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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Not sure how I got here but the reality is it’s “the future”

Last year when we rang in 2018, I couldn’t help but wonder how close we were to the year 2020. There were years when I was a kid and we would only dream about what the future would look like, the year 2020 was the future. And here we are heading into 2019…

For me it’s bitter sweet, I’m thankful for all my blessings, while missing all my loved ones who are gone. Thankful for all my memories, yet missing all those wonderful times… Thankful for my health, but wondering what the aging process will continue to look like…

A lot of wondering about the future, and that future is my present… 2019, for me sounds scary, a future year in the present… We have seen lots of change over the past 50 years, I guess like all the generations before us.

For me change doesn’t seem to get any easier, aging continues to creep up at a pace I’d prefer not to acknowledge.

Not sure how I got here, especially “into the future” so quickly. If only I could turn back time, and know what I know now… I can’t help but wonder how different life would have been.

The future has arrived, whether I like it or not!

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What Do You See?

Seeing what is around us is so individual… Is your cup half empty? Or is your cup half full? Do you see love and connection? Or do you have critical opinions? Do you have a need to be right? If so, who’s to say someone else is wrong? I couldn’t help but wonder this morning after seeing this picture which was posted on Facebook. Why do some see wishes and others see weeds? Why such a separation with humanity? Why so many personal opinions and such a strong desire to be right?

I can help but continue to want to spread love and acceptance…. There’s such a crazy, hate filled world we live in today and I can’t help but wonder why? My mind doesn’t grasp any good reason for judgement and separation anymore… I’ve lived my life thinking and even knowing without a doubt I WAS RIGHT! But the truth is I wasn’t!!!!

Today… living, loving, accepting others is one small step to the connection of humanity… Spreading a smile, a hug, passing a favor forward and sharing love, are all pieces to a giant puzzle of a world gone right!

WE are the answer… Each one of us has the responsibility of love and acceptance to our fellow human. It starts with you and me. No matter your “beliefs” we are ALL called to love one another…

So today I make a wish…
May you see love in everything and everyone that you come in contact with… Hold a hand, touch a shoulder, shed a tear, show someone how much you care….

Living life filled with love, awe and wonder…


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I Counted My Blessings…

I counted my blessings and you were there. There were many blessings and I knew I wanted to share.

You, you and you are all part of my blessings that have touched my life.
Somehow, someway, starting with yesterday…

Blessings come in many forms…

The past holds growth from blessings unaware. Making the present much more able to share.

Sharing moments of memories from deep down inside, knowing there is nothing to hide.

Counting my blessings from here and there, are all part of what I hold dear…

You, you and you need to know, you are all part of my blessings I counted today.

I am thankful for my blessings and just wanted to say… When I count my blessings I think of you everyday!

Amy Weider
Copyright 2013