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Day Dream Doers …

Day Dream ERs vs
Day Dream Doers

We all dream, some more during the day… Which is referred to as a
“day dreamer” which I believe can be a very good thing!

I woke up wondering what my dreams were last night. I seem to be in a place where I can’t remember my dreams much lately. Not sure why, since I’ve always been a big dreamer remembering my nightly dreams.

It got me wondering about my purpose in life and where I see myself in the future… Having a dream and a passion for writing, I often wonder when it will happen…

They call that being a day dreamer…

But since my daughter called me a “doer and not a talker” when she was only 8 years old , I couldn’t help but wonder about being a

Day DreamDoer …

Have a dream
Have a goal
Following your hearts passion,

Be a Doer and watch all your Day Dreams manifest before your eyes!

What do you day dream about?
Are you a day dream doer?

Just wondering…
(mother daughter Day Dreaming on Vacation)