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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A Life

A Life

A life has touched many.
Many have touched her life.
Words of love are spoken, as Words of pain remain silent.
Strength is her gift,
wrapped inside is Grace.
Kindness, giving, and thoughtfulness are just a few words
to describe her.
Her gift, her strength…
She continues to fight for others and now herself…
Her spirit shines bright over the ones she touches.
Never about her…
Always thinking of others.
A Life
A gift
A woman
A Blessing to all who surround her…
11.14.13 aweider


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Counting My Blessing in the Midst of Tears..

Tears come and tears go
My blessings are here to stay
Aware of loss and heartache
Reminded of my blessings day by day
Both sad and happy
Joy and sorrow
Anticipating the pain of tomorrow
My heart aches
Remembering what it takes
I silently count my blessings
The joy and memories of days gone by
As I try not to cry
I remind myself of all the beautiful years…
And count all my blessings in the midst of my tears…



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Imagine Oneness

Acceptance of oneness
All we should be
As a unified society

Imagine what oneness
Could look like
If we would all just see
The other person
Is no different than you and me

Embracing oneness
starts with the you in the me
What a world this would be!

Love, joy, peace all around
Our spirits to high
to touch the ground
A world with less usless noice
And a richer viberant sound

We could all hear what was finally being said
We would listen to each other
instead of a deafness that comes
With a close minded head.

Arms of oneness
Could we ever see?
Accepting, embracing others
For who they would be…

The freedom of oneness
so it could be
Imagine wrapping your Arms
around oneness and see
How living in a world
Filled with people
like you and like me…

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Love all around
Embraced in the arms of Oneness
To live once and for all
And be set free…

7.12 copyright
11.14 repost

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The mind tries
The heart wants
Its Yearnings
Feelings of completeness
The desire
The dreams
The goals
Where did it go?
My life
Memories to cherish
Memories to lay to rest
Knowing it’s never to late
I’m still breathing
There’s still dreams

Repost from
4.16.11 5:16am
Copyright Aweider

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Love Glasses On?

Somedays I need more inspiration than others… Today as I pondered for inspiration I came across this picture on FB with the caption…
“I can’t see haters I have my love glasses on”. I needed to look no further!

As I began to wonder about those who hate and those who naturally love, I couldn’t help but wonder why the difference… Nurture vs Nature?

A world filled with love, everyone wearing their love glasses 24/7, could you even imagine?

As I have aged, I have no use for haters in my life any longer. Those who claim to love yet judge… That judging causes haters… And if my knowledge of scripture serves me correctly…Jesus says clearly “let those who are without sin cast the first stone”. (Paraphrase John 8:7)

Let us not throw stones, let us not judge, let us not hate each other…

Love one another, forgive others, and accept each others differences!

Let’s all try to wear our love glasses daily and see how we can change the world!

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder!


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Talk to the Elderly

It just might surprise you what they have to say! One of my biggest pet peeves is people Ignore the Elderly!!!!
People… they are people too! They were you before you were you! They experienced all the same things you are going through… The difference? They’ve been there, and done that already!

I’m not sure why society discards our senior citizens… But it really pisses me off when a conversation is being had and my father isn’t part of it. As if he doesn’t understand, or has no opinion.

Being a caregiver for the past 20 plus years to elderly relatives, I’ve continued to notice the disrespect of seniors… It just bugs me to know end!
They are us and we will be them some day…

Next time you have a chance to talk to an elderly person, Please, Please, Please Talk with them, make eye contact and even go as far as touching them. Hold a hand, rub a shoulder they are starving for touch!

I was a Girl Scout for many years. And although I wasn’t a fan of camping in the woods, I did enjoy singing Christmas Carole’s at nursing homes…
We were taught to
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Someday you too may be old and considered “elderly, a senior citizen” my question to you is…
How would you like to be treated?
Ignored or included?
Talked to or talked around?
Involved or looked over?
Left Alone or around others?
I know how I want to be treated at any age and that’s how we ALL need to treat and respect a very special generation called Senior Citizens…

The change starts with all of us… Please make an effort to love the wisest of the wise… What they have to say just might surprise you!

In love, awe and wonder…


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Becoming Who You Already Are!

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”
-Steven Pressfield

This quote was sent to me from 3,000 miles away with one hit of a button!
Technology, sometimes you have to just love it! And then there are those times… Well, that’s another blog!

“…but to find out who we already are and become it.”

That continues to resonate in my mind … “find out who we already are And become it! ”

For many of us baby boomers we grow up watching our moms be wife’s and mothers that was their career… As life began to evolve, as we knew it, women’s careers changed drastically.
Some of us were caught in the middle of a new revolution of women working outside the home… While others continued their care taking roles. Meanwhile, there became a “wonder” of a women’s purpose in life…

I’m always amazed when I talk to women and there is a common thread of not feeling that inner peace and knowing their purpose in life. Or even “having” that career that is fulfilling…

This quote
“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be,…”

We imagine we ought to be…. is because of the world around us. No thanks to the fast pace of technology…

But to…
Find out who we already are and become it.”

Who we already are… What an aha moment! And simply become it!

Love, love, love when I’m in Awe and am allowed to just simply Wonder….

Continuing to live life filled with Love,Awe and Wonder…


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Wondering About Life and Death…

Although I lost my brother 28 years ago and a few other close family members there’s something about loosing a parent!

After talking with my sister last night, she commented “you just can’t wrap your brain around it”. I couldn’t agree more. The finality of the death of a parent is so mind boggling. Which makes me wonder about people who lost a parent at a young age. I can’t even imagine…

My 90 year old dad lives with me now, a gift, a blessing, an honor to have him in my home… Being a quiet man I wonder often what he must be feeling. I haven’t seen any emotion from him yet. Perhaps being the dad he feels he needs to be strong for me, one of his Favorite daughters.

I find memories of moments in time flash through my mind daily. Those wonderful childhood memories I miss so much. I know death is part of life, but it’s the part of life that really sucks! I watch and wonder about my dad as I tuck him in every night with a kiss goodnight. Honored and extremely thankful for this time together… But the truth is my heart breaks knowing his pain and the loneliness of missing his wife of 63 years…

There is nothing I can do to take his pain away, except Love him. I wonder more about life lately because of loosing my mom. Life that must be lived and enjoyed to the fullest….

I’m in a new normal again…
Which makes me wonder,
what is normal anyways?
The standard of normal is all relative to each individual… The passing of an elderly parent is “normal”. Grieving is normal, wondering about death has to be normal too…

I continue to wonder about the meaning of life and death. What its purpose is… And how to live life to its fullest during this time in my life…

And still, I can’t help but Wonder about Death…

In awe of life…


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Bridging the Generation Gap!

My daughter came in my house the other day angry about an “old lady”. Apparently the “old lady” made a negative comment to my daughter in Wegmans as she was speaking to her son. My daughter took it personally…
As we age we tend not to be as sensitive to others and their opinions.

The next day I was in Pittsford at a red light. The “young lady” ahead of me was chatting up a storm with the car next to her… I could just about hear and see everything in her side view mirror. I wondered what was going to happen when the light turned green and the ” young lady” didn’t move… Well, I was right! Light terns green and nothing happened. One beep of my horn set off an array of hand gestures I’ve never even seen before! I of course waved back which pissed her off more and I just smiled. I was truly saddened by the inappropriate behavior of what I thought was a “young lady”. I couldn’t help but wonder what has happened to this younger generation. I Probably had the same thoughts every other generation has had!

Will generations ever bridge the gap?
Is it even possible?

Having life experience and wisdom as we age… and believing we know everything at our younger age (No one could have told me differently) makes bridging generations difficult!

I believe each generation must learn from the past generation and most importantly RESPECT one another!

The bridge starts with each one of Us…


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What Do You Walk In?


I got thinking about my mom this morning and all the roles she played in her lifetime. From mother to School Nurse… And then I wondered about the shoes she wore and thought of my own…

I have a closet filled with too many shoes, some I rarely wear, if ever! Everything from several pairs of sneakers to very fancy high healed “dress up” shoes… And of course everything in between! Each pair of shoes represents my mood, and what my feeling for the day may be… I used to love wearing shoes with heels, but as I’ve aged I find flats more comfortable and more casual…

My mom has a closet filled with shoes but over the past few years she only wore one pair. It was a special pair for seniors, shoes that were comfortable and allowed her to be sturdy on her feet.

I continue to wonder about life, all we have and it’s meaning. I wonder about life’s fleeting moments of importance and our egos. As I wonder about the point of it all…. My 40 plus pairs of shoes in my closet (styles that seem to be a must have just incase) makes me wonder about the day I’m left with that one pair of shoes…

When I was a child we were fitted for one pair of shoes. They were white leather with a sturdy sole (like my moms) from Alters, famous for children’s first shoes. Today children have countless pairs of shoes… I guess nothing stays the same…

My point this morning is… well honestly I am not really sure… Except I guess, what I started off wearing as a little girl, my mom ended up wearing at the end of her life.
One comfortable sturdy pair of shoes!

All those shoes in between were just to get her to those final pair!

It all makes me Wonder…