Love Awe Wonder…

Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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A Big World Out There…

The world
Its realm
Creating a path
Open arms to be joined
Strangers connecting
Personal growth happening…
Or is it?
Do you already know?
Are you willing to grow,
Be all you are called to be?
There’s a realm of the unknown…
A spiritual realm filled with energy
Waiting to be tapped.
Stillness, opens the heart and soul.
The quietness of any given moment…
If listened to, can change your energy.
How will you float today?
There’s a big world out there
What do you hear?
What will you add?
How will you be changed?



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The Teacher Inside…

Life is our classroom… The student is both you and I. The teacher? Well, sometimes it takes awhile to recognize exactly who the teacher is.
I woke up this morning wondering… Am I the student in life or am I my own teacher? The advanced learner, those lead by wisdom teach themselves as they stumble through life as the student… Life lessons taught to oneself by being completely transparent and open to the reality of knowing they don’t know and needing to learn by being the student…
We all have the teacher inside. Some have more of a hunger to teach themselves once the student questions a life decision. The student teaches the teacher how to teach, all while the teacher was just waiting to be taught! You and I are both the student and the teacher… Remember life lessons you teach yourself, learn from them and never stop being the student!

The love, awe and wonder of it all!