care and can’t be bothered… I sometimes find myself feeling that way, sad to say, but true.

With all the extra stimulation, processing of the mind, pressing buttons just to talk to another human on a phone call and hours of wasted time on technology gadgets, I find myself mentally exhausted! And then to listen to someone….
Is anyone listening anymore? Truly listening to their fellow human?

Maybe it’s time to stop the madness and start to slow down and care again… I can’t help but remember a famous line from the movie Network “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Anyone else mad as hell at technology? And yet, here I am at its mercy sending out a posting for my blog!!! There’s no going back, but let’s at least remember how to care and listen to each other…

Living daily with Love, Awe and Wonder…


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The Heart of a Forgotten Father…

Divorces happen every hour of every day… Moms and dads are separated, and children suffer the loss of a tradition biological family structure.
What once was normal is no longer…
Dads have become the forgotten fathers in today’s divorces… I’m sad to say, years ago I personally played my own part in the devastation of the family nucleolus.
I have watched as the injustice towards today’s dads is a disgrace!
The courts continue to favor mothers, some who are actually “dead beat” moms… And dads are forgotten…
As I’ve watched friends take the back seat to their own children, not because they wanted to… But, because it’s the way the system is set up, it enrages me to a point that I believe something must change! There are many wonderful fathers who support, love, cherish and adore their kids and yet they are doing it around a schedule implemented by an antiquated justice system! Equal rights for women? What about equal rights for Fathers?
Divorced mothers hold the reins, as fathers are made to pay and sit quietly in the stands! It is simply injustice at its worst! When will the insanity stop? When will dads play the role they so deserve? When will mothers stop taking advantage of a broken system? When will the system recognize mothers are equally part of this mess… I could go on and on, but having gone through my own divorce and now being on the outside looking in, something must change! Dads are parents too! I dedicate this posting to all the acquaintances I know…Michael B and F Chuck S and Dave K (to name a few) and pray for equal rights for the next generation of dads…
Dads are Parents too!
Happy Fathers Day to all you great dads!


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The Yellow Brick Road

We have choices in life. We make good ones and bad ones, hopefully more good then bad!

Dorothy had a choice. She choose the yellow brick road. After seeing this picture of where Dorothy started her journey, I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if she had choose the red brick road? We make choices everyday. Have you ever regretted not following your gut instinct when making a choice? Dorothy knew the yellow brick road would get her back home. And although she had the answer in her the whole time, she needed reassurance on how to get there.

There are many days I just want to follow that same yellow brick road and yet… There are days I know I have had the answer within me the whole time!

Which road will you follow today?

“I’m off to see the wizard the wonder-filled wizard of my Oz!”

In love, awe and wonder today!