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I Pulled the Plug!

It’s one thing to hear an expression and another the live it! “Pulling the plug” is one of those expressions you hear, but really don’t give much thought to. Oh course other than, a toaster or an iron which you may need to pull the plug in order to put the appliance away!

Well I lived “pulling the plug” first hand Saturday morning, one hour before the moving truck came to move my parents. All that kept going through my head was, the bride at the altar who just couldn’t go through with it!
I thought to myself if I was about to get married and felt the way I felt all week long I would have to walk away from the altar, no matter what others thought!

I just couldn’t do it… I could not separate my parents after 63 years of marriage! And yes, although they need different care, and I begged the senior living place to please reconsider putting them together they just couldn’t risk it with my moms dementia.

So there I was Saturday morning all set to move them when I realized I just could not go through with the decision. So back to square one with a different perspective. And although this ride will only get more difficult, I was at peace last night knowing my mother and father were together next to each other in the their own bed!


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Making Decisions…

Decisions must be made… Some more difficult that others are made daily. Choices of what to eat to what to do next in life. I’ve come to realize decisions are tuff to make, but must be made! Sometimes we make the wrong decision, like eating creme brûlée for dessert while trying to loss weight, not the best decision. As you make them try not to obsess or second guess what you have decided. It is very important to just be in the moment and know there was a good reason for your choice. The creme brûlée was a choice I made and a very, very good one in that moment.

As life changes, some decision seem much more difficult than others. Empty nesters have to make decisions on where to live and when to retire. Caring for elderly parents decision must be made. Where the best and safest living environment would be. Not easy decisions, difficult ones that must be made. I was wondering this morning about the family decision to move my parents. It has been a decision that has been inevitable.
I had an aha moment when I woke up, I realized once a decision is made allow the situation to flow without doubt or second guessing. Nothing is forever…
Live in the present moment and let your decision be allowed to happen. “Don’t go live in the future until it becomes the present…” Oh the awe of wonder!