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Living Life Filled with Love, Awe and Wonder

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Becoming Who You Already Are!

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.”
-Steven Pressfield

This quote was sent to me from 3,000 miles away with one hit of a button!
Technology, sometimes you have to just love it! And then there are those times… Well, that’s another blog!

“…but to find out who we already are and become it.”

That continues to resonate in my mind … “find out who we already are And become it! ”

For many of us baby boomers we grow up watching our moms be wife’s and mothers that was their career… As life began to evolve, as we knew it, women’s careers changed drastically.
Some of us were caught in the middle of a new revolution of women working outside the home… While others continued their care taking roles. Meanwhile, there became a “wonder” of a women’s purpose in life…

I’m always amazed when I talk to women and there is a common thread of not feeling that inner peace and knowing their purpose in life. Or even “having” that career that is fulfilling…

This quote
“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be,…”

We imagine we ought to be…. is because of the world around us. No thanks to the fast pace of technology…

But to…
Find out who we already are and become it.”

Who we already are… What an aha moment! And simply become it!

Love, love, love when I’m in Awe and am allowed to just simply Wonder….

Continuing to live life filled with Love,Awe and Wonder…


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Seeing Beyond….

Seeing beyond what is right in front of you can be a challenge. I am finding being “present” to today has caught me off guard. My present has become overwhelming due to several different personal situations.

I am beginning to realize my parents “sunset” years has blinded me to truly seeing and enjoying my own daily sunsets… Other life unjust circumstances have me angry because of the injustice in the NY state system. I’m feeling an anger I am becoming overwhelmed with. Almost a morning process that perhaps I must go through. A personal growth process in order to come out stronger and more whole… And as I just wrote those words “more whole ” I wondered why I just had to question my own “wholeness”… Something that makes me say “hmmm”…

There is a lot rumbling inside of me lately…. Something’s I have control over and other situations I feel a lost of control. I realized this morning a week of the new year has past and it was taken for granted. I have been consumed with what is right in front of me… Situations out of my control!

I began to wonder this morning how do I take my control back and “see beyond” what is right in front of me”?

Everyone has their own answers… Prayer, meditation, working out, letting go and so on… But the truth is I have to find my own personal path, perhaps with some or all the above included. But more importantly, I am searching for what feels authentic to me…
Searching. seeking and finding “Seeing Beyond” has me in wonder this morning…

(this picture was in Vail Co.. One of the most breathtaking experiences in my life!)
In awe of wonder!


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Hitting the Pause Button…

Hitting the pause button came to mind this morning. Almost as if I need to STOP for a moment before the Holiday season starts. With so many plates spinning lately, I am making a conscious effort to really embrace this Christmas season. In order to do that, I feel a “pause” is necessary. Taking a moment, a day or whatever it will take to reset the priority of this season. Life is moving faster and faster… For me and my traditions it’s another Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday… How do they keep appearing so quickly? And where did the time go between the two holidays? Four weeks apart? It seemed like four months apart as a child!
None the less… I’m moving slower, breathing deeper, listening closer, and being more aware of the sights and sounds that surround me daily during this time of year… This just may be a great start to a new way of living in 2014…
Why not give it a try with me?
As we enter Thanksgiving week, let me just say..
I am thankful for you, you and mostly you! And that means you too!

May you feel the Joy of this Christmas season like never before….

Living life…
Living it filled with….
Love, Awe and Wonder!



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Never Been Walked On!

Life and all its lessons, keeps me in wonder… Although I haven’t blog in quite a while, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been in love awe and wonder daily!

I’ve been overwhelmed by life, its situations and the injustice I have recently witnessed in Orleans county court system…(more on that someday in another posting).

When life gets in the way and I feel “walked on” or see the injustice of others being “walked on” it makes me crazy with wonder!!! The only thing to do is regroup… For now it’s time to regroup… And for me, regrouping is a very slow process.

My special time with my grandson has me wondering about a lot lately…
The love I watch my daughter embrace, for her son. The innocence of an infant,
his ability to love unconditionally, and to watch him at the mercy of his mommy for life sustaining breast milk is amazing to witness. Life lessons learned from birth, lessons learned for life….

I took this picture of George’s feet, only to realize “they have never been walked on” literally or figuratively!

It made me wonder and it made me stop and think of his future…
The Hope I have for my grandson George, his life, his future, his dreams…
I’m in love, in awe and I wonder about where those little feet will take him …

I can only pray he will never get “walked on”… And if or shall I say when he does, he will have the strength, the values and the knowledge of how to regroup and find justice.

I look forward someday to watch George walk on his own two feet!
Oh the places he will go…..


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The Evil that Lurks… Love Prevails!!!

I woke up this morning to those same sickening feelings from the Evil that happened in Boston yesterday. My heart is heavy for those personally affected by this tragedy. My prayers and heart goes out to all of them.

Having a daughter who lived in Boston for several years and just talking about the Boston Marathon hours before the bombing brought this tragedy too close to home. Also having a nephew at Boston College made a few hours yesterday unnerving.

I can’t wrap my head around why anyone would be so evil. We live in a very scary world… But we must focus on the light, the beauty and our blessings. If we don’t evil prevails… Darkness can not survive in the light… Keep praying, keep sharing love, and always be thankful and say I love you to those around you. Life is short… You and I are blessed… I am sadden over a senseless waste of life and a wonderful tradition which will never be the same. But like 9-11 Americans will prevail and will continue to pull together….

No matter your grievance with someone today, let it go, show love, be love…
Let LOVE prevail!!!!

(picture of building on MIT campus)


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Homeless A True Story of Injustice

You work hard
You are college educated
You hold down a job
You love your children
You own a home
You even pay off the mortgage
Pay your taxes on time
You are honest and loyal
And you are homeless…
Did I mention you still own your own home?
Thanks New York State Judicial System

The injustice of No Fault Divorce
Have an Affair and get rewarded…
Great role model for children….

New York State…Country county!
Bias Judge!!! Slutty plaintiff….

Justice needs to be served
HELP !!! Anyone?

Please share this true story…
(Picture is not the actual person this story is about)