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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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The Thanksgiving Table…

A table and its memories… Had me wondering this Thanksgiving morning. My table is set, the turkey is prepared and company invited…

As we sit around “the table” for yet another Thanksgiving dinner I can’t help but wonder about all the family and friends who have eaten at this same table for the past eighty years…most no longer with us… Thankful for the wonderful memories my mother and grandmother created for us… Thankful for my children and their children… Very thankful for my father who may eat his last Thanksgiving dinner this year at the very same table he probably had his first Thanksgiving dinner with my mother…

No matter what maybe going on in the world today, we ALL as Americans have so much to be thankful for… As you count your blessings today at your Thanksgiving table… Stop for a moment and wonder… Who ate there before you, and give thanks for all they may have brought to “The Thanksgiving table….”

Happy Thanksgiving…


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If I had a Wish…

If I had a wish
I would wish for peace
I would wish there was no ignorance or violence in the world…
I would wish for acceptance in All walks of life…
If I had a wish…
I would wish people would give instead of take…
Accept instead of judge
Love instead of hate…
I would wish that in the beginning of time violence never existed…
Evil never reared its ugly head,
And all people were seen as equal…
If I had a wish….



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A Foot Away…

The storm this week affected many… As I was fortunate enough to miss it, having been close to Buffalo this past weekend I began to wonder…. Driving home the sun caught my eye. I couldn’t help but wonder about the sun and those basking in its warm sunshine… And us freezing in spite of the sun shinning…

My sweet friend is on vacation in the Dominion Republic, basking it that sunshine with her daughter… And so she thought it cute to rub my nose in her sunshine…

And I thought it cuter to do the same!

The point… An aha moment of remembering the same Sun shines upon All of us, no matter where we are! A great reminder to look up in the sky to connect with world around us!
In love, Awe and Wonder….

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A Blossom

The beauty of a blossom
Blooms in its own time
Creates wonder,
Shines love for all to admire
Gives hope to those in awe…
A blossom,
So magnificent…
You never see it blooming
And there it is…
The life of a blossom
A Wonderment to enjoy…
Don’t miss its beauty
Don’t miss its joy.
There are blossoms all around…
The beauty of a blossom…

Who is a blossom in your life today ?



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People come
People go
Family will always be…
Some may agree,
Others disagree,
Family love is unconditional acceptance…
Time moves forward,
Childhood Memories are held onto.
Siblings love,
Siblings anger
Family love should always be!
Someday you will say goodbye one last time…
Today, love and embrace all your hellos…
People come
People go
Family will always be!



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As I was driving to the gym the other day I saw a sticker on the back of a women’s car…. “Triathlete” I thought “I’m a try-athlete, after all I’m heading to the gym!” As I walked through the door, my lady triathlete passed me by and I couldn’t help but wonder what motivates someone to be a triathlete.
As I was setting my bike for cycling class, I looked up and there she was… My triathlete teacher! Well, I kept up with her during class (at least it felt like I did) so there you have it, I too consider myself a Try-athlete!