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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Here or There

I was wondering about here and there this morning… Funny how this trip seems a little different, I’m “here” I want to be there… And when I finally get “there” I miss “here”. So where is it I truly want to be, here or there?
As I age my “here” has become more important to me. Being “here” with my loved ones really means the world to me. I’ve traveled a lot on my own and enjoyed all my experiences “there”and now I want my loved ones with me here! Grandchildren, elderly parents, wonderful friends all carry a special place in my heart. I think I’ll stay “here” for awhile after I get back from there!


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Words in Your Head?

There are words in my head
That need to be said..
Thoughts of all kinds,
Some all mine.
Never to be shared
Some need to disappear
Others, I need not to care.
There are words in my head
Some thoughts have been said.
Thoughts of all kinds…
Overthinking has been mine…
For those words in my head.
What really needs to be said?
Thoughts in your head,
Choose wisely what’s being said!



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Facebook Friends (FBF)

There’s a virtual world of connection…

I find the whole concept of Facebook friends (FBF) very intriguing. I recently ran into several FBF’s in the past month and I really enjoyed meeting them face to face. There’s a wide range of FBF connections…. Some are your BFF’s while others are pretty much strangers. It’s those “strangers” that if it weren’t for FB you would have never connected.

Connection with others is a god given desire for most people. So FB in a strange way allows us to connect with more people than “physically” possible. The FB connections are kept on a very informal level in some ways… Then again, sharing personal pictures and thoughts keeps FBF in a very unusual place of feeling connected to people you really don’t know!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday and smiled every time a birthday wish came through my FB page… Thank you FBF for taking time out of your day to wish me a Happy Birthday!

For all my FBF I still need to truly connect with, I look forward to “running” into you someday out in the real world… And please, please, please if you recognize me as your FBF please say Hello… It makes my day!

Thanks Lisa and Cheryl for saying hello when I least expected it…. Your warm smiles and sweet hugs were a blessing to me!

Connect with others today, it’s amazing how a smile or a “comment”
can touch a life!

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder…


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Birthday Celebrations…

Birthdays come and they go without any really thought… Until you hit an age that seems like a wake up call and you think to yourself… “your life is passing you by”. Last year that’s exactly how I felt! I hated the age I turned and the day that was to be celebrated. I really struggled turning 55 last year. And now a year has passed yet again. This year I feel very different about my birthday. I am in a celebration mood, knowing it’s time to celebrate all the blessing of my past and the blessings of the new year to come… Not sure why the complete change of heart. Maybe it’s my age after all and the wisdom acquired by aging! I do know life continues to move at a rate faster than I can keep up with sometimes… So this year I’m celebrating like never before. I’m embracing my birthday, my age, and the wonderful love and abundance filled year that I am about to enter! Happy Birthday to me!