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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Being on my back for several days now and knowing I have the same back issues that both my siblings have had , makes me wonder about family. 

We are at an age and stage in life that sometimes family seems to become further apart.  No fault of our own,  just location and circumstances.  As our children have their own family nucleus and our parents pass on, the family dynamic from our own childhood has changed dramatically. And  in life, there is a season for everything.

A year ago my sister married her partner. Something a number of years ago would have never happened and if I am  to be honest I’m not sure how I may have felt….  Thankfully today, knowing my truth and what is important in life and family I’m overjoyed with the memory of an incredible weekend that brought our family together after our mothers passing unexpectedly. It was my sisters wedding, a time of love and connection for all who were apart of her celebration.  A beautiful memory of two souls joining together as one in celabration… I do Love my memories… And for me, memories are a very special gift. Life and all its “stuff” we accumulate will wither away… But memories will last a lifetime! 

So as I continue to wonder about life, my past and the wonderful memories of family… One family memory I will always cherish is my sisters beautiful wedding…. Mb and Elke thank you for the wonderful family memory… It was fantastic! 

Happy Anniversay ladies ❤️

Living life filled with Love, awe and wonder❤️

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It’s a Beautiful Glass…

There is such a beautiful world out there. Everywhere you turn there are profound messages. 

This morning my heart is filled with Joy which is overflowing… People touch my heart in a way that keeps me wondering…. Wondering why we would ever be negative… Wondering why love doesn’t abound 24/7… Wondering why we tend to sweat the small stuff, and wondering why we just don’t always  love and accept others…. 

Finding that place of joy can be work and a daily challenge for me. But I’m feeling such an enormous peace within my soul after hearing a post on FB this morning… (Probably a combination of several postings) but this one hit home! A grandfather who just lost his wife of 65 years referred to her as “she just changed her residence to Heaven.”  His ability to see life as a glass half full is a gift and as he told his grandson “it’s a beautiful glass” brought me to tears… 

Life and all its glory,  weaving us in and out up and down to choose how we see and live each and everyday… No matter what your glass may look like today, please remember it is always…

“A beautiful glass!”

Living life filled with Love, Awe and Wonder❤️